Saturday, August 16, 2008

Balanced Mary Kay Welcomes New Authors: Colleen and Praying4Courage

As most of you are (hopefully) already aware, I am actively seeking new authors for this site. You should be. I talk about it enough!

Today I am pleased to announce that Colleen and Praying4Courage have both accepted the challenge to be authors for this site. I am excited because I believe that their perspective and thoughts regarding Mary Kay will greatly enhance the material this site has to offer!

You can read up on praying4courage here at her profile

If you want to create your own profile and let us all know a little more about you Click Here

*note - there may be a few of you that have posted a profile and I (STILL) haven't generated your own page yet... I will try to look into that soon, but I digress.

I am very serious about adding different perspectives and again emphasize that if you would like to be an author, let me know. I do want to see that you have been participating on this site already. If you are interested, email me at

Welcome Praying4Courage and Colleen and we are all looking forward to hearing from you on a regular or semi-regular basis!


  1. Welcome new co-authors! I'm an author, too, but I have yet to write anything. I may in the future. Can't wait to hear from the two of you! :)

  2. Thanks SOP! I cant' wait to read your stuff too ;-)

  3. Hey!! Looking forward to reading from both of you. And since life seems to have gotten busy lately, I feel a little less guilty not being able to put up as many articles knowing there are more authors.

    Looking foward to lots of different ideas.

  4. mk4me,
    You just reminded me that I want to let everyone know that for the next week or so I'm not sure that I will be on here as much as I have been because I move back to school tomorrow. The first week is always hectic as I try to figure out where my classes are and what the prof's expectations are etc. As soon as I get into a routine I will be right back here. I just want to make sure no one thinks I have jumped ship :-D

  5. Welcome new authors. Shades you need to do an article because yours are thought provoking and most are also encouraging.

    P4C..I hope that your semster goes well.

    Have a GREAT DAY


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