Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay tactics - It takes one to know one

Excelently timed, Pink Truth posits their opinion of the D.I.S.C technique

Okay look, we all know that Pink Truth thinks that anything Mary Kay does (or Mary Kay people do) is manipulation, or greedy, or insincere. We all know that this forgone conclusion is based on outrageous circular reasoning, hatched together with, at best, anecdotal evidence.

They will see anything Mary Kay does as manipulative and "bad".

The question I want everyone to answer today is not whether or not the D.I.S.C. 'tool' is manipulative.

I am pretty sure that everyone here (or at least most) are mature enough to realize that this is simply a truthful observation of the way different personalities respond to different stimuli. Studying it and understanding it and even utilizing it in improving your communication is not (in and of itself) manipulative or "bad".

The question I want you to consider and respond to, if you would be so kind, is:

At what point does it become manipulative?

At what point, does understanding and using these principles cease to be simply a means to improve ones communication and becomes something much more insidious?

Or, is it impervious to being used this way?

Something to consider that may help put it in a different light, there are certain things that most guys don't understand about women. Understanding these things can help a man better express his love to a particular woman. It can also be used, allegedly, to manipulate women. But the question is, at what point does one use stop and the other begin? And, more importantly, how can you tell which is which?

Ah, these are the questions that I like!


  1. I think it's pretty simple, actually. When your knowledge of someone's personality and motivations is used to better relate to them, or to work together effectively, that's good. When your knowledge is used to tailor your speech to persuade them to do what you want them to do, especially if they'd normally object or it's not in their best interest, there's a problem.

  2. I think it is like almost anything else in this world. It is how it is "used" that determines whether it is goo or bad.

    Many drugs or meds can be used to save lives, too much can be deadly.

    Guns can be used for recreation, they can be used to hunt, they can be used for self defense - they, in the wrong hands, can also be responsible for the death of innocent people.

    Knowledge such as this DISC Personality overview can be used to better understand others for good, if a person wants to use it to manipulate another, it is on the person that misused the information.

  3. oops goo = good

    and seriously, who hasn't used knowing a person's "soft spots" to get something they want. (If they are honest.... if you want to ask your hubby to attend some high school reunion with you that he probably doesn't want to go to, you might start by fixing his favorite dinner, watching the football game with him, etcc.... ""get him in a good mood before you ask" - let's face it if he is in a good mood you are more likely to get a "yes" than if he is in a "bad" move.

    My darling daughter, will tell me how much she loves me, will clean her room without being told, run the sweeper before she askes me if she can go to the mall with her bff , for $20, and to spend the night at friend's house.

    This is also manipulation.

    I know when I am getting buttered up... it is up to me to make my decision whether I will allow these things to affect my decision.

  4. I think it's about anything that would be used to get somebody to give up something they wouldn't normally give up if it wasn't in their best interest. It's one thing knowing what makes somebody "tick" to get them to perform so that they can be successful. It's another thing to know what makes them tick to get them to perform to fulfill your "own" agenda.

  5. Exactly flybye. That's what I mean. Something against their best interest or against their wishes.

    I can't imagine wanting to go to a high school reunion, but...if I wanted to, and Mr. Gothboy didn't want to go with me, I'd go by myself.

    Side note, but it seems to me that most of the time in life it's easier to do things myself than get anyone else to do them. SIGH. I fix the sinks, I assemble furniture, I do the yardwork, I do it all. Hence the pulled muscle in my back today and all the painkillers. OW.


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