Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lazy Losers and Jars of Brains!

I have been reading various anti and pro MK sites in the past few days in an attempt to investigate and observe the verbal attacks that happen or are claimed to have happened between the two groups. Now, I am not a very mathematical person so I’m not going to present calculations for you because, frankly, I barely pulled off a B in statistics. What I am going to share is just pure uncalculated observation.

My main two observations came from reading anti-MK sites. The first was the style of the hate mail. If you follow any anti-MK site it is quickly apparent that when you sign your agreement with MK there is a clause that requires you to hand over all grammatical parts of your brain so they can be stored in a jar until you quit and send back your product. What do you mean you didn’t know that? Of course it is true. I mean look at the mail PT gets from consultants. None of the consultants who send e-mail can write properly but all of the PT members who have returned product have reclaimed that part of their brain. Thus the brains in jars theory is the only logical explanation… or it could be that the mail is all a fraud. I like my version better.

Then there is the term “lazy loser.” I cringe when I see that term within a post. It is quite popular on all the anti-MK sites. The funny thing is that I have never actually seen it used by a consultant. The only time I ever see it used is by the members of the anti-MK sites who are claiming that they have been called lazy losers. Every story and every post uses that exact term, “lazy loser.” It seems most unlikely that every consultant who contacts them uses that exact term. It seems to have now become a legend, almost as though if a consultant so much as says “hello” on a anti site then they have already used the term lazy loser by default. I, myself, have been accused of calling someone a lazy loser and all I could do was chuckle because I hate that term and would never use it. I almost have to think that there isn’t a reason for anyone to call them anything because they are already calling themselves these names.

My reason for this post is simply to bring about discussion. Have you ever been accused of calling someone a “lazy loser”? Is it a term you would ever use? Does anyone know where the term originated?

Oh and does anyone know where that room full of brains are? It might be fun to switch a few jars around ;-)

Have a great day and smile!


  1. Yay!! Someone posted something!!!!

    Good job P4C!

    I prsnlly ht t whn ppl pst smwhr nd hv bd spllng nd grmmr. bt u r write, t ds sm lk teh wrst 1's r teh 1's tht right ht ml 2 PT....

    whoa... that is hard (to write and read)!!!

    Here is what you get when you do a google search for "Mary Kay Lazy Loser"

    Seems that your theory holds some water. Although this site is in the top ten... but it is not someone on this site being called a lazy loser... soooo.... yah.

    I really think that the term "lazy loser" is probably rarely (if ever) used. It is more the implications of being "challenged" with questions like, "Well were you really working your business" that put the average MKHater on the "don't call me a lazy loser" defensive.

    Anyway, good post and :D

  2. "I really think that the term "lazy loser" is probably rarely (if ever) used. It is more the implications of being "challenged" with questions like, "Well were you really working your business" that put the average MKHater on the "don't call me a lazy loser" defensive."

    It is interesting how the question "were you really working your business?" translates into "you are a lazy loser." I'm not sure that I would take that question that way. I'm sitting here thinking about my own failed MK experience and the answer is no I didn't really work my business. I didn't put a lot of time or energy into it. I was afraid to approach people about it. Etc. Does that translate into me being a lazy loser? Nope. It translates into me being a busy college student who was also trying to make it onto the executive board of student government and deal with some issues in my life among other things. I was certainly not lazy. My business was just not my priority. And as for loser-- well my GPA and resume say otherwise.
    Maybe if my confidence and self-esteem was lower I would take the question differently though. Or if I had a charismatic leader telling me that a simple question such as above meant that I was being called a lazy loser I might start to believe it as well.

  3. I find it utterly hilarious that the Cleveland Browns bring up the rear of that first page of results. :)

  4. I have used the term lazy loser since I have been in MK but it was in reference to my ex-hubby and the words no good cheating dog and liar were in the same rant. :)


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