Monday, November 3, 2008

Pink Truth Can't find anything nice (or mean) to say about Mary Kay

I wonder, is it just a "slow news day" at Pink Truth lately?

It's funny, I guess, that - yet again - Tracy has nothing better to do with her "daily" rant against Mary Kay than post a Mary Kay webinar invitation.

Mary Kay shouldn't train it's National Sales Directors??

Her profound opinion...?

"It just feels like Mary Kay Inc. is teaching the national sales directors to take advantage of women."

Hmm, is that what it "feels" like, Tracy? Really?

And you got that from, what, the invitation you copy/pasted? (You are getting really good at that by the way... keep it up!)

I'm bored. Seriously, I have nothing to say about this. I wonder why? Oh yeah, probably because you didn't say anything.

Now would probably be a good time for you to come clean to you merry troop of disciples and let them know that Mary Kay is just a company, just like any other company. It has its good stuff, and its bad. It has its psychotically devoted fans and its enemies. It is not however, a cult, an evil kingdom or some other hideously disguised, insidious beast out to destroy lives.

Which leaves me the perfect opportunity to insert here what I see the role of this site as being.

You see, as with many things, Mary Kay has developed two extreme and polar opposites - in terms of responses to it - neither of which accurately reflect the vast majority.

For an example of this, consider the immigration issue here in the United States. You have some very extreme views that basically suggest that (in the most extreme) anyone who is not white has no right to be here (which also happens to be absurdly ignorant as "white" is certainly not the native color... as Jack White says, "Why don't you kick yourself out, you're an immigrant too...") - and in the other extreme - that there should be no laws preventing anyone that wants to live here from doing so.

The vast majority of Americans do not fall into either of these extreme ways of thinking. Some think our laws are too strict while others think they are too lenient. But most agree that there have to be some laws, and they should not be too overbearing. It is, after all, the land of opportunity.

Now, back to Mary Kay and this website.

There are some Mary Kay "peeps" that have a scary, eerie, devotion to Mary Kay. These, I believe, are extremists. There are also some that HATE Mary Kay with a passion. They paint Mary Kay as pure evil and suggest that the only good "kay-bot" is, well, one that has "seen the light" and escaped the pink bubble... essentially, "they have died to their old ways and have been reborn as a new creation".

My goal with this site is to strike a balance between the extremes.

Are there bad things that happen in Mary Kay? - Absolutely.

Are there good things that happen in Mary Kay? - Absolutely.

Do you need to be careful? - Of course.

Is Mary Kay God's special gift to women and their undeserving husbands? - No.

Is Mary Kay an evil cult of greed and shameless manipulation? - No.

Please. This is really simple. It is just a company. Join at your own risk.


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