Friday, July 10, 2009

Poll: How does your skin react when starting a new skincare regimen?

I was perusing PT and saw that many were disputing the adage that when you start a new skin care regimen that you may get some breakouts because toxins are releasing, etc.

So, I did some research and although I wasn't able to find any article out there (anyone?)-- it did seem to be a truism, that when you start something new, you may get breakouts, etc. I must admit, starting back up on MK, I am currently in a break-out stage, but this could be due to multiple reasons, including, but not limited to: hormones, too much sun, 4th of July food/drink, etc.

Anyway, the ladies on PT were scoffing at this idea, but I disagree! When I look at myself when I was on MK regularly, my skin was much better. So, a few breakouts seem within the realm of reason!

What do you all think?


  1. From the research I have done, years ago, if an individual has not been regularly exfoliating and then begins a new regime, it is not uncommon for some breakout because of the stuff accumulated in the pores, as you begin to "draw" the stuff out you may have some break out, but once it is "cleaned" out and is not allowed to build up again, this should subside. Common sense leads me believe this is true, if it is in and you pull it out... you would have some breakout -

    Other things as you pointed out will all come into play at some points, stress, sun/burn, hormones, pms, diet, lack of hydration, water intake, etc...
    Not using items as a system etc...

  2. I know, it is so common sense to me that I just didn't know why PTers were going off on it??

  3. Because they complain about anything they can. I find it humorous that they (now that they are outof MK) know more about Mk, the contest, the rules, the qualifications, than most consultants that are in Mk do! Ironic, seeing they didn't read while in MK. ;)

  4. I find it so entertaining that they feel they are responsible for the changes mk is making, haha, have a mighty high opinion of themselves. Maybe we should post a great big thank you to them.

    Do they seriously think Mk would care what a bunch of ex consultants were saying, when by their own admission, didn't make money or they thru away their ethics?

    AndI would love to ask them how submitting our sales to MK would prove a thing, they same cheaters would still be cheating and the honest people would still be honest.

    Still cranky from not feeling so great but better than yesterday!

    Okay got to go get ready!

  5. I wouldnt totally discount PT I do think that they are somewhat responsible for bringing some things to the attention of corporate. At one time they were a very popular website, BUT I think that the changes coming from MK corporate were more of them noticing that directors were dropping off like flies, and going over reports and balance sheets. I dont know who is responsible for making changes in the requirements but from what I have heard they go to the NSD's and ask them what they think. I honestly think that
    an NSD would want to have a string of solid directors to keep a hefty income stream so it makes sense that they would have some input into this. They know how difficult it is to get to that position so they dont want to make the requirements so tough that the goals are not attainable. PT is not the end all to what needs to be changed but I do think that some of their comments have been looked out.

  6. I definitely think the PT comments have been looked at, but not as the basis for making changes. I'm sure that corporate wants to know what disgruntled consultants think, just as much as happy ones. It is kind of like an informal focus group. I agree with Colleen that probably NSDs were the ones that were polled for information-advice on changes.

    It is not as if the DIQ program has not changed over the years-- as Mk4me stated, it was different when she became a director. The "do-it-fast" mentality has undermined the credibility of MK and I think this is the origin for the changes. Reputation, credibility, longetivity, these are things companies strive for and MK has met these characteristics, until recently. The directors dropping off in droves, saturation of consultants, e-bay, craigslist how all contributed to changes in these factors. When you read MK books, you see the focus is on selling, buidling strong teams, and the golden rule. I think this has got lost in the "do it quick" era of today.

    It is not just MK though, this is societal shift where fast is better! Nobody likes to lose weight the old fashion way, or to save money, or to buy houses with a down payment (all the problems with credit cards/mortgage companies, etc).

    I believe these changes: car and DIQ is corporated attempt to bring the company back to a more solid reputation. I think this is evidenced also by the TV and magazine ads, and You Tube videos which are very professional. I think that the national media citing MK as a viable career in this economy also shows improving reputation. Anyway, sorry for such the long post!!

  7. Going back to the breakout topic. When I first started on Mary Kay, I broke out a little bit. I was using Clean and Clear because Clinique had literally burned and scarred my face. I was afraid of "skin care."
    When I got invited to a MK party I totally thought it was *just* makeup. LOL Had I known it was skin care I would have probably not gone at all. lol
    I had a slight break out for about the first two weeks on Time Wise®. Nothing major. Just my skin freaking out a little. It went away after two more weeks. :) I kept on using it because I had heard that new skin care could do that. I figured if it lasted more than a month it was not working properly. It didn't last. :)

  8. Well, I tried some milk thistle supplements, supposed to be good for the skin. It made me break out so much worse. It was claimed that this was "purging" but it only got worse and worse and by the second month I barely looked human. I threw that crap out and recovered quickly.

    In my considerable skin care experimenting experience, if something is going to work for me, then I start looking better right away. Some RX treatments cause peeling, but any increase in breakouts, redness, etc and I know I am in trouble.

    Hormonal breakouts will happen to me no matter what I use. Sometimes worse than others. I can gauge by how bloated I feel and tell how bad I expect my skin to behave.

    Nothing by MK has ever broken me out in zits or made me greasy. Some MK eye treatments have caused burning and itching and so I discontinued them ASAP. It's also true that some of the RX things my doctor has tried on me have practically burnt my face off, so it would be unfair of me to point specifically at MK for that problem.

    I'm still angry at PT for lying to me about product quality and angry at myself for believing it. They said the mineral eyeshadows had NO pigment and didn't last. That the lipsticks were drying. That the mascara formula had not been updated. That MK had not gotten any new application brushes. That the prices had gone sky high. That the mineral foundation went on like baby powder. All of those things are false! Pink TRUTH? hell.

    Say, do you carry full size of that fig/red tea loofah scrub? I used up all my sample on vacation last week.

  9. Did you need to ask Miranda,of course we do! Hope you had a great vacation!

  10. I really tried to like the miracle set. I LOVE my consultant and how involved they are. Never have I ever experienced such care! However..never have I broken out SO badly in my LIFE! I don't believe I buy the purging stuff, because every time I use my African black soap, it goes away. But the moment I use Mary Kay, giant cystic, itchy acne pops up ALL over my face. But yet, I LOVE how soft and clear and glowy my other parts are. Arg!! I need help..i want a refund so badly but I really want to give this a try...I need help! If I post photos online, everyone will run away from these products..


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