Thursday, August 7, 2008

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming..

Attention all Consultants, make sure you visit and then go to mkconnections and check out the special for 50 free business cards!! Woo H00
Now back to our program....


  1. I know some people might poo poo this but I think its great!!!!

  2. The new designs on the MK cards are so beautiful! It is worth it to invest in getting the full set!

  3. Not bad $50 business cards for $4.23!! and Haute Pink, you are so right, now new cards are eye catching!

  4. I ordered 250 of the new design cards last weekend. It was after August 1, but before they announced this. Do you think I'll get the 50 bonus cards? I was so excited to read that a couple days after I'd ordered! Also, this is the FIRST TIME I've had to reorder cards because I'm OUT and not because I moved or changed my name! tee hee!

  5. Hey Shades, I doubt they will just add it, if you go to MKConnections, select from Special offers, your order was probably already processing :)

  6. I am in the same boat as you Shades... Ordered (big) on Saturday August 4.... No special offer and no cards in my order~~at least not in the two boxes I have received so far. I was told when I called that I would need to place another order to get the goodies since my order was processed/shipped prior to the offer being publicized.

  7. Hmmm...seems if it wasn't announced until August 7, it shouldn't say effective August 1...

  8. OK. MK4ME I figured it out. SkinCareMom, you can do this, too. I went on MKConnections and clicked Special Offers. Then I clicked Buy Now. You can get JUST the 50 free cards! You just pay the shipping and tax. $4.24 total for me. It just wasn't crystal clear. :)

  9. Thanks Shades! I am going to try it when I can log back on... computer it acting up and not letting me onto InTouch :(

  10. Yipee!!!!! My computer let me log on and I placed the order....$4.32 for me! YAY!!!!!!! And, I can always use MORE business cards;)

  11. - I guess it isn't really clear from my info, there is no purchase required to take advantage of this..

    Got to MK Connections
    Got to specials
    you can order 50 cards for $4.23 s/h-

    it isn't adding on to other orders, but you don't have to order anything to receive it.


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