Monday, January 12, 2009

Pink Truth: Mary Kay Husbands are...

Pink Truth's take on Mary Kay Husbands

Should make an interesting read.

Anyone out there have any thoughts?


  1. My (former) husband was supportive. In any case we didn't have "husband unawareness." Director loved him. When it didn't work out, his attitude was "oh well, you gave it the old college try."

  2. I was never taught the husband's unawareness plan nor would I ever teach it.

    I love and respect my husband and would not dishonor him by not discussing stuff with him. I also know he respects me and knows that if I wasn't earning money, I wouldn't be doing this. If it was costing me money, we wouldn't be paying our bills and that wouldn't be good for either of us.

    I encourage potentials to discuss joining and inventory with their husbands. I would not want to ever cause problems in a couple's relationship.

    How can you trust someone if they are telling you to hide information from your spouse? If someone told me to do that, it would send up a red flag right away.

  3. In agreement.. and have a very supportive husband~ in fact, HE was the one who thought MK was the right business for me (and over 12 years later, I still agree with him)!

  4. My husband has been totally supportive of me since I started...he sees how much fun I am having and knows that I am making money. I can't imagine starting a business and not having him in my corner. Just seems silly.


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