Monday, November 17, 2008

Pink Truth: We are genuine, Mary Kay is not genuine... because we said so.

Pink Truthers are better than Mary Kaybots because we are genuine and they are sneaky

From Tracy:

"Now... I get the concept of "networking." I've done it to build my personal business. But I've done it in a genuine way, not with these tricky little methods. I haven't contacted anyone to pretend to "reconnect." I've told people about my company in the context of a legitimate, genuine conversation... not because I want to recruit them or sell them something."

Tracy, any 'method' of networking can be done genuinely or disingenuously.

I can guarantee you that if you told us about any of your so called "legitimate and genuine" 'methods' of promoting your 'personal business', we could point out how sneakily they could be used.

The very example you use (of Mary Kay) -

"And if you doubt that... Just remember that one of the key teachings in Mary Kay is "work the numbers." Have you been told: "Some will, some won't, who's next!"??? These things demonstrate how the goal of Mary Kay isn't sincere interaction with women. It's about playing a numbers game and moving on to the next person with skin who might be interested."

of necessity is one that you must use yourself.

What do you do when you are telling someone about your business, and they are not interested? Do you never tell anyone else about your business until you have convinced that person to be interested in you? Or do you move on to the "next" person?

Not only is this concept not diabolical, it doesn't even make sense to protest it. Some will. Some will really dig what you are doing (whatever it is). Some won't. Some simply are not interested in what you are doing (never will be). So, after you have talked to someone (and they have either responded favorably or unfavorably) who will you talk to next?

What is so insincere about this?


  1. What's on PT today is about "MK husbands." They always get in a kerfluffle on PT about what role a husband is "supposed" to have in the home...because of course they totally know how everyone should run their home?

    And that's where the antiquated notions come out of the woodwork. GAH, it makes me so mad. How about this little gem: "This company (meaning mk) nurtures and promotes a reprehensible sense of feminism..." Oh, THANKS, Scrib. Feminism is reprehensible now? Not accepting the role of second-class citizen for the crime of having ovaries is like a terrible sin? *makes obscene gesture* How dare we be competent, equal partners in life with our men?

    Everyone's free to run their own home as they please, but it really chaps my ass when people start preaching about how just because someone has a willie, that makes him automatically the boss. And MK is evil because ostensibly if you do MK then your man doesn't get to boss you around any more. Or something. I don't care for MK, but that particular argument is still retarded.

    I bow down to no one, and I don't believe in any dogma that says I should.

    Hello! Cave days are over! Welcome to the 21st century, people!

  2. Any time anyone has told me to disregard my husband they have gotten an earful of my favorite cuss words. If your director can make you treat him like crap, then you're the a-hole, not Mary Kay.

    Personally, I have found the director literature for husbands to be really condescending. It's on almost all the unitnet sites and I detest the wording. I get the point PT is making, even if it is made with a heavy-handed overly one-sided antiquated man-dominant/woman subservient point of view. The literature is lame and it makes assumptions about men that I don't like. It makes the assumption that the man will resent his wife's success, that he will assume she is financially stupid and that he is a controlling or doubting jerk. PT isn't just pulling that interpretation out of their resentful little rear ends.

    I really hate when a MK husband puts out the open letters where he tries to be all buddy-buddy and makes lame references to golfing and lounging around while his wife works. They're so smarmy and obnoxious. I think that kind of crap really ruins the legitimacy of the business. Stick to the company literature folks! It's approved for a reason.

    And I really hate PT's assumption that everyone reading is not only religious, but religious in the Christian/submissive wife form of religion. Telling readers that an equal household is not biblical really pisses me off in the most innate way. God forbid (ha ha) that some of us don't follow your ideal of the man as the leader of the house and the submissive wife. I'm not dissing the marriages that work that way, I'm criticizing the assumption that it't the ONLY way to have a marriage and the PT idea that ONLY Christians read the site and the only religion followed is a more fundamental form of that Christianity.

  3. We (DH and myself) are on equal footing here. Could not imagine keeping things from each other. Especially when it comes to money. OMG.

    Miranda, you crack me up! Nasty! LOLOL....

  4. I believe mutual respect is required in a successful realationship. I promise you noone would ever tell me to lie to my husband or tell me not to discuss something with him without getting an ear full from me. I would never ask anyone to do it either. In our home, we both work, we both pay bills, we both respect one another, I don't need to ask his permision nor he mine but it is just common courtesy (to me) to discuss any large decisions. The kids tend to listen to him better (I think cuz he growls better) so in that respect I let him take the lead.

    For the most part, I have to say that mr. mk4me treats me as an equal, especially when it comes time to go cut wood! No discrimantion in this household! But I am definitely better in the woods than he is in the kitchen.

    And - networking is networking, if you tell someone about your business, you are hoping that you have something they might be interested. If someone isn't interested, let it go and move on, it is when you don't let go and move on that you will become obnoxious.

    And complimenting someone as long as it is sincere and truthful doesn't mean you are deceiving a person. Just be real.

    miranda, lol!!


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