Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Brush Set

Mary Kay® Brush Collection

This luxurious makeup brush set includes a Powder Brush, Cheek Brush, Eye Definer Brush, Eye Crease Brush and Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush – all with sleek black wooden handles. The set also includes the Mary Kay® Cosmetic Organizer bag, so you can just roll up your makeup brush collection and go! It's even roomy enough to add your Mary Kay® Compact, lip gloss, mascara, other makeup applicators and more!

Use them. love them. Love the mineral foundation powder brush but agree we could use an eyeliner brush (thinner and stiffer then the one we have) and a full size lip brush since all we have is the little purse size one.
If you would like to see pics since I have no clue or patience to figure out how to post them, just visit .


  1. Forgot to mention the Company is always willing to listen to product requests and suggestions from both consultants and clients, clients can reach the Company by calling their 800 number. So make sure you always express your wishes, the Company has brought product back because of requests and developed new products with enough interest.

  2. Is the liner/brow brush angled?

    I can't decide if I like angled or straight better for lining. I have both kinds. the straight one is stiffer, good for use with gel/cream liners.

    This is definitely a big improvement from the brushes they had when I was in. There was just one shadow brush and it was kind of small and squareish and not dense enough.

  3. oh, also, thank you for posting this information.

  4. Can anyone tell me what brand outside of MK these would be similar to? I use some brushes I got from Sephora but they probably need to be replaced eventually and the particular ones I have were expensive but disappointing. On the other hand I have looked at some at the drug store and they aren't high enough quality. If anyone can make a comparison that would be great!


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