Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay Husbands are weak and easily manipulated

Mary Kaybots shouldn't tell their husbands how to act... that is Pink Truth's job

I know that this conversation already started a bit - see here.

But for what it is worth, here are my two cents.

Followed, hopefully, by yours.

I think that there is a good, right, healthy manner in which a husband and wife should operate together. Considering current divorce rates, it is clear that in addition to not being able to agree about what that good, right, healthy relationship looks like, a lot of people are unable to 'get it right'.

If there are problems with your relationship, Mary Kay will, it seems, most likely magnify them. By contrast, it seems, that some people have reported Mary Kay magnifying the things that are 'right' with their relationship.

There comes a point (many times actually) in any relationship that things 'get sideways'. Perhaps I don't agree with my one of my wife's decisions. Perhaps the other way around. Perhaps this has happened with some of you?

How you deal with it is important. Supremely so. I will not offer advice on marriage here... I don't think it is my place, and this is neither the time nor the place. I am very happy with my marriage and love my wife very much. If you want advice, or want to ask a question, please feel free to email me... I love helping people. (And no, I will not try to get you to join my '4 1/2 steps to a successful marriage' MLM!!!) Seriously. I make no promises except that I will give my best effort to be of some help.

But this is not about my marriage or yours. This is about the tireless manner in which Pink Truth continues to make up whatever they want to about Mary Kay.

Follow the link above and then tell me how you answer Tracy's question at the end:

"Can you read between the lines to see the truth about Mary Kay?"

I will tell you how I answer.

Stop trying to read messages between lines that don't exist. There is no massive conspiracy behind Mary Kay. It is a cosmetics company that sells skin care and cosmetics. If you don't like their style you are under no obligation to be a part of it. You don't have to buy their products. You don't have to sell their products.

If you feel strongly enough that their products are inferior or that their business model is poor, you should feel free to express those feelings.

But for the sake of your own journalistic integrity and conscience, stop making up lies, smearing the names of good women (and men), and dragging down otherwise upstanding women into your mire of conspiracy minded nonsense and bitter, vitriolic, hate-filled gossip.


You were saying?


  1. No matter what you do for a living, it's vitally important that spouses/partners make financial decisions together.

    This is part of why I left my ex...he was taking our life savings and squandering it on something stupid, even though I'd warned him that he was making a terrible mistake. (not the whole reason I left, just the straw that broke the camel's back.) So I withdrew my 50%, sold him my equity in the house, and left!

    I maintain that it's best to have a partnership. Not a situation where one or the other person is the boss, and not a situation where one person deceives the other. If you can't be honest and on equal footing, and make major financial decisions together, it's gonna go down the drain.

  2. Eeryone's personal relationships are just that but I can assure all that my hubby is not weak and not easily manipulated and I am no push over.

    Actually both being mostly Italian and one of us an Aries andd one of us a Taurus, sometimes we but heads but it is still a relationship based on love and respect. I am sort of old-fashioned feeling that the man is the head of the house but not in the respect of treating me like dirt and ordering me around. We discuss things and come to decisions and on occassion one of us must compromise.

    My dear mom always use to say, your dad may be the head of the house, but I am the neck, which comtrols the head and look at my dad and chuckle.

  3. ohhh you guys are Italian? Me too! I'm Sicilian. Mr. Gothboy is a mixture of things but in general, half Scottish/half Polish.

    We're both Virgo, though he acts nothing like one. I am typical Virgo completely.

    And both of us are very headstrong. It's a lot of work in this relationship and a lot of things have to be kept separate because of the dominant personalities. No merging of accounts at all!


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