Thursday, August 7, 2008

MK Cars - Production Requirements

Colleen, per your request-

Here is the information right from Mary Kay Intouch – The Advance Brochure. The Company makes no secret of it. The only problem I see is if someone is unprepared or unwilling to maintain the production for the Car. I have seen directors pull out all the stops, clean out from under the couch cushions, etc… to finish qualifying for the Cadillac, well guess what?? If one is not willing to keep working that hard, production isn’t going to magically happen. If you look at the charts, a director doing Saturn production would be driving with no coop payment but if she had taken the Cadillac, she would be making a large coop payment. My deduction, don’t pretend to be something you 're not. For the last several years, I am proud to say I have been a money making Premiere level director, because I am NOT willing to do what it would take to MAINTAIN the Cadillac, notice I did not say that we had never qualified for it. It is always possible to have an exceptional couple of quarters – but I wasn’t willing to continue to work at that level because of the changes that were going on in my personal life. Earning the car is a commitment to work, it is not a gift. This is another reason why one should never cheat the system to get the ‘prize’ – fake consultants and personal use consultants are not going to help with production so unless the driver is prepared to be selling $8000 - $10000 a month to maintain the car by herself, she should really make sure she has a team that is working too.

Mary Kay did not set up the Car Program for us to be leasing the cars- it in not beneficial to the Consultant or the Company. The Car Program is a benefit for doing a certain level of production which should come from selling the product. When the system is used properly, it works.

We do not WIN the cars, we EARN THE USE OF THE CAR - and the Company is always telling us not to say we "win" the cars, because it sounds like a sweepstakes, not an incentive program.

Grand Achiever Co-op Lease Payment Schedule (amounts subject to change)

$4,500 or more --------------0-
$3,500 to $4,499 ------------$ 93.75
$2,500 to $3,499 ------------$ 187.50
$1,500 to $2,499------------ $ 281.25
$0 to $1,499 -----------------$3 75.00

Grand Achiever Cash Compensation Payment Schedule (amounts subject to change) MONTHLY NET ADJUSTED TEAM WHOLESALE PRODUCTION

$4,500 or more-------------- $ 375
$3,500 to $4,499 ------------$ 281.25
$2,500 to $3,499------------ $ 187.50
$1,500 to $2,499 ------------$ 93.75
$0 to $1,499 -----------------$ 0

Premier Club Career Car Co-op Lease Payment Schedule (amounts subject to change)QUARTERLY NET ADJUSTED UNIT WHOLESALE PRODUCTION

$23,000 and over ------------$ 0
$20,000 to $22,999---------- $ 50
$17,000 to $19,999----------- $ 100
$14,000 to $16,999 -----------$ 150
$11,000 to $13,999----------- $ 250
$8,000 to $10,999------------ $ 350
$0 to $7,999----------------- $ 500

Premier Club Cash Compensation Payment Schedule (amounts subject to change)QUARTERLY NET ADJUSTED UNIT WHOLESALE PRODUCTION

$23,000 and over --------------$ 500
$20,000 to $22,999 ------------$ 450
$17,000 to $19,999 -------------$ 400
$14,000 to $16,999------------- $ 350
$11,000 to $13,999------------- $ 250
$8,000 to $10,999 --------------$ 150
$0 to $7,999-------------------- $ 0

Cadillac Co-op Lease Payment Schedule (amounts subject to change)

$45,000 and over -----------$ 0
$42,000 to $44,999 ---------$ 90
$39,000 to $41,999 ---------$ 180
$35,000 to $38,999 ---------$ 270
$31,000 to $34,999 ---------$ 450
$27,000 to $30,999 ---------$ 630
$0 to $26,999 ---------------$ 900

Cadillac Cash Compensation Payment Schedule (amounts subject to change) QUARTERLY NET ADJUSTED UNIT WHOLESALE PRODUCTION

$45,000 and over ------------$ 900
$42,000 to $44,999 ----------$ 810
$39,000 to $41,999 ----------$ 720
$35,000 to $38,999 ----------$ 630
$31,000 to $34,999 ----------$ 450
$27,000 to $30,999 ----------$ 270
$0 to $26,999 ----------------$ 0


  1. ahhhhh...Ok what do I have to do?
    Since Im working 30 hours a week now, got laid off of my good 40k plus commission job 4 weeks ago I guess I have time ..especially since I got my computer back. I guess Im hooked. I put this under the wrong topic at first sorry (the MK faith sensitive topic)..LOL

  2. Oh for a response.....I think the BEST thing about the car program is that you have a CHOICE to take the cash or the car. Most direct sales companies will NOT give you that choice. People dont think about it but MK gives you a whole quarter to make up these numbers (production) dont they? Also it was my understanding that you could roll back to a lesser car from Caddie (VIBE or Grand Prix) if Im wrong pleasecorr ect me. I think that if you can keep up the production and need the money take the cash! If you want that symbol and your unit is working and you dont have to worry about the so called production I would take the car. Believe it or not there are
    some directors that have such good
    units (GP or vibe or caddie) that they dont have to work for two months and their production stays level. One good thing about being an NSD is that if you have strong downlines (a mixture of 1st, 2nd and 3rds) even if half of them are at Caddie and GP level you are making a good income 10k or more a year. Anytime someone can retire at 5000 a month or more they are doing WELL if they have no debt.

  3. I love MK's car program. Other companies talk about giving cars to their top performers, but many of them make the person go out and actually purchase the car themselves and then the company gives them a reimbursement. I don't really know how those work, but I love our program. Sure we don't own the cars, BUT we get a new one every 2 years!

    One thing that kind of bugs me about the car program, however, is the insurance part. I understand MK owns the car and so they insist we go thru their insurer. HOWEVER, when I was in car qualification 2 years ago, I called the company to inquire about the cost of the car insurance. So many directors carry on about that MK pays 85% of it. What I was told was that my insurance co-pay, for a 100% accident free and ticket free driving history (that's right, 20+ yrs since I got my license and have never gotten a ticket or an accident), was that my co-pay would be $80 PER MONTH. That's significantly more than I pay now. Then I was told that this included my spouse. Super! I'm single with no one living in my house. Could they give me a discount since they only need insure me? No. It covers 2 people. Period. But, I could go take a drivers' safety course (remember, 0 ticket, 0 accidents so I'm thinking I could teach this) and that would give me a $20/month discount for me and a $20/month discount for my spouse, bringing our co-pay down to $40/month. But since I don't have a spouse, I would only get 1 discount and my insurance would be $60 per month.

    I gotta say, I don't think that's fair. I don't think that as a 1 person household with no possibility of adding a 2nd driver (spouse), I should have to pay for that. And I also didn't like the fact that my 100% clean record wouldn't automatically get me a safe driving discount. My current insurance company (State Farm) gives me discounts and only charges me for me, not any hypothetical spouses.

    I didn't earn end up earning the car then, so I haven't had to worry about it, but I'm in car qualification now and it just grates at me. $240 extra per year ($20 x 12 months that I don't qualify for b/c I don't have a spouse who can take a safe drivers class) isn't chump change.

    Just my opinion.

  4. If you are a grand acheiver as a director, you must take the cash comp. But Colleen, you are absolutely correct in saying tht if you are a Cadillc director and life throws you a curve and you are struggling with that level production, you can step down to the Saturn Level.

    Imho, it would be the financially secure thing to do, I do also admit it would be tough on the pride, but financial well being should be more important than pride.

    I have taken the cash option many times, and thanks to MK, I am only a few payments away from paying off very $$ truck - that is ours!

  5. Not overly keen on the insurance amount either, but I know that when I had the cars several years ago, both Mr. mk4me and myself had both taken the safe drivers course and I had driven a Company Car accident free for over two years and that gave another discount, I think ws only paying $20/month.

    I do feel financilly, it is sound decision to take the cash and be buying your own car, except for the Pink Cadillac, with the Cadillc, well, let's face it, that is some serious advertising!

  6. My only issue here is that my recruiter (DIQ and working on car qualification) and director (brand new director who drove a Vibe) and her senior director/ my adopted director (she was in a pink caddy)all told me the same thing about the car. They all phrased it as "In Mary Kay you can earn a free car." I drive an old saturn that is pretty beaten up. So they told me often that if I worked my business I would earn a free car and then could get rid my old one. At no time was I told that I would hve had to maintain a certain level of production to keep the car or that there were co-pays involved etc. So they didnt' exactly lie to me.. they just sort of left out a lot of info.

  7. speaking the real truthAugust 7, 2008 at 4:56 PM

    Good grief. Here I go again. I've not commented in a while as my focus has been on business and family, but as usual, things either here or "there" get me torqued up and I have to speak.

    The cars. Like anything, there are +/-. Could the program use some changes? Absolutely, and I have been told by Career Car Services that they are looking into it.

    HOWEVER, over "there", Lazy Gardens has mentioned paying 15% of the insurance, INCORRECT. We do not pay a certain percentage. The company does NOT pay 85%. Also, no one has mentioned that you "bank" production when you are over for the quarter and that counts towards the next quarter. We also received car credit on personal recruits who come in with qualified orders.

    Also over "there" today, they've posted a letter from a director. Of course most have jumped to her defense even though they have no idea who she is or what her full story is. Maybe she missed production every other month for years. Who knows? What I can tell you is that the company is cracking down on exceptions. Face it, allowing you to miss every other month is an exception, since you signed an agreement that you would meet the production requirement EVERY month. You'd think that they would be happy about that "over there", but no, now MK Corporate is mean. I think that corporate has been far too lenient with weak directors. This will cut out some of the "do it quick, anyway that you can" mentality.

    They are also speculating that maybe her losing her unit will benefit her upline and that could be the reason for the decision. Then others jump on that like it is fact. Please. THERE ARE SPECIFIC RULES AND GUIDELINES FOR THE RE-DISTRIBUTION OF UNITS PEOPLE!!! NSDs CANNOT just do with them what they want. I've asked my own NSD about how this works.

    Things like this are a great example of how speculation becomes fact over there and how it just grows and grows. It is absolutely ridiculous.

    Then, the poster "Stepping Down" seems to admit that she was terminated from directorship. Her name implies (IMHO) that she "stepped down", as in voluntarily left the position. Did anyone else catch her confession?

    Like I've said before, there is often much more behind these stories that you any of us, including their new friends "over there" will ever know.

  8. speaking the real truthAugust 7, 2008 at 5:06 PM

    Also, no one mentioned the taxes and tag. In my state, that is a considerable amount each year, and Mary Kay pays the entire amount.

    And, you can enroll drivers other than your spouse for a fee, including children on a learner's permit.

    car pros:
    New every 2 years!
    I've rarely paid for any repairs or maintenance other than oil changes because the car is always so new
    Loaded with options
    As long as I meet my production requirement, I do drive free and I've probably not had a co-pay for even 10% of the 12 1/2 years that I've drive Mary Kay cars. I think that I am to the good by far.
    It's really fun for my family to pick up the cars and get new models all of the time.
    I've had 8 NEW cars in less than 14 years in MK!

    if you fall short the co-pays can get steep
    insurance is not super cheap, but still probably less than what I would pay on a new car in my own name
    do not like the points system or having to pay the deductible when the accident is not even your fault

  9. Cute story, when my son was learning to drive, I had a Pink Grand Prix, I was able to insure a teenage boy for on $15/month on the MK car, not bad.... the other advantage I had was I always knew where he was if he had the car cuz it was the only one around for miles, so people would always say to me, I say your car at "xxx" - and I would say, , "um, son what were you doing at "xxx"???

    Can you say busted??? Best way to keep track of a teenager!!

  10. Strt, would it surprise you that when I read the the sympathies for the director that had to step down my thought process was the same as yours. By not granting her the exception, she was not put into a position where whe would be buying her production to stay a director, which we know would be financially devasting for her. So by not granting the exception, the Company is protecting her from herself, isn't this what they have been saying the Company should do??

    Police itself and not to allow directors and consultants to buy their cars and units??

    The Company also made it very clear that they are cracking - that too many exceptions have been granted lately.

    If this director had been a strong director for the previous 11 years, from all I have seen, an exception would have been granted but if she has had a track record of make a month, miss a month, they are not going to be so generous anymore. And it is for the well being of the consultant.

  11. STRT and MK4ME I have been told that the company is lenient with NEW directors and like you said if someone has been strong for a long time. I think that if a director misses production 3 times in a year she should be able to stay a director especially if its not two months in a row. One director told me she did so well in DIQ (she is no longer a director) that she had the "momentum points" double and she kept her red car for 4 months doing nothing!!!! I have always believed that is why Gloria Mayfield Banks was a strong recruiter because she wanted to make sure she could have a strong unit while having tons of offspring.

  12. Colleen, from what I have seen - it only becomes an issue when a director misses two months in a row, not so much one.

    As far as missing, imagine if they aren't making unit production, they aren't making car production either - not a good situation.

  13. "We do not WIN the cars, we EARN THE USE OF THE CAR - and the Company is always telling us not to say we "win" the cars, because it sounds like a sweepstakes, not an incentive program."

    Well, maybe my director didn't interpret the directives the same way as you guys did. I was told the cars were "FREE". Implying you "won" it and it was yours for the keeping.

    But that's my paradigm.

    If I were to run into somebody today and they were to go on about "Mary Kay giving away free cars", I'd sure as heck correct them pretty quickly! Then strongly advise them to take the cash and/or buy a new car with their cash comp. That way it's theirs for the keep once it paid for and they don't have to "re-qualify" for it again..

  14. hey fb64, when I hear someone say that, the hair stands up on the back of my neck - there are some of us who can actually and truthfully say that - I have been driving free for over 12 years, because I have made only a few very small coop payments or had a few very small reduction in my cash comp, I committed to maintain a certain level and that is what I work to do and - we can carry over as I think strt pointed out overage from the prior quarter. (And I am sure enough of you know me well enough by now that if I hear it said, I delicately correct the wording with a cute smile and wink!)

    But to let someone believe you won the car and that's all you have to do is not right.

  15. You know the funny thing about this whole situation (before the Internet) I remember reading in Mary Kays book on People Management) consultants were complaining they wanted to have a car for recognition so they came out with the vip program it was a creamy Firenza and then became the Grand Am and now the VIBE. Can you believe some directors didnt want this to happen and Mary Kay said NO we have to recognize consultants too! I bet you any amount of money IF and WHEN the company goes back to (maintaining the car for 3-4 months before you become a director) people will bark about that! When it comes to incentives MK has gotten better over the years. The ONLY thing that has gone down is the consultant prizes they use to be really NICE. There was a time they didnt even have a car for producing consultants who had strong teams. I regret not having built a team then I would have been a top director by now.

  16. speaking the real truthAugust 7, 2008 at 8:47 PM

    flybye, as STRT said, the correct terminology is "earn", and I like saying that, because I do earn my sweet rides, every day. However, I don't believe that some mean to be deceptive when they say win, as I've slipped it out in conversation, especially with other consultants/directors...such as, "hey, did you hear, Sally Sue won her Caddy". They do know what I mean, but in front of guests, etc., I try to be accurate and correct in my wording and language.

    I like to say "earn the use of a career car". Because that is what it is, "the use of".

    I'd like to add this. If you worked for any other company and had reached a level worthy of a company vehicle, but you stopped coming to work (same as quit producing, ie; selling and ordering & recruiting in Mary Kay) they probably would not let you keep the car or the position very long. Why does everyone think Mary Kay should be different?

    All that you have to do to keep a car or a unit is the same production that you did to earn it. Think about that. Nothing more, just the same. Yes, that's not always easy when you are building, but think about, it doesn't increase, it actually decreases as far as the car is concerned, because you can bank production, and you received bonus credits that help you to maintain that were not given during the initial qualification (on first time car earners).

  17. speaking the real truthAugust 7, 2008 at 8:49 PM

    Another note on the directors missing production. If you are not making min. unit production of $4,000 per month, you are making very little money as far as your director commissions. I think that is why some say that do not make good money as a director, etc. If you are not making production, you do not. However, by simply getting to $5000 each month, you receive a $500 bonus on top of the extra commission, 13%, rather than 9% on the entire unit.

    Mary Kay rewards us handsomely for doing just a little bit more and being solidly above the minimum.

  18. Okay, I will admit that I love MK car program, because we have a CASH option. Now if I could just get to that point in my Mary Kay career.

    I am at a loss at the moment, being new my customer base is well small. I have been able to put up two facial boxes, and have a restaurant promotion lined up. I cannot warm chatter I have tried it is just not my cup of tea. What else can I be doing to build a strong customer base? So, I guess that I am asking if someone would start a topic on ideas for "finding" new customers. TIA

  19. "I'd like to add this. If you worked for any other company and had reached a level worthy of a company vehicle, but you stopped coming to work (same as quit producing, ie; selling and ordering & recruiting in Mary Kay) they probably would not let you keep the car or the position very long. Why does everyone think Mary Kay should be different?"

    Himmm, I think it's because in Mary Kay, when you reach a certain pinnacle you win most other things for keeps. Like the rings, the earrings, the trips. None of which goes back to the company when you leave....

    When people talk about the fabulous jewelry you "win", the car is lumped in with that so it looks like a huge bonanza to a newbie. Like a lotto... the grand prize being a car. At least that's how our director (and many other directors I heard speak at conference, etc.,) spoke about the prizes... they always referred to the free car and they always flashed the jewelry they won (for keeps).

    It's like stringing pearls. This is this way, this is that way, connect the next pearl, Free car... etc., etc.

    I think that's why.

    Of course all one has to do is read the documentation to find out that that's not the way it goes. But again, I think the consultant going for car is so caught up in meeting targets, recruiting, etc., she relies too much on her director to spoon feed her info, etc., while she's going through the processes (red jacket, diq, car, etc., etc.).

  20. smiley4, if you're having a hard time you could try "The Treasure Hunt".

    We used the treasure hunt to help us finish our before/after portfolios. It's a really great excuse to start a conversation when you're not sure how to approach somebody.

    The treasure hunt a list of women sporting different attributes, like "woman pushing stroller", "woman wearing red earrings", "woman in white skirt", etc., etc.

    You take the list with you, and you watch/look for a woman with a specific attribute on your list. She could be standing in line with you or whatever. When you see her, stop her, introduce yourself, let her know that you're on a treasure hunt and that she is one of the women identified on your list (show her, "see! Woman in white skirt. That's you!") Tell her the purpose of the treasure hunt is to complete your before/after portfolio. The first one to reach 30 faces in your unit wins (XXX).

    Then ask her if she would like to help you with your challenge and in return she will receive a half hour pampering session and whatever else you're willing to offer her for her time. Be it a lipstick, or whatever.

    The purpose is to book her then.

    Another way to warm chat is to keep a tube of MK hand cream in your purse. When you're standing in (a long) line up, pull it out and moisturize your hands. Offer a squirt to the lady behind you, too. It's a nice way to open discussion. If she likes the product, introduce yourself and let her know that you'd be happy to offer her an opportunity to try more product, etc., etc., etc.

  21. flybye64,

    I agree with you that everyone (including NSDs) carrying on about "winning the FREE car" is misleading.

    That said, I think that anyone who has earning a car (or cash) as a goal, has an obligation to herself to pick up the phone or open up Advance and make sure they completely understand what it takes.

    It's about personal responsibility. If my corporate America boss told me I could get a company car, I'd want every single detail in writing and then I'd read them all. It's no different here.

  22. Flybye, I think that is why a lot of people don't consider MK a "real" business. Can you imagine corporate america doing a treasure hunt to get business? It sounds so cheesy. Who would take that person seriously, much less the company they are representing? Not to mention, it is annoying to the "woman in white shirt."

    Before I signed up to be an IBC I was approached in the store for being sharp. It was a bother. I mean, come on. Who does that?

    I really feel for the new IBC starting out, trying to build her customer base. But approaching strangers because they are wearing red earings? How can you take that person seriously?

  23. speaking the real truthAugust 8, 2008 at 7:30 AM

    flybye, I can see what you are saying, but, like corp. America, no one expects you to give back the t-shirt that you earned for perfect attendance, etc. Yes, the perks are often lumped together, but as a consultant, I don't remember ever thinking that they were GIVING me a car to keep. When the question ever comes up at our meetings, I explain it. As to co-pays, the other option is the way it used to be done, miss production, exhaust your bank, and they pick up the car. Most of us appreciate the co-pay option if it is used correctly, which is for short periods of lower production. I think the co-pays are TOO HIGH though. I've seen directors earn a Cadillac, then never make that production again, only to make co-pays during the entire 2 year period. That is not what the company intended, it is not good for her or her family, and they are looking at changes to that program. I encourage others to never force it to qualify. If you do, you may have to face that you do not have a Cadillac unit a few months later. If you earn a Caddy with DIQs, etc., you are asking for trouble.

    As to ways to grow. I have never depended on facial boxes or talking to total strangers in public. THINK ABOUT WHERE YOU GO DAILY. Doctors, dentists, dry cleaners, retailers, etc. Talk with ladies in these places, people that you already have some relationship with. Give them a goody bag, then follow up at your next visit. It's easy, comfortable for all involved, and much more productive.

    I also try to be creative and go to new places, avoiding those frequented by all of my Mary Kay friends. I will choose a different hairdresser, etc. than they use just to meet some new people that may not already have a consultant.

    This time of the year, as children return to school, I've also sent in goody bags with a letter to the teachers. I let them know how much I appreciate them teaching my child this year, and that if they do not already have a Mary Kay consultant, I will be offering them a 20 or 25% discount throughout the year to thank them for their contribution to my child.

  24. Has anyone here ever been approached by a talent/model scout? They pretty much do the treasure hunt, or as my unit calls it, the scavenger hunt. They look for a certain profile and go talk to them and invite them to their "orientation." They ultimately want to sell you a package for promoting yourself in photographs. It's expensive, but they hunt people in public to get them to hear the info. My point is they walk up to strangers in public places. Experienced it. ;)

    If you don't like the tresure hunt idea, Sunny, try a similar approach but with eye color or hair color. Tell them you are looking for women with various hair color, eye color, face shape, etc. to practice new makeup techniques with and invite them to your weekly event.

  25. STRT, we just had a whole discussion at our event this week about approaching the women you KNOW that you have not talked to about your business. ;)
    People like your hairdresser or the receptionist at the salon. You can just say, oh, have I ever told you I'm with Mary Kay? And give your card. That's more comfortable than a stranger at the mall any day! :D

  26. Re car... hey I totally agree with what you guys are saying... I'm just projecting the "maybe why" people think they way they do.

    arrabella, first in corporate america, the "warm chatting" Mary Kay refers to is called cold calling. So let's call a spade a spade. It's called COLD calling -- establishing rapport with a complete stranger. Some people walking into sales positions in Corporate America are handed a client list. When they drop in on their clients to meet them for the first time, THAT'S (emphasis) called a warm call. The client already has a relationship with the corporation, but not the sales person. The relationship between the client and the corporation is the established rapport enabling the "warm chat" for the new sales person.

    When you cold call in Corporate America you go to where your clients work to introduce yourself/company and to leave information on what it is you sell. You walk in off of the street or if you're proactive you called ahead for an opportunity to pop by, first. (Hence telephone call = cold call/follow-up in person = warm call.) If you just walk in, maybe you'll be lucky and you won't get the boot.

    It's not much different In Mary Kay. You go to where the people are who'll purchase skin care and make-up. For the most part, that's a store. For other people they like hair salons or similar. Whatever, you're still in a retail environment prospecting strangers.

    You may find the treasure hunt cheesy, but I've seen this instrument work wonders for women who have a hard time approaching people. You don't have to use it in a mall, you can use it anywhere. IMO, the treasure hunt is as "cheesy" as a facial box. Everybody knows the reason you see them where you do, for any product, is for the company or representative to generate leads so I found the effort of making them and then driving around futile. But that was my experience, maybe it's the perfect option for smiley4.

    Facial boxes, goodie bags, treasure hunt, they're all just options. If you [generally speaking] don't have success with one, move on to the next one. The hand cream is another excellent ice breaker used by one very successful sales director whom I respected very much. She was a real sweetie and this is how she expanded her business. It was so successful she rarely had to resort to anything else. It's what worked for her.

    I can tell you that I hand delivered nearly 100 goodie bags in my area (door to door) at the end of November/beginning of December.. so the biggest shopping time of the year. I handed out loot bags to my kids' friends' moms when they picked up their kids from their birthday parties, and I volunteered all sorts of Mary Kay goodies, for fundraising, i.e., in which I always put my card and a couple of samples along with a $5.00 off coupon. Halloween, I handed out goodie bags to moms standing back from the door waiting for their kids and I prospected adult communities.

    The goodie bag returned $0.00 on my investment.

    So therein lies my point. Everybody's success is dependent on a whole bunch of things. Just because your kids' teachers responded positively to your goodie bag idea, doesn't mean that if I were to implement your idea, my kids' teachers wouldn't roll their eyes and file mine in File 13 (garbage bin).

  27. speaking the real truthAugust 8, 2008 at 12:18 PM

    fb, you are right, different consultants will find different ideas that work for them. I have had absolutely ZERO results from facial boxes, but I have a friend who loves them and has had much success.

    I think the difference in warm and cold calling is worth discussing. I think that walking up to someone in the produce section, giving them a cheesy line, is like cold calling. It feels like a pick up line in a bar. However, talking with someone with whom you have some type of relationship, is a different thing. For me, the goodie bag thing doesn't bring in orders, it opens a dialogue. I have something to talk with them about the next time that I see them, and I can usually sense their interest from there. I do NOT go around handing them out the drive thru, etc. though.

    Also, know that simply tweaking an idea can make it work for you. So, don't be quick to throw out the baby with the bath water. Think of ways to make things work. I always like to think of what my feeling or reaction would be to a particular idea. If I wouldn't like it if I were on the other end, I usually don't use it.

  28. speaking the real truthAugust 8, 2008 at 12:21 PM

    Shades, great point! I find that most consultants have not even talked to everyone that they know before they go off on these tangents that have lesser chance of success.

    I think that sometimes women are more comfortable talking to a stranger than someone she knows, she has nothing to lose!

  29. Ladies,

    I can testify, that as a Grand Achiever it does TAKE EFFORT and consistently working with your new team members to build to you personal becoming a GA. Have 4,000.00 in production a month is "do-able" if you and your team is doing atleast the min.

    Be Haute PiNK

  30. When it comes to company cars Im here to tell you (I dont drive) if you dont maintain quotas in sales the car is gone and you are gone!
    My job that I had that I absolutely LOVED I had one bad WEEK and a half and I was gone! Never happened to me before. I was with a mortgage company for five years prior to that LO's and appointment setters (we lost them every three months) not all companies but most companies in sales in Corporate America are brutal! It wasnt like that in the 90s you did get some ramp up time.
    Yes there was a base salary and benefits after 90 days but Im here to tell you there are few companies left out there that will give you 60 days ramp up. With MK as a direct sales company you have a choice and you can work a part time job OR keep your full time job
    and earn a copay or a car.

  31. speaking the real truth said:

    "Also, know that simply tweaking an idea can make it work for you. So, don't be quick to throw out the baby with the bath water. Think of ways to make things work. I always like to think of what my feeling or reaction would be to a particular idea. If I wouldn't like it if I were on the other end, I usually don't use it."

    I totally agree with this which is why I tried the goodie bag in different avenues, different ways. Whatever, I'm not bitter. I'm not saying it doesn't work. I'm just throwing options out. I think the comfort level of the consultant comes out in how they "deliver". Your analogy to the product department being like a pick-up line in a bar... oh yeah! I so agree with this. If I had tried that, the person on the receiving end would feel like, "ewww." And I'd be walking away feeling, "ewww."

    I never aspired to anything more than PU with a teeny client base of friends, family and acquaintances. I always marveled, though, how the ladies in my unit could use these instruments and churn dollars like pennies from heaven.

    The survey was another. Yeah, like I like a door slammed in my face. I think I'd rather use the phone. At least they wouldn't know what I looked like, LOLOLOL....

  32. It seems to me that the warm chatter, cold call, facial boxes or just plain booking from classes works when mixed together. When I look at what some of the top directors have stated they did a little bit of everything, Im amazed at the sales people are getting from on the go appointments,
    I didnt think they would do well but people doing this are reporting good results.

  33. speaking the real truthAugust 8, 2008 at 5:41 PM

    Another important thing to remember is that you do not have to do everything or try everything. See what is working for others, think about it, counsel with your director (or another MK mentor) about your personal situation, and then decide what to do, and run with it. Like Colleen said, a mix of a few things is good, just don't be like a rabbit chasing every idea that comes your way. Consultants who practice this usually wind up broke and frustrated.

    If you hear an idea, talk to someone who is actually doing it about it. Ask specifics on how they carry out the idea (sometimes that makes all the difference), what they think are the pros and cons, and about their individual situation. For instance, if you know a lot of people, you can work differently than someone who doesn't know anyone. Or if you have small kids to work with and work around, you will work differently than an empty nester. Your network and contacts, plus your daily schedule will all be different.

  34. When I was in I did not particularly like approaching people I did not know about MK. It felt inappropriate to me to approach other customers in stores like Target or even the grocery store because those stores already sell cosmetics. It just seemed wrong to me to compete on their property. My thought process was always that I would not want Cover Girl representatives showing up at my skin care class so what business did I have soliciting at their retail establishments? For a while I was using a "game" that my adopted director had on her unit website. The way it worked was that at the party the first person to write down name and contact info for five of their friends who might be interested in MK got a prize (usually a lip gloss or something of that nature). The problem with that ended up being that I was essentially doing cold calls because the people who had their names written on these lists had no actual relationship with me or with MKC. Essentially their friends just thought of them while trying to win the prize. As a result I got yelled at, hung up on, etc many times. I also found out that the national do not call list applied to these names because of not having an established relationship. So what I was doing was doing was not legal. So keep that in mind if anyone suggests that or a similar game.

  35. Hey all, we have a booth at our county fair this week, we are doing a daily drawing for a MK gift and offering a before and after makeover where they go into a drawing for a product gift certificate.

    We are offering them a choice of dates to come to our studio, just today, I had 3 new clients place orders, (they had lost their consultants and needed stuff badly), two of my clients booked "Back to School Parties" and we had fifteen people sign up to attend our sessions.

    The best part of it all, we stood in back of our table and smiled, they approached us. no high pressure.

    Oh and three who have used MK in the past and want to hear more about doing MK parttime.

    I saw many clients I haven't seen since last year at the fair, hugs and catching up, so much fun...

    And we still have a few more days to go.

    Everyone is so excited to see the new mineral line. I stopped at a store on the way to the fair to grab a soda, had my MK name tage on and the clerk asked me several questions about MK because she had seen the commercials on tyra, wanted a Look Book and asked me to give her a call for a facial!

    Now is that not a fun day?!!

  36. That's awesome MK4me. May I ask, how do you get to have a booth at these trade shows and expos?
    I was online for a while today trying to track some down. Not much luck. I've never done one. No clue where to start. Do you just check the local paper or do you have some other type of resource?

  37. When I'm getting referrals, I tell the people giving me the names that I do not want names of people who will be mad if I call them. I also ask them to let their friends know ahead of time that I will call.
    Right now I have 3 people scouting for me for leads. They are either telling friends that I will contact them and/or acting as silent hostesses for me.

  38. I would check with your Chamber of Commerce for Business Expos, our mall does home party expos, around here bridal fairs are usually sponsored by radio stations so that may be a place to start.

    I am always on the look out in the papers for craft fairs, etc...

    You may even want to contact some of the bridal shops and ask them if they know of bridal fairs and the contact person.

    Hope some of these ideas help you find some of these events.

    And like anything else one year the event can be great - the next year who knows, you can't give up after trying it just once.

    I have done this fair and our county business expo for over 10 years now, I have people come just to see me, it is as much about staying intouch with my clients as it is finding new people.

  39. About the referalls. I am using the avery business cards to make "referall coupons". Then I am giving the person who received the coupon $10 off of their order of $20 or more and the person who refereed them 50% off one item including sets. My only problem is that I do not know a lot of people, so it is a matter of me metting the first few.

  40. Ladies,

    These are fabulous Ideas! All of them have worked for me. 6 months ago I personally went from 0 and T status to now a brand new Grand Achiever and finshed National Court of Selling and Sharing. So getting leads and becoming a Grand Achiever or a Car drivin' Director is possible.

    My favorites are:

    1. Wearing my MK Name Tag

    2. Being my own walking Billboard for Mary Kay. Having the product on from head to toe.

    3. Having the MK Car decal.

    4. Earn the use of a MK Car!
    Now, that I'm a Grand Achiever people see the Mary Kay logo on the car. And this one lady followed my all the way to church to get my card! LOL! She actual is my newest consultant on my team and a new Senior consultant. It really works!

    5. Holding Classes and refferal from my currentClients.-The basics

    6. Online marketing - To compete online with other big Powerhouse companies I have really bulit up my online image. This is not illegal or unethical. By using Facebook, Myspace, this blog and others. This has truly bulit my customer base. My online sales have been through the roof this past 6 months because of that. I finished the court of Sales with a52% increase of online purchases through my Mary Kay website.
    We have to be beauty experts and offering that famous MK customer service eventhrough technology.

    7.I warmchatter. I enjoy it AND i HAVE good results with it aswell.
    tentive booking on the spot helps

    8. Networking with other Direct Sell company consultants. Use that company's website and find a consult in your area. Tell them that you are MAry Kay Consultant and that you would love to do business with them. It a win -win for you and them.

    It works, when you mentor your team to work and stop focusing on the negitives (e.i.-the economy, lack of inventory,and a ton of other exuses) you can get this done and help your new recurits reach her(his) goals in MK.

    Open your mouth, Book - Powerstarts(They work!), Coach those appointments(Followup,Followup, Follow up!),Sell ( do your 60/40 or 50/50-whatever until you are Star Consultant OR until you have reached your personal Goals with your business), Recurit( keep it real about MK - we must learn how to find a need and meet it with the MK oppertunity and with the products), REPEAT

    Be Haute ... Be PiNk

    Haute Pink is in the House!

  41. Haute Pink congratulations Im glad that you won your car!!! Keep us posted and let us know how things are going or any tips you may have.

  42. Collen thank you for your words of inspiration!!!!

    Here is a secret that I learned from my Director and my National....

    "There is nothing new under the sun!
    No there are no secrets to MK, there is nothing that I can teach you that you haven't already heard..."

    Suga, I am 21, a fulltime student at an HBCU and getting Married in November anything can happen for you in your business.

    Consistency was my only key and the thought of having to pay off student loans and a goal to buy my first home in June 09 was my goal... so I just got commited to the dream that I wanted to manifest. I always thought that if my Director or anyother National-whoever can do this ... WELL HOTDOOGY WHY CAN'T I????

    Here is an e-mail that I sent to another consultant in Mk...

    Girl, I wish that I had a super duper, fantastic, awe-moment answer to give you! But, I don’t. However, what I can give you are the basic over stated principals and mantras that are commonly stated in Mary Kay. I pray this helps …

    · Use that weekly plan sheet

    That was the only way I stayed on track. Because I was in between classes and other campus activities and my sorority. I had to visually see my time and want I was doing with it.

    · Take advantage of the people’s creativity!

    In Mary Kay, there are tons of tracking sheets, booking ideas, scripts, selling ideas, and other MK stuff. USE IT! You can put your flavor and personality into it. So find two of three things that you are willing to memorize and use it.

    · Stay Connected!

    Stay in contact with your recruiter, your director, and even your National. You will hear this all the TIME that Mk is about but building relationship! That’s not only for your customers that for your business and every part of your life!

    · Stick to the basics

    Skincare Classes, facials, Color Insider party, Beauty Boutique (On with the Show), On the Go, On Line shows.

    · The Fortune is in the follow-up

    I can not tell you how many times –recently- I just wanted to crawl up my bed and sleep the day away. And just believe that all my bookings will hold, my customers will just call me up for anything, they my guests will just show up at an event, but no… Follow up is the key.

    · Kept it Real

    Have a Goal that you want to achieve.

    Have one that is realistic or your right now and another one that is BIG Goal

    Example: My current goal is to pay for my final year in school debt free!- No loans,

    My BIG Goal is to become a Multi-millionaire and National Sales Director by 2010 and build a legacy of 10 or National Sales Directors by 2013.

    Remember to set a specific date for your goals

    And take mini- goals to reach them

    See this same old boring stuff that you already knew! I know that you will be powerful in anything you do. I cannot wait to see the awesomeness your dreams fulfilled!

    Stay Haute 4 Pink



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