Thursday, January 22, 2009

Greetings Pink Truth Users: Welcome to Balanced Mary Kay - Also Known As: "The Truth About Mary Kay"

I am sorry that I do not have more time to greet you and explain what we are doing here, but I was not expecting you quite so soon.

Nonetheless, I am glad to see all of you here. No doubt, many of you have already googled "The Truth About Mary Kay" and found yourself here.

Yes, I am the "boy yente" that havurah mentioned. You are in the right place.

As I mentioned, this is a very hasty greeting and hopefully I will be able to fill in the gaps for you soon. In the meantime, please feel free to poke around and see what we are all about.

To sum it up for you though, we are primarily folks that disagree with Tracy but are not allowed to post comments on Pink Truth. Most dissenting opinions on Pink Truth are deleted and the ones that left them banned. This is our "home" where we express our dissenting opinions. And allow people to disagree with our dissenting opinions. As such, you are more than welcome to express your opinions here.


Whatever you want. Be creative. Really.

I do, however, (as most blog owners do) request that you keep it civil.

No "outing" people.
No abusive language.
No declarations of "facts" that you PERSONALLY do not have evidence of.
(on that note, personal testimony should be presented as such... Your story... not "the way things are".)

To that end, you will find that we have simply had a different experience with Mary Kay than you did.

Because of the way our (by "our" I mean ALL of us) perception of the world is shaped, it is easy to understand how YOU (Pink Truth members) will believe that the majority of Mary Kay is the way you experienced it while WE (people that have a 'good' perception of Mary Kay) will believe that the majority of Mary Kay is the way WE experienced it.

This is not bad or good. It simply precludes the ability to say, "Mary Kay is... (anything) with any certainty.

It is for that reason that "WE" (the majority of readers/subscribers to this blog) have (more or less) concluded that the simplest way to look at it is this:

Mary Kay is just a company. It is not "good". It is not "bad". There are "pros" and there are "cons".

Again, I am very happy to see that you made your way here, and I hope we will all here from you soon.

P.S. Google is a very impartial holder of the accounts here. You are also welcome to use Open ID (if you can figure it out). You will have to remember your password. I do not get any of your account information from google, so you are "safe". Thanks.


  1. I like this site to also provide a place to get balanced information on how you can most benefit from your MK experience for those with directors that only recruit or those that might not even know enough to help others. A useful source of information on how to make money, I hope that some of my information has helped.

  2. Havurah,

    I know that you said something about google not letting someone comment (hard to tell with all your third person references to yourself)... but I presume that you mean you had a hard time commenting one here.

    Nonetheless, I would like to ask you what you think about your comment being censored.

    Did you do that?

    Did someone else?

    Is someone SOOOOO threatened by this little site that even mentioning it by name is forbidden?

    I am serious.

    This site (Balanced Mary Kay, The Truth About Mary Kay, "Boy Yente's Site", whatever you want to call it) only exists because when I found Pink Truth, I tried to apologize to its members (on behalf of people that work in/for the same company my wife does) for what had happened to them.

    I offered, if you will, the olive branch of peace... and was summarily deleted and banned.

    I, months later, tried to reason with a post that I thought was, to say the least, erroneous. I was again deleted and banned.

    I am sure that your overlord (oops, sorry... I mean blog administrator) will tell you all sorts of things about me. I would encourage you to take them with a grain of salt. Or believe them wholeheartedly, I don't really care.

    Regardless, I would like to challenge you to look around you (at PT) and, if you are so inclined, this site. We are not trying to be antagonistic for the sake of being antagonistic. We simply want to offer a different perspective.

    If you would like to continue blindly believing that Tracy's (et. al.) version of Mary Kay is the ONLY Mary Kay and thus is "THE TRUTH" than so be it.

    I was excited because I thought I had connected (albeit through comments on opposite blogs) with someone that was willing to think and speak for herself.

    Perhaps I was wrong. Either way, it would be profoundly upright of you, since I can't comment on "your" blog, to make the effort to leave a comment on this blog.

    Also, assuming that it was NOT you who deleted your small mention of this site, I would love for you to humor me with a little experiment:

    Mention this blog again. Or, perhaps, ask why the mention was deleted.

    If you can't see clear to doing that, or, if in fact it was you who self-censored the piece, consider what, exactly, it is that you are afraid of. I mention Pink Truth at least daily on this site.

    I would love to hear your thoughts.


  3. Oh, her comment got deleted over there? Well, that reeks of Tracy if you ask me.

    Look, Havurah, I like you just fine. You don't actually have to "show me" anything...I'm not fond of MKC at all, myself.

  4. Miranda,

    Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding here.

    havurah's comment(s) is(are) still there. There is just one small part of the comment that was removed.

    It used to say (referring to this site) THE TRUTH ABOUT MARY KAY. It now says *********

    Also, I don't know if she did this or if someone else did it. It was just there at first. (Which prompted me to create this post) And then it was gone.

    And yes, it does reek of Tracy!

    And Havurah, Miranda is right... she is not enamored with Mary Kay.

    You don't have to "tell her, heh heh heh."

  5. But Miranda is still super cool and we love hearing from her! (and she does have some great comments)
    and she is awesome at decorating cakes.

    Hey, should I send her an
    "I am Great Ribbon"? (Just joking) ;}

  6. LOL...I am not real big on tooting my own horn! However if you have a pin with a cake on it or something, that would be uber cute.

  7. Psst, Havv. You can use Open ID if you like. On the other hand if you just need to create another username, it can be a slight variation like Havurah1 or Havurah_ and we will still know it is you. I've had to do this many times when my chosen username was already taken by someone else on popular forums. Sorry for the confusion, I thought you got entire comments deleted rather than just a site name. OK, duh, I made a mistake. It's not serious. C'mon in, the water's fine. Abusiveness isn't allowed here. No one is going to say anything gross to you.


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