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Attached is the assessment, my results even though I thought I was a "high C" turned out the my S was one point higher than my C, I scored lowest in I but the D was almost as low.

Instructions: In the spaces below, rank the traits listed on each of the 6 lines. Working left to right you should assign a "4" to the word which is MOST like you: "3" points to the word LIKE you, "2" points to the word that is SOMEWHAT like you, and "1" to the word LEAST like you. Figure your totals for each vertical column and fill in the boxes marked "TOTAL". The combined score of all four columns should equal 60.

______COLUMN 1 ____COLUMN 2_____COLUMN 3_____COLUMN 4







_____TOTAL___________TOTAL _________TOTAL ________TOTAL
"D" .................... "I" ....................."S"..................... "C"............

Circle the highest total and note which letter appears in the box with your
highest. (Either D, I, S, or C)
and remember this is just for fun.


  1. That puts me pretty firmly in the D category with C as the runner-up.

  2. Like I said...I'm an S/C (more S...much more S).

    I have no D whatsoever. ;)

  3. Hmmm, no wonder my recruiter and director had such a "hard time" with me.

    I'm a strong "I" with an "S" in close proximity. Which, I will admit is true. If I say I don't know anything about skin care/make-up and you (generally speaking) say, "We'll teach you everything you'll need to know to sell Mary Kay!" then you better have meant it.


  4. I know this really helped me alot because being an S/C, I teach with great detail, needless to say another S/C is going love me but D's - aren't going to listen and I's won't be able to stay focused. If you think about it, it is easy to see how a "manipulative director" could truly take advantage of an "I" playing on her needs.

    But likewise if there is a "I" director and an C asked her a question, the poor consultant is never going to get what she considers an answer, she is probably going to feel like she got blown of because "I" director will just be like, oh go book a perfect start and zoom, her mind is thinking about something else.

    The more I learned about the personalities, the more I could adapt and help consultants with a training technique that benefitted them. When I was a newer director, if someone was a D or I,
    after one or two meetings I would never see them at a meeting again, finally figured out that for them, my meeting was too much like school, it was training in detail, if we weren't finsihed with the topic, we just skipped the recognition. S and C really would rather have the training but the D and I's were bored silly. So I have learned a healthy balance.

  5. Interesting, mk4me, because my results are "I" with an "S" right behind it (by 2 points) and I can say I am very capable of focusing.

    I love/demand detail. Especially when I'm learning. I'm the "why" girl. And I'm always known to be very enthusiastic. Hence the reason I was the system implementation liaison person. I could provide the information needed to the users during the transition phase and inject a lot of positive enthusiasm into the project when the users were anything but enthusiastic about the change. And the project manager loved me, because I understood, in detail, the problems and how they impacted the project so I was able to relay the necessary information to the team in order for them to fix the "bugs".

    In short, this I has lots of substance!

  6. flybye, I am by no means an expert on DISC but from the people I have met and done the testing with, I do think you are a more rare combo!
    That is probably a good thing. For the most part, I have seen people end up being D/I's or S/C's - and could you picture the DI's and SC's in you had a group of each, omg, it would be funny.

    I remember this from some where within a MK description of DISC:

    D: Have read Career Essentials and know that they could have done better.

    I: Don't know where their is.

    S: Have read it cover to cover, more than once

    C: Have read it, found the typo's, and have called the Company to report them.

    Got to love it, if you were all the same the world would be a very boring place.

    I love psych!


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