Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pink Truth recommends sleazy ways to succeed in Mary Kay

Well after a series of fully plagiarized and shamelessly copied posts directly from Mary Kay, Pink Truth finally offers some content of their own.

Look how shady we would be if we were in Mary Kay

I would not be surprised to learn that this happens in Mary Kay. There are plenty of people in this world that will do anything if they think that they can make a quick buck doing it.

However, I find it more than a little curious that while Tracy has plenty of innocuous advice from Mary Kay to copy and paste at will, she has not one line to quote from any reputable source that this is encouraged in Mary Kay.

Rest assured though, she, with all the authority a fraud investigator can muster, puts your mind at ease with this:

"You see this practice with the credit card going on a lot, especially if a director is struggling to meet production or finish a car. Corporate is aware of the practice, but looks the other way. (As with many of the other practices that are not on the up-and-up, but corporate ignores them becuase they generate wholesale orders.)"

1. "YOU" see this a lot? Who is the "you" in that equation? I don't see it a lot. In fact, I don't see it at all.

2. If a director is struggling (esp. on a regular basis) to perform the thing that she is being paid to do, she should step down to a role that does not cause her to struggle. And certainly she should do so if her current role is causing her to practice such reprehensible practices as are outlined here.

3. Corporate is aware of this? Really? You know this, how? Do you mean that you have some inside information that indicates this is the reason some of those 900 directors were terminated? Oh wait, that would mean they don't look the other way. Perhaps the fact that they wait until they have this little thing called 'evidence' or 'proof' before they take action is all that it takes for you, who doesn't let bothersome things like "no evidence" and "no proof" get in the way of making accusations, to decide that they "look the other way".

4. Ignoring unethical behavior that goes against company policy for the sake of making a quick buck from a wholesale order that will most likely eventually get returned or sold via a liquidator is not a good business model (remember that from yesterday) for Mary Kay corporate. If this is a corporate practice at Mary Kay (and I can't emphasize enough how magnificently I doubt that it is), it will not last long. (Either the practice will stop or Mary Kay will.)

I know all you PTers and assorted other Anti-mkers would like to think that the reason for your lack of success in Mary Kay was Mary Kay itself. If it wasn't your recruiter, it was her director. If it wasn't the director, it was the NSD. If it was nothing to do with the wonderful, innocent women that comprise the sales force, NSD to lowly consultant, it must have been corporate. If you are "blessed", it was the, how did he used to put it?

What was it that he said 'victimized' everyone that laid eyes on Mary Kay?

...great... now I have to go look it up. (hold on)

Oh yeah, it was "MK MLM Victim". It is the MLM's fault.

Anyway, it isn't your fault that this opportunity did not work out for you. Perhaps it is a female trait that I can't understand that keeps you from saying, "oh well, that's not a match for me, what else can I try" but rather forces you to find someone else to blame so that you can wash your hands of it as though you could have done it if it wasn't for the stinking, rotting corpse that held you back.

If that is what it takes, I have to warn you, you are going to have to stare daggers at the "Mary Kay Ship" for a long time, because from where I am sitting, they look pretty solid.


  1. Whew, Dave. It's a good thing you have "balanced" in your blog title. Otherwise I wouldn't know it. I would think this was a PT bashing site.

    Miranda, you were asking about the MK brushes. I have the lastest set and was unimpressed. I've tried a few brands and my fav is the ones that you get with the bare minerals. MK's are prickly and they shed horribly. I actually returned a set because I thought there must be something wrong with it. But the new set was exactly the same. I exchanged it for the skin care, which I do like.

  2. acutally arabella, this site is very balanced. If it werent, people like you would not be allowed to post. So what if Dave points out the contradictions in PT. If that sounds like PT bashing to you then so be it. But different view points are allowed here, everyone does not have to agree with all view points in order for it to be balanced.

    You have criticised things about MK many times, and that is your right to do so if you wish. Lurkers will see more of both sides from reading this site, than they will on PT. If this site was not balanced, then you, miranda and "your mom" would have been banned long ago for even having one bad thing to say about MK. That is the way Tracy operates, if you have anything good to say about MK, then your are dismissed.

    So just because Dave points out the inconsistencies of PT does not make this site unbalanced. Tracy does contratdict herself more than one can count, and if you get caught up in the MK bashing like she hopes people will, you will miss it.

    He makes a good point. How can PT continue to say that MK always looks the other way when directors behave badly, then in the next breath post a letter from a disgruntled director who is complaining about the evils of MK because they terminated her? If MK is terminating some directors, then they CAN'T be looking the other way. It doesnt make any sense.

    No I am not a Kaybot or someone in the fog. I know that there are those out there butchering this business and its reputation. I just make sure I operate mine with integrity and I just happen to be one of the fortunate ones who have not experienced the things that you and others speak of.

    As far as the brushes, I feel we do need a few more. We could use a foundation brush in the set. But the ones we do have function great for me. I cant say it enough, I always get compliments on my makeup from people of all ages. All I use is MK

  3. correction:
    when I say we could use a foundation brush, I mean we need a flat foundation brush, one that you can use to apply cream or liquid foundation. The one we have now is for the mineral foundation powder. We also need a lip color application brush.
    We have small applicators for all of these things that you can buy separately, but as far as the brush set those should be included as well. But the ones we have perform well for me.

  4. Arabella, I have brushes from a few sources that I like:

    Sonia Kashuk
    Sally Beauty
    MAC (ouch expensive)
    and Avon. The Avon ones are actually really nice.

    My older MAC brushes are starting to shed. I'm replacing with Sonia Kashuk because I just don't have the $ for the MAC ones any more.

  5. oh and...I tried foundation brushes for liquid foundation but always just go back to fingers. I have decided that I like a flocked sponge better for mineral makeup than a kabuki brush. Less mess!


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