Friday, August 15, 2008

Profile - Praying4Courage

My name is Praying4Courage and I am a former MK Senior Consultant. I signed up during my freshman year of college (I was 21 because I had taken some time off before starting school). I believe it was January of '07 when I signed my agreement. I was recruited by a "hotshot" who was in car qualification and DIQ at the time. Our director had just become a director. I made the mistake of buying a lot of inventory (I was a Ruby star). That was probably my downfall in the business. I do feel I was pressured to buy the inventory but I know that ultimately I made the decision to use the credit card when I knew that I shouldn't.

My goal in MK was to earn some money myself (I receive disability payments). My hope was to eventually work my way off of disability and become self sufficient. I was working part time hours and not missing meetings while balancing my life as a full time student. My earnings were extremely low while I was a consultant. I probably only earned around $400 the entire time that I was in MK. I was not good at sales and most of the people I facialed were college students who didnt have the money for makeup that wasn't from Walmart. In May of 2007 I made the decision to send my product back to the company. I had already cancelled my voicecom and stopped working my business. Sending back the product was more of a formality than anything else. Besides that I needed to pay down my credit card. My blue check was for about $1200 give or take a bit. I had used a lot of products myself and had used others as demo products. For a while I hated MK and hung around pink truth. Was I bitter? Yes. Was I taking responsibility for my role in getting into debt? No.

Eventually the administrator of PT got upset with me because I defended the pro-mk visitors and said that they didnt' need to be treated so harshly. I was banned from the site. At that point I spent days readng pro and anti mk sites and came to realize that I was responsible for my actions and also realized that there was a lot of bitterness at PT that wasnt' getting those women anywhere. I didn't want to be stuck like they are.

At this point my views on MK are mixed. I did not have a good experience with the company myself but I think that some other people do. I recognize that part of my falling out with the company was my fault. I am glad however that I can not rejoin since I sent my product back.

Since I have left my recruit also left. My hotshot recruiter is no longer involved in MK. In addition, our director who was a new director has stepped down to being a consultant again. It is hard for me to see that and think that MK is a stable company. So all in all I guess what I am saying is that I'm not a big fan of MK but I also dont' agree with PT. I'm somewhere in the middle of the road. But that place is good for me. I'm still a full time student and just finished my second year as an undergrad psych student on the deans list every semester. Indeed MK was a mistake for me but I've bounced back.


  1. Here I am Praying for Courage Im with you on this co author thing now. I will put up a profile about myself tomorrow...

  2. Hey P4C - I have really enjoyed your thoughts. Thank you for being so open and honest. You seem to be very wise for your young years! Welcome!

  3. Hey P4C! They say things happen for a reason. You're a psych major. Somehow, someway, this experience will somehow add to the depth and breadth of your studies and your ability to related.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you! It is nice to hear something positive when I'm seeing so many posts from PT trolls who want to be so negative towards me. i enjoy everyone on this site. You are all very respectful and open minded. I appreciate that.


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