Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pink Truth: We publish stories about Mary Kay - as long as they back up our preconceived conclusion

Pink Truth claim - this 1 story (out of hundreds of thousands) is the universal truth about Mary Kay

Don't take my word for it, here's a comment from Tracy:

"Disillusionedpinkie wrote:

The saddest/scariest part is that your story is not the exception but rather the rule in MK.

Amen, sister. So often we at PT are accused of being involved with (or actually being) the minority who had high debt and little profit. From the thousands of women I've talked with about MK, and from their experiences with hundreds of others in MK... I'm quite confident that they are the rule, not the exception. There are a very, very small number who are profitable at an "executive" level. The remaining vast majority are struggling and not earning a living wage (most actually losing money and self-esteem)."

Hmmm... what about all those other women that try to talk to you about their experience but you delete and ban them? How many thousands of them are accounted for in this conclusion?

Just wondering.


  1. Unfortunately I did lose money. After taking a loss on taxes, when all was said and done, the loss was about 1K. Could have been a lot worse, but to someone like me that's not pocket change either.

    Bottom line: I had low sales and I guessed completely wrong about what things customers would like best so my inventory was messed up. I think there should have been guidance for me on that, but there wasn't. Also, MK doesn't permit the kind of advertising that I think would be effective, and I'm not good at doing the things that MK approves for getting customers.

    I didn't lose self esteem though. It's hard to chip away at my self esteem. I'm a tough old bird. Mostly my feeling at the end of it was "Crap! I lost money!"

  2. I was lucky I pretty much broke even (the loss was nominal). But my director was wacked. I was royally p.o. with her when I walked.

    I'm sitting down here trying to figure out what my fascination is with Mary Kay. I'm out so what do I keep hanging on?

    I really liked the idea of selling Mary Kay. Was really disappointed that I couldn't do it (for a myriad of reasons, not just because my director/recruiter set me up for "failure".) I say that tongue in cheek.

    Obviously, I'm my own maker and I walked away because, simply put, I'm not a sales person.

    Guess I just like to live vicariously through others... oh and I'm obviously addicted to the drama... :)


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