Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eyeshadow technique: Foiling

Foiling means to apply a powdered makeup product with a damp brush.

Well, there's more to getting the look than just that, which I'm about to explain. If you want your eyes to really have impact, this is the way to do it.

Get out your eye makeup, a little cup of clean water or sterile saline solution, a paper towel, and a medium sized soft, thick/firm eyeshadow brush, and clean makeup sponge. No sponge tip shadow applicators or little fluff brushes for this technique.

First, put on your shadow primer. Then apply your lid color and your browbone color dry. Now dampen your brush (not soaking. just damp) and pick up more of your lid color and apply that on top of the dry shadow already on your lid. See how awesome the color looks now? Dry your brush on the paper towel and apply your crease color. Now dampen your brush again and pick up the darkest color for your outer V. Apply that. Give it a moment to dry. If you have any edges that need blending, dry off your brush again and use a touch of your crease color to lightly blend out anywhere along the outer V that needs it. Finally, take a clean makeup sponge and swipe it along the outer edge of the eye area where the shadowed part meets unshadowed skin. This gives you a clean but soft line at the end of the shadow.

Now, your liner and mascara and any eyebrow products you use.

Try this and tell me what you think!


  1. and she thinks she can't sell! How many of us did she just sell on a technique. (no miranda - you're safe as a client) I just want to point out how in one way or another we are all "sales" people, it just might not always be a specific product :)

  2. but, but, the technique costs no money!

  3. rotflmao.... a sales is a sale whether or notit involves money :)

    that proveswhat I have been is your confidence in something that sells, our belief in what we are "selling"- that is why I feel if you don't believe in the product, you aren't going to "sell" it so well.


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