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When working with people it is always helpful to understand that not everyone is like us. There are many different personality studies. One that is frequently used is the D-I-S-C System. By no means is this complete and to fully understand it would take alot of time but attached is a chart that breaks down the four different styles. D is Dominant, I is Influencing, S is Steady, and C-Conscientious
Because I couldn't get it to post in a table format (not very computer savy) I have color coded the different types.

I would like to mention that we all possess all four qualities, just in different degrees. The other thing is your "style" may differ because of the situation, ie: you may be one style at work because you must do a certain job but might be very different in your personal life. The goal would be to work on areas that are weaker to become more "balanced".

As one looks this over, it might help us to understand why some people end up in not happy situations and why there can be major communication breakdowns or misunderstandings, especially when it comes to situation in emails, etc. where there are no facial expressions, body language, or tones to assist in the message.

In a seperate post I will provide a little Assessment to help you see where you fall in the chart. (As I prefaced, it is by no means complete but it is a glimps into the system).

Style D -I -S- C

Basic Tendencies:
D: Fast-Paced and Task Oriented
I: Fast-Paced and People Oriented
S: Slower-Paced and People Oriented
C: Slower-Paced and Task Oriented

Greatest Strengths:
D: Decisive Action, Takes Charge, Gets Results, Self Confident, Independent, Risk Taker
I: Fun-Loving, Involved W/Others, Enthusiastic, Emotional, Optimistic, Good Communicator
S: Patient , Easy Going, Team Player, Calming Influence, Steady/Stable, Good Follow Through
C: Accurate, Analytical, Attentive to Key Details, High Standards, Intuitive, Controlled

Natural Limitations:
D: Impatient, Stubborn, Harsh or Blunt
I: Disorganized, Non-Detail-Oriented, Unrealistic
S: Indecisive, Over-Accommodating, Too Passive, Sensitive
C: Too Critical, Perfectionist, Overly Sarcastic

D: One-Way, Direct, "Bottom Line"
I: Positive, Inspiritng, Persuasive
S: Two-Way, Best Listener, Empathetic, Feedback
C: Diplomatic, Keen Observer, Provides Details

D: Being Taken Advantage of
I: Loss of Social Approval
S: Loss of Stability
C: Irrational Acts Criticism of their Work

Love Language:
D: Admiration
I: Acceptance & Approval
S: Appreciation
C: Affirmation

Under Pressure:
D: Autocratic, Aggresive, Demanding
I: Emotional Attach (But May Avoid Public Confrontation)
S: Acquiesces, Tolerates, Complies
C: Avoids, Withdraws, Plans Strategy to Get Even

Money Viewed As A Means Of:
D: Power
I: Freedom
S: Showing Love
C: Insuring Security

Decision Making:
D: Quick, Result-Focused, Very Few Facts
I: Impulsive, Whether it "Feels Right"
S: Relational, Trust in Others
C: Reluctant, Needs a Lot of Information

Greatest Needs:
D: Challenges, Change, Choices, Direct Answers
I: Fun Activities, Social Recognition, Freedom from Details
S: Status Quo/Stability, Time to Adjust to Changes, Sincere Appreciation
C: Time to do Quality Work, Work, Facts, Time to Analyze

D: Physical Activity
I: Social Time
S: “Nothing” Time
C: Private Time


  1. I seem to share equally in the D and C categories.

  2. I am a strong S, with some C. :)


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