Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Just broke 1,000 miles, I am really loving it!
Surprise, hubby and kids love it too! My 17 year old and her friends just think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I am getting more accustomed to driving it but still not totally relaxed with all the looks but I have had 5 new clients because they saw the car and approached me! :) And strangers are congratulating me
in parking lots - it is a wonderful experience! So glad the Company started letting us choose the style we wanted! It is great in the snow and the gas mileage is good too. What more could a girl ask for?


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  2. That is a cute lil car. Fuel efficient, too, I hope?

  3. congrats mk4me, that car looks awesome!! I luv, luv the cts, its my favorite in the caddilac line!

    izdfckd, how do you know she has a copay? How do you know what her production is like?

    Are you one of those people who make blanket assumptions about all directors in MK?

    Dave, whats the rule about calling people out by using their name?

    Me thinks somebody just wants to stir up trouble.

    congrats again Mk4me!!

  4. lzdfckd,

    As Foreverpink pointed out, using a name for someone, other than the pseudonym they use is uncalled for and will not be tolerated.

    Thank you,

  5. Sorry, missed whatever was posted, but co op payments are based on quarters not months. So one can have an off month and still be okay for the quarter. Also if a new member comes in qualified, there are an additional 600 points to car that doesn't show up in production and there is a carry over account from overage from previous quarters that will be used in a short quarter.

    Now this month I know in addition to all I received, my wellness bonus from the Company was $1200! (I had even forgotten about it). For next month we have the opportunity to earn a $500 bonus with a 13% increase in production over last January! (and the fact that I sold over $6000 in product in December -yes, people really do want to buy this product) would have mitigated any damages (coop pay.)

    Persoanlly, if I have to deal with a copay for a quarter - my logic would be to just up by personal business to cover what I am shorting myself. It is going to happen on occassion, I never claimed to be perfect, and since I don't frontload and take advantage of consultants by bribing orders... I might have to deal with a coop along my career - but I haven't before now I decided to strectch for the Cadillac - now I must get more serious about how much time and effort I put into my business. I was ready to commit to working more or I wouldn't have even taken the CTS, we have done Cadillac production before and I stayed at Grand Prix level because I wasn't willing to do what it would take to maintain the Cadillac.

    I have to confess, I don't spend 24/7 on Mary Kay, huh, I know I probably don't spend more than 20 hours a week out of the house on MK.

    Coopayments are scaled so the amount would vary.

    And if there is someone watching me and my numbers so closely, I must be more interesting than I ever thought I could be. Waving to my fan. But, how sad you get such enjoyment because you think someone is hurting financially. I am sorry because your life must be really a lonely world if something like this gives you pleasure. May happiness replace the bitterness you hold in our heart someday. Life is too short to not live it.

    I will go on record saying that any quarter following a super huge quarter tends to be less sensational (we were tired)-and then dealing with the election and Christmas. Last quarter wasn't our best.

    And for those worried, I have no coop payment coming out of my check this month. I just triple checked it on Intouch.

    To those that hate someone that wants to do things right, ethically, and honestly and intentionally sets out to hurt others, wow,, how immature, please consider growing up? How sad it must be to riducule others for entertainment. And why not target the directors that are burning and churning people bringing them in with $4000- $5000 wholesale orders, instead of the ones that do things in the best interests of their consultants and their unit?

    I guess if a person does this, trying to out people and insultant them and make fun of them, the term "cyberbullying" comes to mind.


    I can only assume who is trying to hurt me but I publically ask you just to leave me alone. As I have often read on the pt blog, I don't play in your sandbox (yes I read) but I never comment and never email - people on pt get mad when those post anything against them or pt on their site, why is the same common courtesy not returned.

    I guess what is good for one and not for another.

    Totally off the record... for what that car has done for my personal business, my unit morale, the community and everything else good that came with it ---- I would have taken it even if I had known I would have had a coop payment,
    I would have just budgeted for it since I understand Money Management.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

  6. First glance, it looks like I am getting 26 -28 miles to the gallon. Not too bad!

  7. Congrats MK4Me! Love the car and LOVE your points about lower quarters (or months) that sometimes follow exceptional ones ;) And isn't it fun to get new customers because people SEE the car????

  8. If I already shared this, my apologies.. but one day mr.mk4me and I were running errands and the line at the post office was long, so I had him drop me off and do another errand while I waited in line. When he came back, he said to me to check the bag that I was going to deliver because it was now missing the Look Book that had been in it. - I looked at him and said ?? - he said after I got back into the car a woman ran up to the car and knocked on the window. He rolled it down and she asked, oh please tell me your wife sells MK?? He said yes and she asked for a book which of course he just grabbed the first one he could find in the car. He delivered the message to me that she would be calling me very soon! Of course, he said, I you were right about the car may help attract more clients. I decided to tease a little and said, well when we give out our name and number, we always try and get a name and number back, did you get hers?

    His response.... if you think I am going to ask another woman (especially if you are not with me) for her name and number you are ____* nuts. and her husband/boyfriend was one big dude! We both had a good laugh over that one. And.. he also knows were to grab Look Books in the car now.

    Probably one of the biggest things about finally earning the Cadillac is seeing and hearing how proud my husband is of me. I think in a way we had stopped appreciating the $500 a month I was getting for the cash comp on the Saturn because I hadn't taken the car, it didn't seem tangible. Oh well enough for now.

  9. I wanna say my toyota camry gets like 30 mpg on the highway and 26 around town, something like that. That's reasonably efficient for a non hybrid mid size car.

    I wanted to get a compact car but Dad helped me get this one (several years ago) because he felt it was safer. I don't know that it really is. I miss the maneuverability of a compact. Still, not complaining.


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