Saturday, July 4, 2009

product reviews

I'm on vacation typing on chiclets on this little netbook so forgive if I post all messy.

Let's see here. Soft black brow pencil, Timewise lip primer, rich fig/green tea loofah scrubs and lotions, lip liner, lemongrass eye shadow, amber blaze eyeshadow, espresso eye shadow. Accidentally left sheer lip balm samples at home; will test next week.

The brow pencil is a very deep brown, almost black. like my natural hair color. It's well pigmented yet contains enough wax to stay put and not smudge. This totally beats other brow pencils I have tried.

Lip primer: Good stuff. Feels like a light lip balm; keeps lipstick in place (for those lighter colors that need help staying. I'll keep getting this.

Lip pencil: Not waxy or dry; creamy and pigmented. Better than others I've used.

Eye shadows: All 3 colors great for me. Lemongrass is a pale and wearable green with some shimmer. Amber blaze...just what it sounds like. Has shimmer. Espresso is matte and the same super deep brown as the soft black eye pencil. Can be used as a dry liner or in the outer V for depth. Or as brow powder. It's a multi use color.

I like the loofah scrubs better than the sugar scrub. They do the job well but are not scratchy. They, and the lotions, smell good enough to eat!

All in all an excellent haul. OK y'all have a good fourth! I have a pie to bake!


  1. Have an awesome vacation Miranda!

  2. lol I think I am spending most of it in the kitchen!


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