Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pink Truth: Mary Kay should consult US before choosing their suits... at least this way they will know we don't like them in advance.

In keeping with nonsensical tradition, Pink Truth continues to self righteously express indignation at whatever Mary Kay Consultants or Directors wear.

I suppose those on Pink Truth simply wear nothing?!

That gives pause for a shudder....

I mean, clearly, if you consider everything that Pink Truth has declared to be "hideous" in terms of clothes, there is (I can imagine) absolutely nothing that would be acceptable for someone to wear. The only thing I have not seen them utterly condemn is one's own birthday suit.

Just food for thought!

Oh... yeah... just thought it appropriate to point out the arrogance (misplaced or not) of Pink Truth, as illustrated, in this case, by "twinkiefree":

"I think MK Corp. played it very safe this year in it's choice because of the potential criticisms from, well, us.
That suit is so ultra safe, so agonizingly boring. Ergo, no criticism! "

One mightpoint out to "twinkiefree" that "agonizingly boring" is a criticism. But, more importantly, it is highly unlikely that Mary Kay corporate, in considering their choice for this years director suit, wrung their hands together and agonized over, "What will Pink Truth think about our selection... Oh, I just hope they like it this year..."!!!!!

Seriously, tidbits like that make me genuinely hope that this delusional behavior is really just sarcastic humor that does not reflect the true thoughts of Tracy's devout. However, if that is the case, they are to be commended for their ability to never let on that they are joking.

So, what do YOU think about the new suits?


  1. I think the suits this year are a vast improvement. It's a wearable color. Beats the heck out of orange, purple, and blue-screen-of-death blue.

  2. I think its ridiculous that they even care about what the suits look like.

    If they hate this company so much and dont want any thing to do with it, why do they even know or care to know about the color or style of what the MK directors are going to be wearing? You would think that they could care less. Does anybody but me find this a bit silly and immature? The look, cut or color of the MK director suit should be the farthest thing from their mind if they are done with MK. What difference does it make to them, they have made it clear that they wont be wearing one, so who cares if another woman want to wear it. It could be the ugliest article of clothing on the planet, what should it matter to them?

    I think the suit looks nice, and I would be proud to wear one if I made director. I have had to wear some "not so cute" attire for various jobs in the past, so I would not be one to critize it no matter what it looked like.

  3. Lol, until I take off a few pounds, any suit, no matter how awful would look better than me in a birthday suit!

    I admit there are years, I am not in love with the suit, this brown one, I absolutely love. I didn't think I would but I was wrong. The other thing is the suits always look a heck of alot better when you see them than in the picture.

  4. Totally agree... I am NOT fond of the brown, but wear it proudly! I am looking forward to the new color... I still love my black/white and the all black suits from 3 and 2 years ago :)

    And for me too..... losing some pounds will make anything look better on me ;)

  5. Not that anyone cares but I started my "New Year's Resolution" the day after Christmas to get a jump on things. I started working out and on a diet and am proud to report that I haven't messed up yet... and for the first time in over 3 years the scale went down!! Now let's see how far down I can get it before I have to order next year's suit!

    Such a great motivation to stay on track. So at least no matter what the suit looks like, I will look better in it!!

  6. They're ok. I'm not partial to the color, but some of the jackets are pretty cute. Would it kill them to feature a plus sized model and a suit catering to that need? A lot of MK women aren't supermodel skinny you know? I'm tired of my plus sized friends getting the shaft when we shop! It's bull...loney!

    I don't understand why they change the suit every year? Wouldn't it be smarter to create a brand recognition similar to that of the pink cadillac? I would love to see a black suit with pink lining and subtle pink trims. Everyone looks excellent, slim and professional in black. Think of the fun a girl could have with shoes. Black and pink polka dot sexy heels anyone? Create a look that is trendy and recognized as Mary Kay.

    Make them out of fine quality fabrics with luxurious linings and make them to last! Neutral colors with fun accents stay trendy for a very long time and they are easy to personalize. JMO

    While I'm making suggestions, I am not fond of the red jacket. Red is not a good color for many women and it's a bit garish rather than professional. And the white shirt, black skirt suggestion is so freshman choir performance. Suits ladies! Suits! Darted shirts and pressed pants and skirts! Beautiful sweaters with clean, good-looking blue jeans! Pick up a fashion magazine and find stuff you like and make it your own. Clothes can make you feel hot when you feel ugly as hell before putting them on.

    Wow, I went off track somewhere. My bad. Um. The suit's all right?

  7. lol Your Mom...when you get on a subject you like, you run with it! me too. I do think that black/pink, brown/pink and navy/pink are all good combinations they could use.

    It's hard to do but when I look for suits I try hard to find one that has sort of an A line skirt. I am plus size (14) and I don't have a straight figure so am not at my best in a straight skirt. Also I'm short. sigh.

    Well if you want to digress about girly stuff you can always hit my blog where I babble on about my cake decorating hobby. ;)

  8. No way! I make wedding cakes out of my home for fun and a minute profit! I will drop in on your blog when I have a second or two!

    I love a good pantsuit. The right jacket and pants can make you look very professional! I'm not very fashionable, I spend my days in coveralls in the goat barn or jeans and tees at school but when I do dress up, I have a closet full of pantsuits that make me feel like a billion dollars. And I always wear 4+inch heels. As tall as I can get away with without looking like a stripper.

    It's weird because I've never been a girly girl, yet I LOVE clothes. I love shows like Sex and the City and Project Runway because they make clothes fun. I wish I was rich so I could buy some of the designer clothes I see in magazines or on tv. But I'm broke so I buy Kohl's knock-offs. Sigh.


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