Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Question

Am I the only one that has found it interesting when an email from a pro-mker is posted as the main topic on pt, that the posters keep asking her to explain her point or to respond. When there is no forthcoming response from the author, it is assumed that she has no defense or explanation for what she has written and hahahaha. I do not want to stir up any trouble, but sooner or later, it would seem only logical that that the author has no idea the email as been posted for public display because it was sent to an email address that was listed and probably didn't return every day to see if it was going to be posted and then the comments are censored, or the poster banned so even if she wanted to post, she could not? Does it not make any of them wonder why there is not even one "posetive post"? even if 99%of any Company lost money, that would still leave 1% that would leave a posetive comment or even have an ongoing dialogue explaining their viewpoint?

The latest document was written by a Mary Kay client, many attacked her for not knowing what she is talking about because she has never been a consultant before, but aren't there some active posters on their site that have never been a consultant before either? Is there a difference?

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  1. I think those people cannot respond unless they register, and if they do, it's not long before they get banned. I'd advise them to look at the PT archives before considering sending an email to Tracy, because it is obvious what will happen when/if they do.


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