Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pink Truth: Maybe if we hold our breath long enough, Mary Kay will go down

Pink Truth and Mary Kay - So Happy Together...

Your comments are what keep this site jumping... so jump on in, oh, and don't forget to keep it real.


  1. Whether I like MKC or not...and I really don't...I will keep it real: MKC is a big company with a lot of people including actual corporate employees who work at the plant, answer telephones, process returns, etc. While the sales force may dwindle during this recession, I don't see the company going out of business. That's not realistic.

  2. miranda you made me think, you know, in an actual "pyramid" scheme, the only money that is being made is on people "buying" into something, there are no employees running a Company, working at the plant, answering phones, there is no tangilbe product, just hope, etc...

    So as pt continues to try and shut down Mary kay "to save" us poor ignorant fogged kaybots, they are likewise trying to displace thousands of Mary Kay employees that go in and punch a clock and have benefits and take care of their families. So all of these people would also be out of work. I had a choice when I joined MK, had I wanted employment that offered me a time clock and benefits - I could have applied at any other Company that offered this structured sort of employment. (Sidenote - this is what appealed to me, because this is what I was getting away from)- If I really wanted to work for Mary Kay with benefits and a time clock, I could have applied at Headquarters or any of the distribution plants.

    WE all have choices. I also believe that TC has no intention of shutting down MK, I believe she is enjoying making lots of money off of her website (s). If Mary Kay would shut down, her "free" ride would be over. I also believe she is worse than anything she can say about MK. She has a market that she already knows can be manipulated to want to be part of the group. Pink Truth is a business, TC IS making money from it. It is not a non profit charity set up to assist victims. Think about the time that she spends with her posts and commuters, and with all her other websites and blogs, how in the world does she have time to run any other business? Since speculating is something that is done so much on pt, I think I will do a little of mine own over here.

    How about TC must have found she can make more money off of her blogs and victimizing victims than she could as a Fraud Investigator and CPA? As she demands for all of us to "prove" what we make with our Schedule C's not just our 1099's, I ask the same in return from TC. (No intelligent individual would share this info with strangers anyway) But then again, as with any self employed individual there are so many advantages because of tax write off's and dishonest individuals can get away with not reporting income if there is no way for it to be tracked or it is not recorded. One can truely never know how accurate a Schedule C would be. But I am sure we will never see one from TC either. (This is not a statement I would normally make because it is going to sound harsher than I mean it to but ...)
    basically as TC continues to call out all directors and nsds, I challenge her to PUT UP or SHUT UP, I would love to see the money PT brings in, before expenses, not after. If she is really getting the 1000's and 1000's of hits that she says, can one imagine the potential?

    I speculate TC is only in this because there is money to be made, if she wasn't making money, she would have been long gone. She is exploiting those she feels have already been exploited. If she truly cared for anyone other than herself she would allow people to use PT to "heel" and encourage them to move on. Long time posters like Insane Sue and Raging Raisin are not recovering, they are commiserating.

    I can equate TC and PT to a gnat,(sp?)(can't remember if it is a k or g) you know those little tiny black bugs that are so annoying if you happen to be outside on a nice summer night. But let's face it, they don't bite, they don't hurt, they are just plain annoying.

    And as they continue to brag about the amount of returns, remember that MK records sales yearly, The counter on pt for returns never resets so it is cummulative from whenever it started and will continue to get larger and larger. Once again, pt is comparing apples to oranges. But, it looks better for TC that way.
    It appears that what TC is saying about what MK is doing is because it is exactly what she herself does - except individuals have no chance what so ever of earning money from her.

    Now since obviously I seem to be in a bad mood today, I will step away from the Computer. I apologize for the rant, but it did feel very theraputic.

  3. well since the CMA's are on tonight, that means more publiciity for MK since MK is the official beauty sponser for tonights event.

    The CMA's are a big deal and Mary Kay is a part of it this year. This tells me that the company is in a good position, no matter what the economy or TC says about it.

    I cant wait to see the negative spin they put on it. I have never really watched the CMA's but I will tonight.

  4. I am jumping ahead here, but when David posts the article about Allison Lamar, you will all enjoy the "facts" provided. Of course, I already have a few "buts"... but more interesting, I think apricotglazed's days on pt are getting short if,, she can still post.

  5. I just deleted a long post about my thoughts about manufacturing.

    I'm not going to inject any more negativity than what's obviously being felt in this economy. There's nothing you can do about yesterday. There's nothing you can do about what hasn't happened. In other words, you can't worry about the what if's.

    Just be cautious ladies. Minimize your inventory extras. If not to protect your investment, then to have that little extra stashed away. Like incase your alternator goes, or you crack a tooth and need a root canal. Or ... you just need to get away for a couple of days and you want to drink fou-fou umbrella drinks instead of beer.


  6. flybye64 once again, thanks for your comment, you always have a way of making me think deeper. I realized after reading your post, that I sounded petty and angry. That is typically not me. I apologize to all and all I can say is I have been having some health issues for the last couple of weeks and have been pretty grouchy because I don't have my regular energy. I did realize one thing about my feelings though, is that I might be defensive because I know myself and many, many other directors do not operate that way but what I realized I was even more upset and disgusted becasue I am angry because there are directors that do operate that way. Those that do, make the rest of us look bad. I have seen an example of such behavior because there is a director that comes into our area that does operate on the frontload, burn and churn style. Of course, many of us have tried to assist some of these consultants that she recruits or joins her unit but they don't want our help, they think she is the greatest thing since sliced bread and we are just jealous of her. Well, unfortunately, they realize we really did care but by then it is usually too late to help them. I hope that my posts on how to operate a MK business properly and profitably have helped consultants with less than ethical directors. I will continue to post useful information so that this can be a site that can help and as we say help "maintain" balance.

    I hope I didn't offend any of our readers with the immature comment of yesterday, it was very unprofessional and I do apologize.

  7. Me too, my thyroid is crapping out and for some reason my doctor sees fit to wait until January to run a full thyroid panel, so in the interim, I'm stuck feeling like poo.

    I have no idea what the corporate culture is like at MKC and the factory. The majority of the sales force culture I think needs major revamping. I just see too many people making terrible mistakes, following people who lead them astray, etc. More business and cosmetic education! when I went to Career Conference way back when, I went to all these lectures and speeches and I wasn't able to pick up anything useful at all. :/ There was nothing about financial management or makeup application or anything. If you want to learn those things, yr on your own for it. I mean, why the heck not teach them? It could only be good.


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