Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Publicity for Mary Kay

Sales Director Toni Freeman (pictured on right) had the honor of doing
President-Elect Barack Obama's makeup before a rally in Roanoke, VA

(And we already knew that Sarah Palin used Mary Kay too!)

Because I am a computer idiot, you may or (may not see the picture)
some day.


  1. I did it, I did it!! Picture is posted.

  2. There it is!

    Obama is and always will be far more attractive than Ms. Palin, IMHO. And I'm not just saying that because he's male...I'm bisexual. His smile looks real and his features look serene. Palin frightens me. I think she looks maniacal!

  3. Yes he is handsome!! Although Palin was more popular for her looks than for her politics. And her makeup always did look good IMO.
    Funny that Mary Kay played a part for both of them. Even some of the most powerful folks in the country have used it!

  4. I also saw this picture on Gloria Mayfield Banks' unitnet site. I wonder if that director is in her unit.


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