Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Fun Contest I Run For My Unit

I am a director that truly promotes the selling of product in my unit. One of the contests that I use frequently (not all the time because it would just get old and boring) is the " Beat Your Director Contest". I have a strong personal business which is in part what I feel contributes to my "success" as a director. So what we do is at the end of the month, everyone including myself reports our retail sales for the month (not including personal use items). If anyone in the unit sells more than I do, I treat them to lunch or if timing isn't convenient give them a gift certificate for the restaurant. It is fun and it keeps all of us working, they also see that I "practice" what I "preach".

On another subject, I had the question posed to me privately but asked for the answer to be public: Why don't some directors list their production amounts in their newsletters or on their unitnet sites? My opinion is there are two primary reasons and I am sure there are others but these are the two I see. The first reason (in my case) is that I tend to be the largest seller hence the largest order almost every month in my unit. To have them see my name at the top takes away from the #1 consultant.

I go back and forth, I put it in for a few months at a time so they can see that I am selling and ordering and then I leave it out for a few months so that others can shine without being in the shadow of my figures. Even if I put my totals at the bottom of the column instead of at the top, the 1st place consultant still ends up with the feeling of being "second" and I want her to gain the credit of being the #1 consultant that she deserves for the work that she has done.

The second reason would be because the director may just not be doing that much selling and ordering because she does more working with her unit and being a director than being an ibc and perhaps she doesn't want the numbers public because a) she may be embarrassed and/or b) some may not realize she could be spending alot of time working with unit members helping them develope and training new consultant, not leaving her with much time for her personal business.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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  1. I have to agree MK4Me... I don't like publishing my accomplishments in my newsletter because I don't want my consultants to feel inferior or bad about themselves and their business. I do sell a lot and because of that have high wholesale purchases... I don't want my unit feeling they need to "order to keep up with the director"..... Thankfully, my newsletter service agrees with me, and doesn't pull that info for the newsletter :)


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