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Pink Truth: Never miss an opportunity to gloat about... erm, that is to say, "We aren't gloating about Mary Kay".

Where does Pink Truth find their assumptions about Mary Kay


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  1. this whole post disturbs me for many reasons.
    Do these women still eat and breathe mary kay? They must, because why would they even be keeping up with something like this? Why do they even know where this director lives and why do they even care?

    They all seem like vultures just circling and waiting for something to happen so they can feed on it.

    They are all sitting around speculating about why this woman is selling her house, as if they are certain its because of some type of misfortune. Do any of them really know what happened, do they live with her? So why are they so sure its because she is having some financial trouble. Its not that they are sure, its that this is what they HOPE, because in thier own jealousy they really and truely hope that her unit is failing, so that they can feel they are right about her success being underserved.
    Its articles like this that make lurkers believe that PT is just one big jealous mean girl blog. I mean these are grown women, come on! Dont they have their own debt to worry about, (since all of them complain about the MK credit card debt) instead of worrying about someone elses financial status!
    Its NONE OF THIER BUSINESS why she is selling her house. Talk about being bitter. I thought they were so over MK and had moved on, so why are they concerned or even know where these directors live.
    Being happy about someone elses misfortune will come back to get you every time. Especially if you dont even know if the situation is due to some type of misfortune.
    Rainenberry is crazy and she is acting like she is so concerned and truely cares. Please she is happy and its the "misery loves company" flavor of this article that drives me nuts!
    No more PT for me, Ive had enough of the bitternerss and the gloating.

  2. Foreverpink, you're right. Nobody knows why the house is being sold. It's all just speculation.

    Personally, from where I stand, the economy is not so good. My tendency is to think the worst. I'm not gloating when I say that. I'm actually concerned about the thought that an NSD "may" be falling from her pedestal. That would mean her entire downline is struggling. That's a lot of people and associated families who "may" be falling on hard times. Kinda like watching your neighborhood struggle.

    There's nothing good about that! It's more like a foreboding. A warning to take an introspective look at how "you're" (generally speaking) conducting business. i.e., "do it fast" may not be so good after all! I'm not a director, but perhaps mk4me will attest to that.

  3. flybye64 i agree with you. That is exactly what i am saying. Yes the economy is bad and everybody is feeling the crunch. But to assume that her house is being sold due to her unit failing and somehow it is connected to MK sounds like wishful thinking on their part. its no secret that many of them dont like her. The whole article was full of critism of her and some saying she deserves this. but the point is, they dont know what is happening so how can they say she deserves it, when they dont even know what it is, or what is really going on?

  4. I agree that doing it fast is going to be the down fall of many. Once again, I feel there needs to be a balance, doing it too fast is going to lead to weak units (in most cases) - likewise doing it too slow, the momentum is never there to grow.

    At the risk of sounding very boring, I will stand by my belief in build a srong selling unit with a strong customer base and then develope recruiting. There will always be exception but I do not want to build my business or my unit on exceptions.

    I have built my unit on consultants selling and building their inventory while the build their customer base. I have never relied on large first orders (nor will I ever)- as long as a consultant is selling product, and isn't overstocked she will need to order. If a unit is built like this, it will continue to operate like this.

    If a director has a consultant start with big first orders and a consultant doesn't learn to sell the product, the only way production can be made is to continue to find people that can be talked into starting with large first orders. What happens though is the month they can't find those large orders? They miss production because even if the rest of the unit is selling they have so much that they don't need to order to replace it. And then they are also dealing with chargebacks (something I never worry about).

    Now, I understand that some feel it can not be done the way I explain it, but it can and it works if it is built that way from the get go.

    The downfall comes when a director has been frontloading or encouraging ordering for prizes and unnecessary product and her entire unit is way overstocked on product and then makes a decision to try and do it the "old time Mary Kay way". It is going to take time to change - it is not going to be easy because the seasoned consultants aren't going to need to order and the new people are going to be coming in at small orders, so until the selling catches up to the amount of inventory there will be a few lean months. It can be done, one of my buddies did it.

    She moved into the next town and we met for lunch one day. She was young, had become a director in under 2 years and was doing it the "newer way". She kept asking me why I did things the way I do. I would also explain to her "my logic" and my past training. After just a few conversations, she said, you know that just makes so much sense, but I had only been taught to bring them in big and recruit, recruit, recruit.

    She said if I want to change things around will you mentour me and help me? I said you got it, kid. There were a few lean months and she booked her buns off so that she was selling enough to justify doing the production she needed to have to maintain her production during the transition, but things started to turn around becasue we were working equally as hard with her unit members to get them booking and selling. It took about 4 months before we got things turned around and alot of hard work but she did it. It is hard because you don't have to just start running in the right direction - you have to stop from zooming the other direction and then start moving in the opposite direction. (Hope this makes sense).

    Now during this "transisiton phase", she could have very easily said, oh, there is no way to do Mary Kay ethcially and make money, it just doesn't work. But once she got it, things really turned around for her and she loved her business and her unit more than she had before.

    After living thru the experience she was puzzled, her question, what you taught me makes so much sense, why was I taught differently? She is a great lady (as I am sure some of the directors that have gotten into the same trap she did) - if that is what you have been taught, that is how you are going to operate (at least for awhile) - in time, it will become evident that something isn't working the way it is suppose to but most are not going to be able to figure out why.

    There will always be exceptions, but I would rather bet on a sure thing than on a long shot. I also don't want to be a firecracker, oh yes, it is a beautiful burst of color but it fizzles out pretty quickly.

  5. Now about Allison and her home..First, speculation can be so far off. We don't know why she is selling her house. - She has a baby and hasn't been close to her hubby, perhaps they feel they have been apart long enough. If they are wishing to move to another city, it would only make sense to sell the home - but the economy is down and they had to ask the market value for the home. It really could be that simple.

    Once National is established, she will remain a national, she will not be asked to "stepped down". Doesn't matter if she is down to 14 directors, and as with a unit, I am sure a national area experiences the same growth, debut, backslide, rebuild as a new director does.

    Now I wouldn't turn down $9000 a month but I do agree that isn't going to support a million dollar home. However, the NSD amount that is listed in the Applause does NOT include her director commissions and bonuses. Nationals have the choice to retain their unit when they become a National. It is very common for a good unit to bring an income of $3000 - $8000 (or more) a month. -This is in addition to NSD commissions - (Allison is a new national so my guess would be she probably still has a very strong unit. ) I don't know her personally but if she built her business like Dacia did with lots and lots of classes, there is a good chance she is still moving alot of product - I can bring in over $2000 just in reorders a month.

    And there will always be some ups and downs in business. One bad month doesn't mean the next one will be. She may have found out like most new directors that just because you made it, you can not sit on your laurels. I have never read, "Get to national and you won't have to do anything but sit around and eat bon bons" Now if you are looking for income and no work, you better be aiming for national emeritus (retired national).

    Now her husband also is working, it quite possible he is making good money. Frankly don't know, don't care.

    Once again, I point out the fact she is young, it is possible it was a poor decision to purchase the home and maybe she overextended herself - but that can happen to anyone, sometimes we learn from our mistakes. Just because she is selling her home doesn't mean she is financially in trouble. And... look, in an economy where hardly any real estate is selling, she has a sale pending on her home.

    Obviously the bank felt their income could support lending them the money. We know what they paid for the home but we do not know what they had to finance, they may have had alot of equity from selling a former home to put a larger down payment on this one.

    And yes, it is possible that she believed once she hit national her check would just keep growing and growing and then the economy took a down turn and they are just financially straped. But who knows and really it isn't any of our business.

    Nationals don't have to worry about co-op payment on cars. Nationals get bonuses on new directors, and other perks. They get the choice of any Cadillac they want.

    But no where is it written - get to National and do no work and bring in $25,000 a month.

    It is sad to see people glad that someone may be facing a terrible time. It is also sad that she deserves it - no matter, I thought we have been taught to forgive and vengance is to be left to the Lord.

    I wouldn't ever wish for something terrible to happen to anyone (well maybe my ex-hub- and then not real bad only a little bad) but that really would be it. I hope I never get pleasure from someone else's pain.

  6. this is a test to see if I can post

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  8. People like Allison are the types that if they did it once they can do it again. When I went to PT I was shocked that they were talking about her keeping, losing or selling her house! Allisons checks are always above 10k for the most part even if she sells this house and moves into a smaller one she should have no problem. Its been proven that she can book and sell and recruit I wouldnt be shocked if she offsprang five more directors this year.

  9. Hey!! Great to see you Colleen!!!


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