Friday, January 2, 2009

Year End Info

Year-End Reminders

*Be sure to take an odometer reading on 12/31 and mark it into your calendar to prove the total miles driven in 2008

*Be sure to take an ending inventory count and value it at your cost

*Be sure to have a new check register to begin 1/1/09. You want to be able to file the register in the same box as the cancelled checks for 2008.

*Buy a new calendar for 2009. If you are using an electronic calendar, be sure to print out ALL transactions and appointments for 2008 and store the printout in your 2008 receipt storage box

Make sure you check out MK Intouch for tons of useful tax information.
(Taxes aren't as hard as most believe as long as you keep good, organized records!- So if you haven't in the past, make your new years resolution to keep your records up today and you will spare yourself many headaches.)


  1. I like the H&R Block Tax Cut software. Considering that this year I worked three jobs, two of them as an independent contractor, we'll see how it fares. If you keep good records and just answer the questions the program asks you (and remember to download any program updates) you're golden. I tried TurboTax but it was a giant headache so I switched. It even does a comparison to tell you if you would do better by itemizing deductions or not (very valuable).

  2. I second H & R Block Tax Cut, I have used it for the past 5 years or so. - love it!


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