Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Most Embarassing MK Moment

Ok Ladies and Gents. This is my first time as an author so bear with me until I come up with something thought provoking. Im sure in the lives of directors and consultants that there has come a time where we wanted to quit, we put the wrong color on a client, we didnt know the rules to move up, or we just plain out and out got the MK heckler from hell during a skin care class! Maybe a director forgot to play her music during a unit meeting or she was expecting her consultants to hand in their weekly sheets and nobody did so the prize is sitting on the table and there are a lot of guests and they are thinking if nobody is selling why should I join? Have any of these things ever happened to you or do you have an embarrassing MK moment you would like to share that happened to you (going through DIQ, as a director, or as a consultant) in the company? Go for it!


  1. I started off MK on an embarrassing note! My recruiter had facialed me on a Saturday and was so excited to ask me on monday if I wanted to come to a "pajama party" with her on tuesday! I thought about it and decided I was game for wearing my pajamas in public since they were just a cute pants and top (deffinatly obviously pajamas though). And, I figured everyone else would be in pajamas as well. I even went in my slippers to be a good sport. So she picks me up at the dorm and she's wearing like a casual top and bottom but not slippers and her "pajamas" were the most non-pajama looking pajamas I've ever seen if you catch my drift. So I was like no way am I going like this if you aren't even wearing your pajamas. And she said that they were her PJ's and that everyone else there would look like me and I shouldnt' worry. So we get to the "party" which turned out to be their weekly meeting which was being held in a room they rented from a nursing home. Interestingly enough it was a nursing home that I used to work for which is very odd because it was quite a distance and even in a different state from where my recruiter lives and where I go to school but it is right by my parents house. So ok we pull up in front of my former place of emploment with me in my pajamas and hello kitty slippers. We go into the building and into the room where the meeting is and everyone else in there is wearing close toed shoes, panty hose, and a skirt and I am in my PAJAMAS and SLIPPERS! So everyone looks at my recruiter and me like we are foreign aliens. And my recruiter who was very good on her feet said something about messing up the date for the pajamas and they all laughed and I like shrunk into a chair. I was mortified. I seriously think they must have slipped something into my 7Up because I dont' know how I signed a contract after that!

  2. I think my most embarrassing moment was similar to p4c's. It wasn't a pajama party mistake, but there were several emails from my director about whether the meeting attire was going to be casual or professional. The last email I saw before leaving my day job said casual so I just stayed in my outfit from work which was not the greatest, but it could've been worse. I was in khakis and a plain ol' top. I got to the meeting and everyone was professional and some of the directors were wearing gowns! It was close to Seminar so sometimes they do that to get people pumped up for it. Anyway, I was there in pretty casual apparel so I just pretended I was a guest that night! :P Apparently, the final email went out after I'd left and would not be online again.

    Another moment I remember was at my first SCC. My recruiter did the class. She was doing eye creams, only she got mixed up and had the guests put the Satin Lips Mask on their eyelids! I thought that was happening, but then I thought maybe I had just mistaken where she had put what on the tray. Nope. Someone said, this is gritty! I think it was more embarrassing for her than me, but we laughed about it later.

  3. I think my most embarrassing moment was being late for an SCC. Yes, I had left in plenty of time to get there early and get things set up...but I didn't count on getting lost along the way! I still don't know WHERE I ended up. I called my hostess to try to figure out where I was and how to get to her from there. She didn't know where I was either! I finally did make it, and the guests were all incredibly gracious, but I felt horrible.

  4. That has happened to me, too, Karen. I got lost in a scary neighborhood! I found my destination and was only 20 minutes late. I felt bad. All because of a huge accident and the exit I needed was blocked off. grrr!

  5. At the risk of outing myself, this is worth sharing- when I was a brand new director and off to my first leadership conference, I ended up rooming with two very kind directors that were also lifelong friends. They were so gracious to me. Took me right under their wings and showed me around. It made that new adventure such a pleasure. Everything was going just so wonderful, until… they fell asleep – now I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep and then I am also a very light sleeper. Within minutes of them dozing of, it started. They snored, and they snored in unison!! When one exhaled, the other inhaled.
    It was awful!! I tried everything, even turned upside down with my head under the covers and the pillow over that, nothing worked. There was no where to go in the hallway so after realizing I needed to get some sleep and time was running out – I knew I had to do something, so I grabbed my pillow and comforter and wandered into the bathroom. No way to sleep on the floor, it was a very small bathroom. I was ready to cry when the light bulb went off… I threw my comforter and pillow into the tub, shut the door, turned on the fan, and turned off the light and climbed into the tub. My plan was to slip back into bed before my roomies woke up and no one would ever know, because I really didn’t want them to feel bad. My plan would have worked too, if one of the roomies had needed to use the paddy – with the shower curtain, I probably even could have gotten away with it, but I felt to uncomfortable so I said “roomy, wait” I will get out so you have some privacy, omg, do I need to tell you the look on her face!! We ended up laughing so hard.

    They felt so bad even though I kept reassuring them I was really fine, I had fallen asleep within minutes of setting up my new quarters. The next day they presented me with a bottle of very nice wine and said they were just going to get me to sleep before they went to sleep.

    Needless to say a story like that really doesn’t stay a secret, so to this day my area still teases me that - even though mk4me may not need much sleep, when she does need it she can sleep just about anywhere!

  6. mk4me you are awsome! I was literally visualizing this whole situation as I was reading it. That is totally something I would do.. actually I have slept in bathrooms before. When I was in basic training (army- was only in 5 months due to injury- long story) Sundays were devoted to cleaning the barracks and we would take turns sleeping in the shower so the Drill Sgts wouldn't see us sleeping! I can literally sleep just about anywhere!

  7. Another "omg" moment for me, I had a style shoe, (when we had to wear closed toed shoes) that I really liked, I liked them so much, I bought the same style in black and in brown.

    In a rush to get over to the Convention Center one morning, I reached in the closet and grabbed my shoes and out the door I went, it wasn't for a couple of hours when I was standing talking to someone that I noticed she was staring at my feet, do I need to tell anyone that I had on one brown shoe and one black shoe!

    It didn't feel funny because the were exactly the same style. The funniest part of the whole day was that very few actuall noticed, so I guess people don't spend that much time looking at our feet.

  8. I loved these stories, which is what encouraged me to finally post something...I've got a very embarrassing story.

    So I was at Seminar in Dallas last year...SOOOOO excited I was going to get my ring (which is beautiful). I was still very new...only had been in MK for a year, and I had my gown, my sequin jacket, my beautiful high heels...and as I'm waiting for my turn to come down to get onstage, I'm telling my boyfriend, my teary-eyed director and her adorable mom..."I'm gonna trip, I know it, I'm gonna trip, I know it". My boyfriend keeps telling me, no you're not! An hour after hearing it, my director finally turned to me and said "don't worry, that's what the guys in tuxedos are for."
    Yep, I got up to the top of the stairs on the stage, did my wave, and walked 3 steps and stumbled down the rest in front of (how many?) 10's of thousands of MK ladies. Yeah me. 2 of the tuxedo guys caught me and held me up. My director was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs with her camera. She was so happy for me she couldn't see through her tears. We went to get the ring...I went back to my seat, and my boyfriend was still laughing his a#* off.

    You know how Mary Kay Ash always said "What you think about, you bring about?" Wow! Lesson learned!

  9. Hey Shashew! Yup, what you think about.... anyone just remember you won't be the first, you won't be the last and at least they will remember you! Also they weren't laughing at you, they were laughing with you and sometimes, it can get very boring watching each consultant come down, you just provided some entertainment for everyone.

    And, at least you had on matching shoes when you "fell" for the guys.:)

  10. true...true...loved the shoe story too! Thanks ;-)


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