Monday, August 11, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay Lady Harassed Me - And I Kinda Liked It!

Well, since a few of you were talking about this, I thought it worth bringing "out in the open"

Today's "Pink Truth Comment" is brought to you by the letter X and Pink Truth commentator, "sherineill":

"Wahoo!!! I love it!

I walked into a restaurant about a month ago and saw a MK ballot box in the washroom. I filled out a ballot (I wanted IC to call me) and then on another one put this site address.

Well sure enough about a week later I got an excited MK lady on the phone telling me I didn't win the "free gift" (which was satin hands) you would think she would be promoting the new product but whatever. However, for filling out the ballot I was going to get a "free facial!!!!!"

Her: Now what is better for you the beginning or the end of the week. ( I almost hurled at the thought that I used to do this weekly)
Me: Neither
Her: Oh so you're telling me weekends are better, how abou.....
Me: Actually no. I didn't say that at all. You're not listening. Are
all MK Consultants like that or just you?" ( I was having fun)
Her: (silence) Well my appointment book is filling up quickly...I would really like to get you in as soon as possible
Me: Why? It's free, you're not getting a thing out of it. I am not going to buy anything.
Her: Why not pamper yourself? Do you have children?
Me: What difference does it make? I am still not buying anything.
Her: (stammers...) well I was going to say if you have children this would be a nice time to finally have your husband take care of them so you have time for you self. We woman need that.
Me: Listen, how dare you insult my husband. He actually does take care of HIS children. I know in MK you think hubby's do nothing, but in the real world they actually do! I don't want you to step foot in my house and try to get me to buy your timewise stuff, or your new mineral make up or worse try to recruit me. I've been in MK and and am climbing out of debt. I wish you luck with that!!!"

And I hung up.

I then went to the restaurant and complained to the Manager that I was being harassed by the MK lady.


I would love to hear the conversation with that manager!

Sheri: A MK lady harassed me.
Manager: Which one?
Sheri: The one with the "ballot box" in your washroom.
Manager: How did she get your phone number?
Sheri: I wrote it down on a card and put it in the ballot box in your washroom.
Manager: Oh, then she must have called you a bunch of times?
Sheri: No, no, just the once... I made fun of her.
Manager: O...K, then in what way did she harass you?
Sheri: No, see by putting the B box there, she harassed me.
Manager: I don't follow.
Sheri: Oh, I see, you are in the pink fog too, never mind, *cough*PINKTRUTH.COM*cough*
Manager: Huh? I'm sorry, I didn't catch that.
Sheri: Nothing... *cough*PINKTRUTH.COM*cough*
Manager: Um... is there anything else I can help you with? be continued!

What are your thoughts?


  1. I am just going to start by copy and pasting the comments I left on another thread about this:
    After I read the comments that are on PT today (comments on the PT saves another from the MK cult post) I feel the need to speak on the behalf of those of us ex-mkers who are not rude, abusive, or just plain out in right field. I felt this post was the best place to put this message. I am directly speaking about the comment in which a PT member tells her story of having put her name in a facial box and then being extremely rude to the consultant when she called. After reading her conversation (as she recounted it including her own side comments about how she was "having fun" tormenting this lady)I find what she did to be absolutely unacceptable. I am personally embarrassed to even think that I was ever associated with that site if that is considered acceptable behavior there. So on behalf of the non PT type ex-mk community I apologize.

  2. I am the one who is always ranting about being annoyed by solicitation and I just find this so very, very rude! One call is NOT harassment, especially when you put your name in the box. I personally dislike facial boxes, I find the premise deceitful and (as usual) annoying, but I don't have to put my name in one so I also think they are a benign way for a consultant to get leads.

    This PTer is a jerk. The manager will probably remove the box based on the single complaint and this consultant did nothing wrong. She called one time. She was polite. While I would also be mildly irritated by the "husband finally watching the kids" comment (my husband is a real man and always does his fair share so I get offended on his behalf),I would not use it to infer that MK hates all men and start accusing this woman and yelling at her.

    I honestly doubt this entire scenario even happened. I think it is a big fat lie to get this member some attention. People don't often have the (ahem) balls to say crap like this to another person. Plus, any MK consultant worth a darn would have picked up on this woman's (alleged) hostility in about 5 seconds and dropped the call. MK consultants aren't all simpering robots that take abuse and respond with scripted one-liners because they are so desperate for leads. Any woman with the savvy to run a facial box has the savvy to know the ropes of angry women. This situation is a complete sham. I find it very sad that a woman has to lie to impress people she doesn't know on a blog. It is quite indicative of her personal MK situation however. How much $$ do you think she spent for her director's recognition?

  3. Good comments! Most people who put their names in boxes these days KNOW they are going to called. Actually if you ask me this woman was harassing the consultant (if this scenario happened). I see NOTHING wrong with facial boxes and if you put your name in it this does not apply to the DNC list because you have given permission for someone to call you.
    This is so whack!!! Im not downplaying the importance of healing for ex-MK women who have been abused, but this doesnt help any. It just feeds the anger and the frenzy not the healing.

  4. I would agree that most people who put their names in these boxes do know that they are goign to get a call. In fact I would venture to say that this PTer put her name in the box strictly in order to get a call so that she could harrass the Consultant. In my opinion there is a line that has been crossed with this action. It is one thing to hang out on a website with a bunch of other people who share your views and negativity. It is a different thing to go out and start harrassing people in the "real world." My opinion is that they are not going to "bring down MK" this way; they are going to bring themselves down. I mean who is going to consider them reputable when this is how they do their business?

  5. speaking the real truthAugust 11, 2008 at 1:15 PM

    She lied! Period. Doesn't anyone have a problem with that? The PTers do not seem to. It's okay to lie on behalf of PT, but not MK, is that their premise?

    The fact that they printed her story and encouraged the behavior says a lot. Encouraging lying, but claiming to be "the truth". Interesting, to say the least!

  6. Speaking...I have to agree with you and Your Mom...I think these ladies make up things just to keep people ruffled. It is really sad that they would be happy that someone was so mean spirited. And they say that we are in a pink fog oh PLEASE!! She said she also put on the paper the web address to pink untruth well if she did that do you really think that IBC would have called her I find it doubtful. Also if I was calling and felt that she was getting angry I would have said I will not call you again I didn't mean to bother you. OH WELL, have a good day.

  7. I refuse to believe that this happended. At the risk of sounding like I am defending PT, it almost sounds like a trumped up posting designed to make PTers look bad (as if they need any help), but I'm just sayin..

    If it is true, then the person who did this is beyond stupid. Why go out of your way to be mean to someone that you dont even know? She asked to be called by filling out that form, and then when the MK lady calls like she is supposed to, she gets dumped on. It would have made more sense if she would have just told her about the PT website when she finally called her, instead of being hateful. I guess this person feels like all MK women deserve to be treated rudely.

    But you can always tell, by reading most of the PT stories, what the real issue is. This story obviously screams that the PTer was in the wrong and that she has major issues if she feels that this behavior is productive somehow. But they are so in "the fog" of hatred for all things MK, that they cant see how their behavior is wrong and how it affected their MK outcome in the first place. If this woman has this type of vindictive spirit, then no wonder she did not do well.

    But its gotta be fake.

  8. "She said she also put on the paper the web address to pink untruth well if she did that do you really think that IBC would "

    If you read the story it actually says that she wrote the web address on a separate entry than the one she put her personal info on. Just wanted to clarify that.

  9. {{foreverpink said...
    I refuse to believe that this happended. At the risk of sounding like I am defending PT, it almost sounds like a trumped up posting designed to make PTers look bad (as if they need any help), but I'm just sayin..}}

    not to be disagreeable but, TC controls what is posted over there, if it were done to make PT look bad, it wouldn't have been posted, or TC would have removed it.

    Also even if it were a made up story, and I personally feels makes the pter look like the jerk, how do you explain the posetive response from many of the others, finding it very funny?

    - PS - I think it would be great fun to have a pter call me!!

    Now... I attended Seminar, was in two days early, walked around downtown, the Convention Center, etc... I did not see one PT card, noone mentioned pt, etc... I thought they were going to be out in full spreading the pt koolaid??

    and last but not least, if a person has the type of chracter that this poster has - does it surprise anyone that she may not have done well in a people based business?

  10. Good point, MK4Me.

    Makes me wonder how this woman behaved while she was IN MK. How she treated her director, NSD, and other consultants...... her customers.... Her thinking is supposed to be clear now that she is out of the pink fog.....


    I do doubt the authenticity of this story. If I was the IBC I would have hung up long before she had the chance to hang up.

  11. Real or fake, simply reading this makes me feel uncomfortable.

  12. INTEGRITY... its simply as that.

  13. speaking the real truthAugust 11, 2008 at 7:40 PM

    The lie is about the harassment part, whether the story is true or not, the poster admits to calling and reporting her for harassment, which clearly did not happen. Either the entire story is a lie, or the story is true, and she lied to the manager of the restaurant.

    For me, lying is never cool. And, from the site that claims to be about "the truth". None of the posters there ever call her out on it, they just pat her on the back.

  14. I agree; she lied to the manager in reporting she was being harassed by this MK consultant.

    IMO, she also lied when she filled out the form and put it in the box. She knew the consultant would call her; she knew she was not interested; she knew she was setting up the consultant. Filling out the form was a lie.

  15. I love getting harassed by sales ladies - I can try all my latest corny chat-up lines on them, safe in the knowledge that they are duty bound to put up with it and have to give the impression of being impressed :D

  16. Bottom Line...that PTer needs to be smacked!!!!!!!!

  17. Easy there mkheart,

    We certainly don't condone violence on this site. However lighthearted it may have been intended, that comment sounded rather threatening!

    Please be careful.

  18. the other thing about this is that, the PTer says that she also left the PT website address in the facial box as well. Suppose that the consultant just happens to go to the PT site..she will then see this whole incident being bragged about and applauded by those on PT. Surely she will recognize that they are talking about her. How is that going to make her feel? It surely wont make her feel like throwing out her pink showcase and joining up with them, thats for sure.
    PTers like this woman do more to hurt Tracy's cause than help. Most of them are so vindictive and hell bent on revenge that they think they can do and say whatever mean and vindictive thing to anyone still in MK. Its just wrong.

  19. "Most of them are so vindictive and hell bent on revenge that they think they can do and say whatever mean and vindictive thing to anyone still in MK. Its just wrong."

    And that in a nutshell is what got me kicked off of PT. A while back and maybe there still is a woman who posts in the forums but not on the front blog. I'm not going to put her exact screen name here but she goes by Dana. I essentially offended her by putting up a post challenging the fact that she was the most bold about but not the only one who is blantanly rude to people who are still associated with MK. In my post I spoke to the fact that when a new person comes to the board on PT even just looking for information they are torn to pieces if they show any sense of even being unsure whether they want to leave mk yet or not. Ironic that some of the most outspoken women on PT are still technically consultants. Hmmm. Anyway, Dana's big line was to demand that these new people who she assumed were proMK scan and show their tax forms to everyone. Well, I'm sorry but thats an absurd demand in this day and age of identity theft. When the person explained that they weren't going to share that kind of document with the board she and several others would berate them until they left. My post was created to tell them that if their mission really was to help people see that MK is not good opportunity or just to spread any message at all the best way to get people to listen isnt' to put them on the defensive. You catch more bees with honey! Well, despite the fact that I had many many PT members sending me private messages telling me that I was absolutely correct about Dana, TC took her side and kicked me off the board. So now you all are stuck with me ;-) But like I said the quote above is very accurate.

  20. Actually part of me hopes that it is true, and I hope that the consultant does find the slip of paper in her facial box that leads her to PT. That way she can see what is being said about her and what kind of internet harrasment PTers engage in. After all this consultant has a name, and phone number for this "sherineill" person. This incident proves an actual connection between internet bullying crossing over to the real world.

  21. Foreverpink you are a genius! If only we knew who she is we could contact her through her site and tell her to hang onto that info!

  22. I think that I may have defended you on that board if your post was a separate follow-up to the response to Dana about being nice to each other and having less of a mean girl attitude. I wasn't kicked off, in fact, I received multiple pm's agreeing with me as I defended the original post. Then one day, my password no longer worked and the thread was deleted. I had read before that Tracy liked to get passwords and then read pm's of dissenters so I knew what happened there. So I just post and read under another name now, rather than give her the satisfaction of asking her to fix my old account. PT is as much a high school/ sorority environment as MK is and I laugh when they talk about how they are above such things.

    Maybe I am lame to like people to be nice to one another. I despise catty fighting on message boards. Just like a post last week on pinklighthouse where I was berated and told to shut up and threatened (literally threatened) because I commented that posters had no right to criticize a woman for wanting to get away from her 5 kids and go to seminar. I laid out the quotes I thought were over the line and I was yelled at and told not to read what I didn't like. Couldn't they have done the same with my post? Why is the only free speech hate speech?

    I may not always like the approach of some here, I think that some people can be condescending to those they do not agree with, BUT there is NEVER the mean and nasty vibe. I think that even the condescension that can occur here is not from a mean place, but from a lack of true understanding of those they do not agree with's position or feelings. Even when I get frustrated with the pro-side of this board, I can't stop reading because you're all so frickin' nicie nice. It's sick really. The schmaltzie greeting card section of the MK boards. Except for poor blessed. We should really have a be nice to blessed day where no one criticizes the poor guy or acts like he's nuts- whether you think it or not. =)

  23. Yep mom we are refering to the same post. I'm sorry that you had to start a new account because of my post. Interestingly enough TC had e-mailed me because after I told them I was not going to post anymore but prior to being kicked off I logged in a few times to check my PM's. Her e-mail was to tell me I was being kicked off and to ask why I had been still logging in and I told her it was to read PM's. So a few days after I got kicked off I got an e-mail from PT telling me my acount had been re-activated but when I tried to sign in the password had been changed. I assume she re-activated and changed the password so she could see who had been PMing me. I've heard that she likes to do that when she wants to see someone's PM's. I still read the front blog but I really dont' miss the pettiness of the PT forums. Some people there are great but many of them seem to hide in lurker land out of fear of being banished.

  24. Sorry David Sheperd. I didn't mean it violently. It was just a figure of speech. It rattles my cage when people think that they have the right to do that kind of crap to other people. It just is not right.

  25. WOW I just tried to go to the PT and somehow my computer is now blocked from even viewing the homepage. I literally cant' even read what is on the public portion of the site. Is TC so afraid of criticism and public discussion of her site that she cant' even allow people with differing opinions to look at her site? I am seriously amazed at this move on her part. However a part of me wants to chuckle about TC thinking she can control the viewing of a public site. Afterall there are two other computers here at my parents house plus my palm pilot has the internet and once I get back to school there are literally hundreds of other computers on campus. Blocking one person from the public portion of a site without making the whole thing password protected an unviewable to the public is like trying to gather feathers in the wind. Off to ponder why she is so afraid of differing opinions...

  26. Praying4courage said: "I just tried to go to the PT and somehow my computer is now blocked from even viewing the homepage. I literally cant' even read what is on the public portion of the site. "

    Is that even possible?

    Does TC have to figure out a password b/4 she can "crack" an account? How can she access an account because once someone is registered, they are sent an automatically generated password and told to change it?

    I don't read PT often anymore, but I have to say that I don't agree with the statement that the posters reflect PT in general. IMO this is in the same vein as you guys arguing that it's not MK Corporate's resp. for on-going wrong doings by some of their sales force. You can argue that TC can delete the post if she wants to (like MKC can terminate a consultant). But it's the posters opinion that's up there and coincidentally it jives with TC's opinion about MLMs. If people don't agree then I suppose it's up to them to post their displeasure. I've seen that a couple of times. Raisinberry did articulate her displeasure. She's still there. Yet she has no control over it just like you guys have no control over rogue directors. I've seen The Scribbler comment on a thread about a certain image last year around this time being in bad taste. I agreed with her. Was it removed? No? Was The Scribbler booted? No.

    I'm not defending her either way. I'm just articulating my observations.

  27. flybye64,
    it is possible to block a computer from accessing your website. TC does it by using a program called "Blocklist". It is available through the website joomla-addons(dot)org
    What it does is allow you to put in certain IP addresses that you want to ban from being able to see your site. If those IP addresses then try to view your site they are re-directed to just see an explaination of why they are banned and a link to Blocklist. When I go to PT the explaination just says "Bye". When I go to it from my mom's computer or my palm pilot I can get onto the site just fine.
    My opinion of the matter is that TC must be very insecure if she is so afraid of her opinion being questioned that she cant' even let the public portion of her site be looked at by those who have differing opinions.

  28. speaking the real truthAugust 14, 2008 at 1:41 PM

    flybye, the owner of that site RARELY lets anything positive relating to Mary Kay through. An entire website was devoted to discussing the owner and her actions. There are countless stories on that site of the owner banning people, getting into their accounts, and not allowing comments to go through. In fact, there is an entire "anti-PT" contingency out there. And these are not "Pro Mary Kay" people either. For me, that says a lot about that site and its owner.

  29. praying4courage, that's amazing. I go to bed tonight less stupid hahaha!

    I'm really in awe about the fact that she would completely block you from even seeing the front page. Now that's what you call someone who refuses to be challenged!

    STRT, I had no idea about any anti PT sites. I heard/knew about Lighthouse. That's anti Mary Kay, though.

  30. hey fb64, there are at least two that I know of that after they were given such a bad time of PT and then attaked or banned - that are anti mk but even more anti pt!!

    One is R rated, but they could be really funny.

    And some of the stories they have shared have been very eye opening, of course it is hearsay, but from reading in the past, it is amazing how many names TC was using to post on her site so it looked like she had more readers than she actually had, and some of the hate mail, well guess who was the author? Nothing like drumming up your own business.

    Oh some of their stories are very interesting!

  31. Ladies just so you know I have been made an author for the site so I will have a new topic for us tomorrow! Its not PT either!

  32. Yippee!! Welcome Aboard Colleen!

    I will hopefully be back again in the near future, family and business has been very good and very busy! (Guess I shouldn't complain)

  33. Setting the Record StraightAugust 15, 2008 at 12:42 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. It may not be "stated" officially anywhere on here, but "outing" other people (or whatever you want to call it) is not allowed.

    The previous comment was deleted on that basis.

  35. Setting the Record StraightAugust 15, 2008 at 1:22 PM

    I'm not allowed to use her screen name from PT? It seems a little unfair that you'll let praying4courage hide behind a different screen name here and say horrible things about the women at PT.

    It didn't go down the way she'd have you all believe. She treated someone horribly on that board and when she was stopped, she didn't want to be part of PT anymore. I say good riddance. After all those women did for her to help her, now she can hide behind a different screen name and not be held accountable. That's the story of her life.

  36. frankly, strs I really am not interested in bringing the drama of one site onto this site.

    If p4c or anyone is inflammatory towards someone on this blog she will be dealt with.

    What you are doing here borders on that (or is that). If she has said something here (or there) that you disagree with, do like everyone else does... "quote it" and then explain why you disagree. Otherwise, leave it alone.

  37. STRS (I notice that you too are hiding behind a screen name that is not the one you use on PT)

    If TC would like to furnish David with a copy of the thread that was removed from PT before I was able to get a copy of it I have no problem with that as it would indeed "set the record straight."

    Beyond that I think that your post here serves no purpose but to start the very same type of problems that you say I started on PT.

    Have a nice day.

  38. STRS, you are a liar. Plain and simple. All P4C did was tell another poster to stop being catty. Said poster even apologized and conceded her point. Then P4C created a new post that said the ladies of PT should be nicer and more understanding to newbies. Many women agreed, but some took offense- owner of site included and proceeded to rip P4C apart in a high school teen girl gang up. She defended herself, got yelled at more and then was called immature when she said she didn't want to post anymore because of the vitriol she was receiving for telling people to be NICE! Wow. P4C, you sure are an evil bit$% (sarcasm). Go back to your own venom filled board STRS, your lies aren't welcome here. I don't even understand why you read here if you are so pro PT.

  39. Setting the Record StraightAugust 15, 2008 at 4:37 PM

    I don't have copies of the thread, but my memory is just fine. It should come as no suprise that p4c and your mom aren't being honest about what happened. But I shouldn't be surprised at what's been written here - Anything that bashes PT is fine, no matter what. Stand up against any of the regulars here, and there are all sorts of limits and rules. I get it now and won't bother with any of you again. You're all so hell bent on bashing PT that you're willing to lie over and over. Just like all that nonsense about PT having fake names and making fake emails. That never happened, and the only people talking about such things are anti-PT who were telling lies just like you all are. I'm just thankful that TC has such a thick skin to put up with all the nonsense from liars like you.

  40. speaking the real truthAugust 16, 2008 at 7:32 AM

    STRS, I have a question for you. If someone is not pro-Mary Kay, then why would they be anti-PT? You should look around for that other website that we mentioned earlier. I think that you would find it interesting. Story after story of just what these ladies are talking about and what REALLY goes on over there, and from many who are not pro-Mary Kay.

  41. STRStraight - you must be newer to the blogs, yes, TC has done horrible things to people, beyond what you could imagine, I am sure "me" author of another blog -would agree. You may want to watch who you defend so you don't end up with egg on your face.

    I know of at least 3 anti pt (anti mk blogs). And if the story went more the way you said as oppossed to the way p4c said, it would not have been deleted! It would still have been there. In almost all cases, if something makes the site look like some are nuts - they postings disappear and much of the early stuff simply has never gotten transfered over as TC chaned servers. Of course, it was promised it would all be moved in time, - it is funny how noone ever questions why things are never done.

    The content of that site is editted - and controlled, very much like a Communist evironment.
    Healing may be result for some, but it isn't healing that is promoted, it is hatred, and for one a few like Raisinberry and SuzyQ- they are looking for the same "belonging" and the desire to be looked up to and "oh you are so spot-on" attitude they needed from MK - which is probably the low self-esteem that lead them to get in trouble with in MK - at least it isn't costing them anything but time on PT - my problem is I don't like them making statements reflecting all directors, they can speak for themselves as in "I" did it - just becasue they did, doesn't mean all of us did. That is it this is just getting my dander up too much. I like posts that can accomplish or assist just stir the pot.
    (and of course my post is just my opinion)

  42. While I appreciate everyone who has defended me I believe that the best move here is to just end this conversation. STRS can't furnish a copy of the post in question and unfortunately neither can I. As a result I think the best move is to just agree to disagree and let it go. I will continue to be candid all of you and if anyone has questions for me I am happy to answer them. Have a peaceful day!

  43. oops I wrote my post at the same time MK4ME was writing hers so I wast' trying to cut off her thoughts.

  44. p4c is lying about what happened on PT, and mk4me is just a vicious liar about PT & TC in general. Someday you both will be called to answer for your lies. I hope you are ready.

  45. RNP if you or TC would like to provide David with an unaltered copy of the thread in question (I'm sure TC keeps careful records of her site and backs up regularly so I suspect she has a copy somewhere) then I will be happy to answer for anything that is on there. However, until you and the other members of PT have the above mentioned "evidence" to present to David, I ask that you please stop what has become harrassment. You would not appreciate if we came to PT and started using different screen names to make rude and mean comments on your site. You are free to say whatever you want about us on your site (and you do) and we still do not come over and disturb you. I ask that you extend us the same courtesy that we extend to you.

  46. Oh and RNP you can also tell everyone on PT that I will give them the same answer that I gave to you. Furnish the unaltered thread or there is nothing to talk about. I have no interest in petty arguments and I tend not to respond to negative provocation. I also have good boundaries and high enough self-esteem to not take the things you are saying personally. In other words you are wasting your time here because you are not going to get whatever you are looking for out of me. You are also going to find that the members of this site are intelligent women and men who make decisions for themselves based on their own observations and not on your rude comments.

  47. Ouch! Well I've learned something very valuable (again) reading this thread. That is to not get too personal and/or invest too much of yourself in one community because the fallout when things sour is really toxic to one's psyche!

    Speaking from my own experience, when I read at PT, I do notice that the flavor of the board is one sided. Anyone would. But it is what I expect to read when I visit PT. What I don't like is having to "pitch a tent" in order to "continue" to participate because I believe there is power in knowledge. Not knowing the complete why/because scenario is very limiting to those in need of information. I admit that I feel if I were to post on PT, I would have to sensor myself. For example, post if I concur, not bother to post at all if I disagree. So therein is something very telling. I intuitively know this without having to read about some of your own experiences with PT. So I can believe there is validity to what you're saying mk4me and strt.

    I don't think it's productive (or healthy) for anybody to argue about who's right about something scandalous, such as what's been documented here. Simply because there are so many variables never really known by each player and especially the observers. For instance, there are the relationships as depicted on a board and then there are the sub-relationships and clandestine conversations about things and board members that occur which nobody ever really knows about. What's said during these times could be true or false. Who knows for sure? In fact, who really knows who you're talking to all. (Stranger danger!, haha...) But whatever is said is duly noted and it comes rushing to the forefront when things blow up. When it does, people's loyalties, based on what they believe to be true (from their own conversations, observations, experiences within the (sub) community) are quickly made "known" and that's when things just spiral out of control.

    I know what I'm talking about because I used to be part of a non-MK community about six years ago. It was a ton of fun. But it ended up turning into a real litter box simply because of the sub-community that evolved via PMs and private boards (by invitation only) that had been born b/c of this one site which, when found out about, inevitably turned into a real power struggle between the alphas. i.e., you were banned if it was found out that you were part of a private community that sprung from the mother board.... because the owner of the primary board was 1) offended she was excluded and 2) thought it was a negative site about her.

    Knowing both sides, as I participated on both boards, she was excluded simply because the owner of the private board didn't want to have a power struggle. In short, the private board permitted opinions/posts that the primary board owner didn't allow on hers. (Sound familiar? haha...) It was never about who was the popular one or bashing anyone at all.

    Very yucky. Very sad.

  48. I gotta say, I don't believe this story on PT. They like to talk big about filling out forms w/ their website, giving crap to MK consultants, reporting consultants to restaurants for "harassment", but I don't believe any it. I believe it's all talk.

    Why do I believe this? Because in the first 10 days of August, I did 2 expo events. At those events, I got about 200 qualifed (no consultant, over 18, and willing to have a facial) leads, and have so far booked over 35 appointments, some of which have already held.

    At no point did anyone say anything to me about PT. Everyone I spoke to was gracious and warm. They were (wait for it) . . . EXCITED about our products! Two people even asked me about our opportunity!

    I do expos ALL THE TIME and no one ever treats me poorly or is rude to me on the phone or in person.

    Just my opinion.

  49. to RNP: This is a copy and paste of one of many screen shoots of a pt article: I don't want to copy and paste the rest so here is just one, I try never to lie, call me what you will but if I say something, you can bet I can back it up.

    Below, what I say, as long as it is "simple economics" for TC - it is okay- for anyone else it is wrong, she is going to count on individuals that already showed not to exercise good judgement to now exercise it. hmmm....

    Please, until you can prove me a liar, don't do it again. I can back up everything I have ever said about pt. I have been reading these blogs for a couple of years now, I feel it is part of knowing what is going on and makes me an even better director and leader and helps me watch for things my little naive mind would never imagine peopel would do because it makes no sense to me to do them. ***********

    TOPIC: MLM’s advertised on the right hand side of Pink Truth?
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    notsureaboutmkmom (User)

    Pink Truth Regular

    Posts: 53

    MLM’s advertised on the right hand side of Pink Truth? 21 Hours, 30 Minutes ago Karma: 1
    Why is there an advertisement to become an arbonne consultnat on the right hand side of the Pink Truth home page? Isn’t a little offensive to us to have advertisements like that when that is not what we stand for?

    TRACY (Admin)

    Pink Truth Rocks!

    Posts: 379

    Re:MLM’s advertised on the right hand side of Pink Truth? 21 Hours, 3 Minutes ago Karma: 21
    Well I don’t know if I’d call it offensive….

    We have Google ads which help pay for the cost of running the site. I have some control over the ads, but it is very limited. The ads are based upon keywords shown on the site - Since we often have “MLM” and similar words on the site, the advertisements for those things come up.

    I can block a particular advertiser, but there are hundreds waiting in line to take their place, so it would be an exercise in futility.

    Unfortunately, Google ads have been the only thing that’s generated any money to pay for the cost of the site (hosting, software, tech support, legal costs, etc). People have suggested other things, but none have generated any actual money. The Google ads themselves don’t even pay for all the costs of the site, but they’re a start.

    So until money is generated another way, the ads are staying and I have to count on the good judgment of our members to not get involved in another MLM.

    The Pink Truth will set you free!

    notsureaboutmkmom (User)

    Pink Truth Regular

    Posts: 53

    Re:MLM’s advertised on the right hand side of Pink Truth? 19 Hours, 32 Minutes ago Karma: 1
    You’re right, I need to leave my attitude at the door (but maybe that’s not totally a good idea?) I’m still trying to figure out what I should keep from what I learned and what I need to burn.

    TRACY (Admin)

    Pink Truth Rocks!

    Posts: 379

    Re:MLM’s advertised on the right hand side of Pink Truth? 17 Hours, 44 Minutes ago Karma: 21
    Who said you should leave your attitude at the door? I just explained to you why the ads are there. It’s simple economics.

  50. David - could I ask for her "proof" that I am a vicious liar??

    RNP said...
    p4c is lying about what happened on PT, and mk4me is just a vicious liar about PT & TC in general. Someday you both will be called to answer for your lies. I hope you are ready.

  51. mk4me,

    You said:

    "David - could I ask for her "proof" that I am a vicious liar??"


    HA HA HA HA!!!!!

    (oohh...excuse me for a second)

    ((muffled laughter heard from the other room))

    phew... sorry about that I just...pfftt... ng ng ng...

    (oh, hang it all... I'll be right back again)

    ((barely muffled laughter from the other room... again))

    (gasping for breath) Okay.. I am sorry. I am back now.

    (pause for composure)

    mk4me, go right ahead.

    However, I must warn you that that little piece of inflammatory nonsense (the one from "RNP") was really "the last straw" and the reason that my hand was finally forced into eliminating the anonymous commenting option.

    I highly doubt that you will get any response from "rnp". You do, however, have my permission to ask!

    Asking an anonymous troll to "prove" or even back up what they say is like trying to reason with a genuine conspiracy theorist... as Tracy said (in your little quote) it is an exercise in futility.

    Trust me, none of us think you are a vicious liar!

  52. Wow mk4me, I was shocked at the vicious attack on your character. In order to make a point, not because I think you are anything that the poster said, does anyone here or "over there" know your real identity? Did you post with the same screen name "over there"? I am just trying to prove that this person probably doesn't know who you are or anything about you.

    If anyone wants to know about "that site and its owner", go hunting around on the internet, you'll find some interesting reading.

  53. MK4ME and David I was just reading about requesting proof that mk4me is a liar and it occured to me that at PT they constantly demand proof (like scanned copies of tax forms etc) yet they are all coming over here basing their attacks on a thread that they refuse to present copies of (and I'm pretty sure they have it backed up somewhere). Talk about a double standard...

  54. David, thanks, loved your response, still chuckling!!

    Hey STRT, I only posted once on pt- first blog I ever read and I was silly enough to try to help out one of the poster who had a question about how to handle something, can't even remember what I used as a "screenname" - didn't have a clue what the "blogworld" was - but I learned quickly. My post was not rude or sarcastic - it was just an answer but needless to say, it was deleted and I believe I was banned and I also seem to remember some not so nice responses. I was so unprepared for it, I actually was in tears, then I realized they didn't even know who I was and it wasn't worth being upset over.

    What I have seen over and over again are people like
    rnp - who go to other sites and defend pt and tc like she did and are totally loyal, make a little blunder or disagree with tc once and get ripped to threads. I have actually felt very badly for several because they really thought TC was like totally awesome and then boom, she made them feel like nothing.

    As STRT said there are other sites that have loads of actual screen shots of things that have happened on pt that now no longer exist on pt -

    and strt, very few know my "real" identity but there are a few. But we know who each other are - and even for some reason if these individuals ever changed their opinion of MK, I feel that they have integrity and are a caliber of individual that I do not believe they would ever use that to hurt me.


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