Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pink Truth: A valuable resource for Mary Kay

Pink Truth, irrelevant yesterday, irrelevant today

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  1. Blargle! That is extremely old!

  2. The post, yawn, must be a slow day because they are now showing reruns. -Yawn-

    I enjoy pointing out that raisinberry continues to contradicte herself. First her and many others are always complaining because MK has so many rules and regulations that it isn't their "own business". But in her comment she now wants he Company to start policiing the directors and consultants and treating them like two year olds, checking on this and reporting that-she wants even more regulations and rules.
    Ironic isn't it?

    Hey Raisinberry, shout out to you!!
    (please everyone else, this is only intended for raisinberry so there is no need to defend your position)
    Some of us are intelligent enough that if we don't need the product, we don't order the product. We don't buy star consultant prizes, we sell the products to real customers hence "earning" the prizes in addition to the money we are earning. They are called "perks". Some of us are smart enough to know if you have to cheat to achieve the goal, in all likelyhood, you will not be able to maintain the goal. If we fell to any manipulation or personal greed, it didn't take us 14 years to figure it out and get smart. As you continue to blame all your wrong doings on the Company, I think it is time you take a good hard look in the mirror and realize you were one of those directors that make the good ones look bad. YOU, yes YOU RAISINBERY are one of the directors the consultant pters are complaining about. You can type it over and over again, but when the truth be told, you did what you did because you wanted to have what you got from it. You were willing to pay a very high price to appear as something you weren't. When you could no longer afford to keep up the pretense, then and only then did you scream fowl. I am sure if you could have gotten access to more credit you would have continued to charge your success and use and abuse and frontload your unit members, you would still be doing it. Personally, I am glad you are on pt, because I would rather have you there bashing the Company I am proud of than representing it in the manner you did. -and just from reading your comments now for more than a year, the day you take some personal responsibility for some of your actions, you could move forward and get a life. You may no longer be a consultant but you are still spending much of your life obscessing about Mary Kay. You are allowing your "hate" of a Company to consume you.

    This business can and does work. The key: do it honestly and ethically with a go-give/ golden rule attitude and clean heart and spirit.

    I would post this on pt but I can't because I was banned after leaving one very neutral comment quite some time ago.


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