Friday, July 31, 2009

New Product Coming Soon

and... I am loving it!

We received a sample and I have been using it. Absoluely love it and can't wait to order it when it is available. More Seminar Info to come, just have to catch up from all our social events! Yikes, I need some time to work! All this partying is hard on an old bag!


  1. I know what you mean! I was up til 1 or 2 a.m. catching my blog up one night and I'm still not done!

  2. are a young one, grasshopper!

  3. LOL! Not as young as I used to be. ;)

    I tried the Serum +C the last 2 days we were in Dallas and I am not sure I liked it. It felt heavy to me. I'm going to order one to demo for my customers so I can get their opinions.

  4. Well...I'm gonna act like yo' mama here a minute. Make sure you actually take your vitamin C by mouth (better yet eat fruit...but at least a supplement) and your other important vitamins. Your skin creams will work better if you also have nutrition and hydration coming from inside.

    And if you have issues trying to lose weight or maintaining your weight, I highly recommend taking vitamin D twice a week. With food, natch. I take it Wednesdays and Saturdays. It has to do with proper calcium metabolism.

    And I quit smoking last week (smoking is TERRIBLE for your skin) and man...cold turkey is some rough sh*! But if I want to stay young looking for 40 I can't keep poisoning my body.

    MK outside, nutrition and hydration inside.

    Shades, do you like that oil free moisturizing gel? My sample is lasting forever. I'm using it after microderm. It's not heavy at all.

  5. Miranda, you always have such great if you could tell me how to catch up (so far behind, I think I am out in front) - I would have everything I need!

    Still loving the Serum +C!!

  6. Good job Miranda on quitting smoking, that is a really difficult thing to do! My DH is a smoker and we have a agreement that when I lose weight he will quit smoking (it is a motivational carrot for me). He is dreading that day!!

  7. Great advice, Miranda! I do take vitamins (when I remember...:/). I use the oil free hydrating gel when I feel kind of dry. Lately, I've been oily since it's summer. I use the intense hydrating cream in winter because I get really flaky. My skin is crazy. :P I don't know if the serum + C feels heavy because of the humidity or what. I do notice my skin is smoother and softer. Hmm... lol

  8. Bwahaha. Lucky, take your vitamin D then weigh yourself after a month. Then snatch away his cigarettes and throw them in the trash. He'll never know your secret if you don't tell.

  9. How much Vitamin D? I have a supplement, but I also get some amount in my daily vitamin too. You can overdose on Vitamin D though, it is not water soluable like other vitamins, so it can make you feel blech if you take too much.

    I like the hydrating gel. I use it at night and it feels so good!

  10. My research indicates that an adult would need 4000 IU per week. The pills I have are 2000 IU, so I take one Wednesday and one Saturday to total 4000. You would want to check the amount in your vitamins and only take the amount that would bring the total up to 4000 IU per week.

    Believe me, I do my homework on all supplements that are not water soluble. Nobody wants hypercalcemia.


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