Friday, November 14, 2008

Pink Truth: "But we like having our nose in Mary Kay's Business

Pink Truth analyzes and offers advice to Mary Kay director?

Oh, and what's this? If you are not careful, you may miss the one piece of advice from Pink Truth that may be worth noticing.

Tracy says:

"That is great advice. When I started my accounting business 9 years ago, I had no clients and no money. I started temping right away to get money in the door, but was able to be flexible with it so that I could still start establishing my own business. It worked out great!"

Not sure if all will agree here, but this is really great advice. If you need cash coming in, don't expect Mary Kay (especially ordering a bunch of product) to be a magical solution. You may find that you are a stellar sales person that just oozes sales right out the gate. But chances are that you will have to build up to a respectable, regular income. In the meantime, if you need cash now you need to find a way to earn it.

If you have something to say about this, you know where to put it... in the comments section.


  1. Temping can be a lifesaver. I never really enjoyed working temp jobs, but they did offer me an immediate way to pay my bills when I got out of graduate school and was putting in apps for full time work.

    I have a friend who does medical transcription from home. She took classes first, made excellent grades, and then they gave her job placement. This could also be an option for stay at home moms.

    I do proofreading at home in the evenings, after my full time job. Depending on your skillset, there's a bunch of good ways to bring in extra cash.

  2. Yo, where is everybody else? Is it just me and mk4me on here?

  3. It doesn't even have to be temp work that you do while building an MK or any other business. That's certainly an option, but many have built their businesses while working their regular full-time jobs. The directors I have trained with have ALL recommended that you keep working your regular job until you have built enough MK income to at least replace the income you already have coming in.

    I taught online with eSylvan for a long time from home, as far as other work-at-home ventures go.

  4. Hey miranda. You're not by yourself. Just life happening.

    Temp work is great if you're looking for flexibility. They have a tendency to test you first. i.e., to find out if you're "weird". Once you work for them for a while and they get some good feedback on you, you start to get some good assignments.

    Medical transcription is a good way to earn $$ from home, too. My friend transcribes for a hospital on the coast. So she can log on when it's convenient. As long as she gets her quota done within a prescribed timeframe, i.e., 24 hours or 7 days, etc., they don't care when she works. 9:00AM , 3PM or Midnight.


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