Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pink Truth: Mary Kay resentment towards Pink Truth seems to run deep

Pink Truth posts another alleged Mary Kay letter

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  1. I consider that letter atrocious. A breed? Nononono honey. That's for cats and dogs. *scratches fuzzy Himalayan* Also, random capitalization fail. I just...no. Work isn't enough. You have to know *how* exactly to work such an enterprise, and you have to have the right personality; it's not like enough sweating will get you what you want. I also believe that your location plays a part. Do you live in an area with ppl who like MK, or do you live in an area where MAC is king, like I do? You can work your buns off in my neighborhood and get zip. I think the letter writer is excessively naive and could benefit by hiring me to fix up her grammar. ;)

  2. It sounds like she is saying that every woman has a desire for material things and that having everything MK says you can have is the only way to be content and prosperous. That is baloney. The "working your business" part is also baloney because MK is not your own business because they tell you where and when but not the how (other than how to recruit). The author does indeed sound naive and is probably rather new in her MK endeavors.

  3. Yeah it would be kind of like me saying that I own a modeling business. Nope, I am an independent contractor who works for various arts centers.

  4. One item I find ironic, is basically anyone in MK is accussed of being materialistic and wanting tons of money and prizes, well, no, some of us would like a good income and a flexible schedule.

    The ones I hear complaining that they couldn't make an "executive" income on a few hours here and there are on pt. (not all but some) and then it turns it to but the time away from my family wasn't worth it so they will just be a SAHM. (um.. okay that would work, however if you needed the moeny and had to go get a 40 hour job, you would still be away from your family).

    Well if that is a choice someone is able to make than they must not have needed the money to survive so was it not greed that got them in the situation in the first place? Because they wanted the money, the cars, the diamonds, and the suit?

    There is a trade off, we as individuals decide if it is worth it.

    And I have yet to find a definition of executive income (hence I have never used that word in any of my interviews or speeches). It is going to be different for everyone. As Miranda pointed out on another posts: Regional differences - I am sure in some areas it would be 6 digits or more. I can assure you, it ain't around me. If someone isn't a doctor or lawyer around us, they aren't making that type of money. So in our area if the term was used - we wouldn't be disappointed if we earned $50K. You see our business executives and other "executives" get paid crappy around here. That is if you are lucky enought to find a job that pays more than minimum wage and most offer no benefits or hire part time so they don't need to provide benefits.

    Personally, the letter sounds like it was written in haste and the meaning of having everything didn't come across the way she intended. I really felt she was trying to say "everything in addition to material stuff, a way of life that suited her desires, flexiblity, time with family, etc... and we don't know if it has been editted from the original post either.

    Working your business?? Okay, rephrase, you want to earn money while in MK than you better work your Mary Kay as if it were your business. If you don't treat it seriously, do the work, learn the products, etc.. and manage your money, you will find you will not make money. (so maybe it should be rephrased to: it is almost like owning your own business)

    No we can not sell our business but aside from that and a few rules to follow, I do what I want to do, when I want to do it. Quite different than if I were punching a clock for a boss.

  5. "I really felt she was trying to say "everything in addition to material stuff...."

    Then she should have said that. You can't speculate about what she might have meant. You have to go by what is written. I'm sure that if you ask anyone what they think executive income means they will say somewhere around 100,000 or close to it. $50,000 could easily be white collar salary. I'm glad to hear that you don't use the manipulation of "exec. income". If you did, I would want to see your expense reports or Schedule C.

  6. I guess we are all guilty of not being able to type as good as we talk.

  7. Don't you mean "as WELL as we talk"?

  8. waving to duh! (I am glad to see that Banned is waking up again again!) - this is mk4me (black sheep) - I have truly missed the humor.

    Yeah, ask, David, I just go on and on because I want to try and make sure what I am trying to convey is getting conveyed the way I intend it to but it really doesn't matter. Without inflection, tone, eye contact, and body language we all tend to "assume" what the writer is writing. We all have heard what it means when we "assume"... any way, my speech tends to be good, my spelling tends to be good, but my typing s*cks and unfortunately when I read things back, I have a terrible habit of reading what I intended to write instead of what I did write.

    You notice how short that last post was, I was writing it when my appointment showed up and so I just hit enter before I even got a chance to finish or read.

    keep us straight duh!

  9. For duh, hey it is time for another post!! :)

  10. Yes duh,

    That will have been a much more gooder way of saying it with.

    Well job!


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