Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pink Truth: Mary Kay should... wait... Pink Truth doesn't mention Mary Kay in this post? Who are they talking about?

SuzyQ, of Pink Truth, offers Pink Truth haters some advice

Ironically, it is not until the 6th point that she even refers to Mary Kay. Even then it is only the initials MK.

Before anyone accuses me of being petty (and go ahead, it is just that by reading this you are giving me the opportunity to defend myself before you accuse me!) let me clarify that I am not merely criticizing her technique of writing out her "hate-filled missives" three times before sending/posting/publishing. I am pointing out something that has been coming more and more into focus lately. Namely that for many people the argument here has nothing to do with Mary Kay.

It seems to me that some people become so emotionally invested into something that they used to be involved in (job, church, band, club, school, etc.) and were in some way removed from (typically not on "their terms") and feel some need to assert themselves in such a way as to not feel (in the case of guys, which I more often observe this phenomena) "emasculated"... or, more generically speaking, "shamed".

Whether anyone outside of the individual person actually perceives them as any less of a person as a result of their sudden (or gradual) lack of involvement is irrelevant. They feel like the world is "calling them out". "Lazy loser", screams every person they interact with. They are perpetually forced to exclaim, "No, but I am not... I am relevant. I do have purpose. I did not waste the last xx years of my life."

Am I saying that this is the case with all of the participants on Pink Truth?

Of course not.

Am I suggesting that it is with most of them?

Still no.

Does it seem like a pretty good explanation for why some people that you deal with (in any sphere of your life) can't seem to look rationally at the topic under discussion?

I think so.

Could it apply to Pink Truth? Particularly in the case of an angry "how to write an angry missive" missive?

You tell me. What do you think?


  1. People get mad and vent, but for some it turns into an obsession. To me it gets stale after a while.

    I just had a thought. Does MK offer glycolic acid products? It's not exactly new, but at least in my house it's kind of the "new hotness." AHAs burn my skin and leave it red. However glycolic acid cleansers and moisturizers are really helpful in turning over old skin cells and clearing zits faster, etc. I started using them because my doctor told me to.

    Currently there is Aqua Glycolic, one product by Olay called Daily Thermal Mini Peel (ignore the peel part, ain't true) and one of the Clean and Clear cleanser/scrubs that have glycolic acid. I have used all those brands and they're all good. I don't know what MK is using in their age fighting stuff right now but hey if they take suggestions from directors...think about some glycolic acid. It's gentle and works great.

  2. My ex took me for a heck of alot more than $20,000 and the less I have to think about him, the better. I think I was bitter for about a year but he had already wasted enough of my life, I wasn't going to allow him to ruin or put a damper on one more second. History is history and best left in the past. I can learn the lessons without holding on to the pain of the experience.

  3. My ex insisted on keeping the house. So I sold him my equity in it. Financially it was no prob. It was the neglect that sent me packing. I had major surgery and he basically abandoned me, coming home only to sleep at night. He wasn't even there for me in the hospital or to take me home from the hospital. My mom flew in from Alabama to look after me. That was the freakin last straw with him. I am *so* never getting married ever again!


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