Sunday, July 26, 2009

Second Chance Seminar

Five years ago I went to Seminar for the first time. I was a fairly new consultant back then. I had been in Mary Kay for about one year. I had one team member and I was doing OK with my sales. I was #3 in sales in my unit. To be honest, I hadn't enjoyed it much more for personal reasons than anything the company put together. I decided I would never go back until I could at the very least pay for it entirely with my Mary Kay money. I think that first year I could have, but hadn't planned real well in advance. This year was different. :)

Although I wasn't in the top 10 in sales in my unit this year, I stepped up my game in the past few months enough to make my business an integral part of my income. My business paid for this trip! I planned my trip better this year and started by flying in a day early. I was determined to tour the corporate headquarters and manufacturing plant and was able to do that. What fun tours! My friend and her husband were my travel buddies and it's always more fun for me to have someone to share the experience with while I'm there. I didn't really have that the first time around. My husband was going to come with me, but decided he wanted to stay home and focus on his own business which was probably a wise idea given the situation. I think next year he will come and I think he would enjoy the manufacturing tour. :)

This year was a little different, too, in that I was able to sit in the arena! Last time I was in Hall A. This year they had room to fit us all in the arena and now that I've been in there I will make sure I qualify to be in there again! I'm going to be a four quarter star this year and I'm on target to do that. I'm tracking court of sales so hitting four quarters of stardom shouldn't be too difficult with that larger goal in front of me.

I did get a little bit of recognition at our local future area dinner. My unit voted me as their Miss Go Give this year. That is humbling. My director honored me with a certificate that she framed as well as a pretty pair of earrings which I wore to the awards night.

Awards night was amazing. I loved the entertainment. I suppose that is the dancer/performer in me. The Friends of Tyme do an excellent job. That would be a fun dance job!

And of course I was so excited to meet mk4me in person! :)

Now that I'm back I'm ready to get back to work. I have a party this afternoon!


  1. You met the real MK4ME in person Im jealous! Im so glad to hear that everything worked out for you Shades. I hope you get a chance to rest.

  2. I'm resting today. I had a party yesterday. $297 in sales so far. It's open through Friday. She gets more credit if she gets $100 in outside orders which would put total sales at $372 if she gets the minimum $100 in outside orders! Exciting!! :D

    Thanks, Colleen!

  3. soon as I catch up to myself I will have a great piece to write, but yesterday had a 18th BDay party and Graduation for around 100 for mini mk4me and tonight is my unit awards picnic - still haven't unpacked yet!!

    It was totally cool getting to meet Shades and (not that it matters) but she can attest to what I say I have acheived, I really have. Like I practice what I preach -

  4. How yo' feets?

    I danced with an Elvis impersonator at the gay bar last night. My feets are tired and my knees are killing me, but it was so worth it.

  5. Feet are good, wait until you see the shoes I got to go with my director's suit.

    Unit picnic/awards night at my home was a hit. We had loads of food, men played horseshoes, texas washers, and ladder ball. We are, did recognition and then our twice a year auction with the MK bucks everyone had earned. Had music and decided next year to do it on a Friday night... so we could use the pool and hot tub and not have to worry about how late it gets.

    Now today on to the amusement park!

  6. My feets is fine! lol! ;) I wore flats all the time at the Convention Center. I had some flat Kenneth Cole Mary Janes. I wore heels at the hotel events. I even wore flats w/ my award gown. hehehe


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