Monday, January 5, 2009

Pink Truth: Who is trying to help who here... and to what end? Mary Kay or Pink Truth?

Mary Kay Praying For Pink Truth?

The "power struggle" (as perceived and portrayed by Pink Truth) between the credibility of Tracy Coenen (Owner/operator of Pink Truth) and the "evil ones" (anyone that disagrees with their... or more specifically HER... views) rages on.

Anyone feel inclined to comment?


  1. LOL. Sorry, I'm an unbeliever. To me this is just a mental scream into the void. They can pray for (or at) each other all day and it makes not a whit of difference in real life IMHO.

  2. Well as a Christian, I do believe in the power of prayer, but I dont think that one should use saying that you are going to pray for someone as a way to insult them. If you are going to pray for someone just do it. Dont, in anger say to someone, "i'm gonna pray for you" because it only puts the other person on the defensive. Its not sincere when done that way. It comes across that the person offering the prayer somehow thinks the other person needs fixing, almost like they are not as good as the one offering the prayer.

    I disagree with consultants who write into PT (if they are indeed real letters) who claim to be Christian, but in the same letter sling insults and curse. It only gives PT more amunition to use against the Christian faith and to point fingers at MK for their "exploitation" of God first etc..

    Not everybody wants you to pray for them. Possibly because they know that prayer changes things and they dont want to change and they want to remain angry and bitter or they just dont believe in prayer or a higher power. I believe in asking permission before I pray for someone. You have to respect peoples believe systems.

    That consultant probably did not realize, in her anger, that she was coming across this way. But then again, no matter what she had written, TC would have taken issue with it. Its no secret that I believe that TC has some issues and I am NOT a fan of her or her blog. She herself has done some manipulative things in order to promote her version of the Pink Truth and she has told half truths and out and out lies in order to further her vendeta against a make up company. But she has to answer for that, whether she wants prayer or not, whether she likes it or not, just like all of us have to answer for whatever we have done.

    I dont think its wrong to pray for people, you just cant come across as high and mighty when you do it. All of us could use some prayer. You dont necesarily have to pray that everyone starts agreeing with you and sees things your way, but pray that people that have been hurt will find some peace of mind. When you find peace of mind you can move on from bitterness of whatever has hurt you and not dwell on it or hang around a mean girl/bash blog.

    Telling somebody you are gonna pray for them is one thing, but action speaks louder. Be the answer to prayer by treating people right, and being honest in our day to day dealings with others, (family, customers and fellow consultants).

  3. It's getting weird over there. Almost all the vocal ppl on PT *are* Christinans, with the occasional exception.

    I've never been offended by anyone's genuine well wishes, regardless of whether they practice any particular religion or none, but like you say... if they make it into an insult, that's jerklike and indeed disrespectful to their own stated belief system.

    If somebody wants to pray for me in the proper sense of wishing well, then I'm just happy that someone thinks kindly of me, even though I don't believe that any deity is going to intervene on my behalf. Nice thoughts from fellow humans are certainly fine with me.

  4. Warning: off topic! lol
    But check it out you guys. I am quitting smoking with hypnosis. I play the hypnosis recording at bedtime, and I follow the suggestions/breathing pattern/thought focus just as it instructs while I listen.

    Today I got up and I looked at the pack of cigs on the table and I said EW and I left it there. I sprayed air freshener in my car because for the first time the smoke smell was disgusting to me. I have been through most of a work day and I do not want a cigarette at all. Physically I feel fine. Mentally I am normal, not crabby. Tonight I will listen to the recording again of course, and will continue until enough time has passed to totally break the addiction.

    If any of you guys are smoking and want to quit, try this method. You might try it *with* zyban or something if you are a long time heavy smoker, so as to get your body through the rough patch. But really you will end up spending only like $15-25 on a CD or mp3 which is the same cost as a few packs of cigarettes. I feel very clean without the stinky ashy cigarettes!

  5. congrats miranda!

    Chantix has been known to produce great results for quitting as well

  6. Yay Miranda! Good for you! I quit cold turkey a little over a year ago. I found a great online support group called Wonderful group.

    The prayer topic, ugh. I'm Catholic and I HATE it when someone throws the "I'll pray for you" as an insult. It's just plain wrong. Prayer isn't meant to be used that way. It's supposed to be a kind, loving thing, not an insult.

    That said... I have a little fun with people who sling the prayer card around. "Here. Would you like to use my rosary while you're at it? I'm sure your attitude deserve a whole decade for penance".

    I do think the IBC's attitude in that article/whatever it's called came off as holier than thou. For goodness sake. Don't egg those PT people on.

    Tracy appears to be a master manipulator. She can twist whatever you say into something insane. And her minions just lap it up. They claim they've come out of the fog,and don't follow the MK brainwashing, yet they jump right into Tracy's brainwashing. Does it seem odd to any of them, that NONE of them disagree with a SINGLE thing she says?

    Come on even the "Godess of Grim" has to be wrong SOMEtime.


  7. still haven't lit up. still don't want to. yay hypnosis!


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