Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pink Truth: Mary Kay "interview" is really just disguised brainwashing

Pink Truth actually puts some effort into changing the Mary Kay work they copy and paste

While I have to admit that I am impressed that Tracy actually put some work into changing the piece she copied (which is actually not copyright infringement... unless you happen to be doing it to her... in which case she has no problem filing a complaint in an almost certain attempt at bullying you into removing completely noninfringing content...) I will have to ask you to ignore her (*their*) usual childish tactics and focus on the content of the technique, allegedly from an NSD, and comment on whether you feel that these tactics are good, bad, manipulative, or something else entirely.

Sorry for the missed post yesterday we should now be back on schedule.


  1. The stuff at the beginning of the NSD's list is not bad, if not entirely accurate. The farther down the list she goes, though, the farther she departs from what I experienced in MK. You don't design your own life. Customers, when they're available, are on their schedule, not yours. If you're not convenient for them, they won't buy from you. And so forth...a lot of stuff that's just too good to be true is on that list. I wish they would be more realistic. It would certainly reduce the drop out rate. Tell it like it really is, and just recruit the people who can work with that. I also don't like when they say you get 50% but as soon as you sign, no you do not: you do the 60 40 split. Okay, fine: say that up front. I don't like things tweaked and sugarcoated. Just shoot it to me straight and let me decide from there.

  2. Well, I haven't had a chance to read it over yet... but I do agree we shouldn't oversell or exagerate.

    Until I read it over, a few quick comments:

    We are flexible, as in we don't have to punch a clock and work Monday to Friday 8 -5 but we must be available to work - if i only wanted to work between 1:00 AM and 4:00 AM, it is my right but I doubt I would find very many clients or make very much money. So I don't find it offensive to say that we can work when we want to, but it should be pointed out that I think there is more money to be made and people to see on evening and on the weekends.

    Secondly - we don't necesarrily "make" 50% this is simply the wrong terminology.... but we DO purchase our product at a 50% discount. - Now since most of us have business expense we normally don't "NET" 50% of what we sell but we do "Gross" 50%.

    It is probably not possible but if one decided (after the starter kit) to only buy product (no samples, etc...) and sell all her product at retail, yes, she would make 50% -

    The 60/40 split is a way to manage your earnnings, it doesn't mean you didn't make 50% when you sold the product but you more than likely won't be keeping that amount.

  3. And just because I don't have time right now to outline my "interview" - I want to point out that I even include a line saying Mk is just like starting any other business, it is going to take time, work, and patience as you get started and grow the business - chances are you are not going to see much disposable income right away. If you are looking at getting rich quick or not having to do any work than I suggest that MK probably will not work for you.

  4. I wish the other interviewers would say what you say!


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