Saturday, August 9, 2008

Is Obama the Antichrist?

This post is to explain the current poll and to allow discussion about it. As always, you can change your answer any time up until the poll closes, so vote early and change as you see fit.

The idea for this post is thanks in part to a Time article I recently read, "An Antichrist Obama in McCain Ad?".

I think this is a very interesting situation. I am sure that I did not put enough "choices" on the poll, so just pick the one that is closest to your opinion.

Personally, I think that IF, and I emphasize IF Obama is the Antichrist, he will most likely not get elected as President of the United States. The Antichrist (from what I have read) seems like he will be more of a world leader. I doubt that he would be able to accomplish that kind of influence abroad if he was "shackled", so to speak, to the political atmosphere in the U.S.A. (Just an observation)

Now, in addition to expressing whether or not you think that he may be the Antichrist, I would like to know:

If you knew for sure that he is the Antichrist, would that make you more likely or less likely to vote for him?

After all, if he is the Antichrist, the sooner he ascends to power, the sooner the end times can get started and...

So anyway, what are your thoughts about this controversy? (any and all comments about McCain, Obama, the Clintons, foreign affairs, etc. are welcome on this post... as with the one on religion, do not 'weigh in' if you don't want your feelings hurt. I will not take very much 'oversight' on the comments. However, as always, abusive language will still be censored.)


  1. I think the Antichrist is going to be a European Leader not a black man. Who is going to listen to a black man and do everything they tell him to do. It doesnt seem feasible. (Im black by the way) so this is not a racial slur. Some people thought the antichrist was here 50 years ago. If you believe the bible it says when he gets here everything will be going well with the world so I think he would have been ripe for the picking to come in the 80s. We will see.

  2. Of course it's a racial slur! You're denigrating whites but we're supposed to excuse it because you're black? Give me a break

  3. Anonymous this did NOT come out the way I wanted it to. Let me rephrase my statement. I apologize by the way if you are offended. I didnt even want to post this because I knew I might get a backlash on the way I feel. First let me say I have white and blackj friends and I personally sexperienced prejudice as a child.
    I had an asian friend (we were 10 years old at the time) and she wanted me to get in her swimming pool and her father said no because I was black. She was crying and I was crying, needless to say her mother and my mom got together and somehow I wound up being able to get in the pool the
    next day. I tell you this story so you know that I have (nowhere near what blacks experienced in the south). It didnt make me dislike whites though and I still dont. Now what I meant and Im going by history not by the way I feel, because Barack is mixed (although in the black community he is labeled and black and thats it) Im going by the fact that he is mixed. He is seen as a black man and right now (this is my opinion) I dont think that the WORLD will be fooled by a black man! I think it would be easier for
    this to happen maybe 50 years from now because it was only 40 years ago that Martin Luther King came on the scene. Im happy to see a black man (biracial whatever term you want to use) have a chance to run for president. I vote for the person by the way not the party. I think Nixon was great with foreign policy! Im not denigrating whites and I didnt mean to it came out the wrong way. What I meant by European Leader was someone in Europe not a black American. A lot of blacks performed in Europe years ago because they were more accepted there than in the US in the 30s and 40s. If a black man were to be the antichrist he would more than likely be from Europe or in europe to start. Please accept my apologies I normally dont even respond to things like this because it can get touchy and you have to prove yourself if you know what I mean.

  4. I hope that I have not offended anyone on this board I will not respond to this post anymore I feel like I didnt do a good job with it.

  5. Anon,

    It is this kind of unintelligible nonsense that is forcing me into protecting this blog by forcing all participants to get an I.D.

    I would have merely deleted your comment, but, since I have a moment, I will take this opportunity to point out how profoundly wrong (and most likely ignorant) you are.

    First of all, colleen was obviously concerned about offending other black people by suggesting that people wont listen to him because he is black. Therefore, she clarified that she is black.

    This is really a simple statement. A question that came up and is still coming up. Is America ready to elect a black man? Taken a step further, is the world ready to allow a black man to lead. In this situation, colleen is merely saying that she does not think that the world is.

    In an attempt to express that she is not suggesting that because she is not ready to follow a black man, she let everyone know that she also is black.

    Seems pretty simple to me. And judging by the fact that no one else felt the need to say anything, I think I speak for most everyone.

    Now before you get all high and mighty on me and say that you were the only one "brave enough" to say what everyone was thinking, consider that you are hiding behind the "anonymous" tag that you know I asked everyone to avoid.

    Now, I would like to know how you felt that she was denigrating whites with that comment! And how her saying she was black would have helped anything if she was!!

    That is the most ridiculous, no, absurd, thing I have ever heard.

    I really enjoy the fact that people here can simply choose a name for themselves and comment without needing to sign up for a blogger profile. It makes life easier for everyone. As long as everyone "plays nice" we can keep that up. But if you keep insisting on posting this nonsense, you are going to ruin it for everyone.

    You obviously don't have much interest in being conversant with this community, but I hope that you are not bent on ruining this community to the point that you will disregard this persistent, gentle request.

    Stop posting "anonymous"
    and stop posting inflammatory comments.

  6. colleen,

    Thank you for taking the time to clarify.

    It seems that you (boldly, I might add) are suggesting that you do not think that Obama could not be the Antichrist because your understanding of the Bible is that the Antichrist will be from Europe, and Obama is not from Europe.

    To clarify, to everyone on this blog, I do not think there is anything racist about that. If you think that is racist, you can talk to me about that.

    It really bothers me when someone can successfully twist someone's words and ruin a point that was being made. It doesn't benefit anyone. I will respect colleen's wishes to not comment further on this post (and I certainly don't blame her) and will offer that anyone who has a problem with what she said can "take it up" with me. Colleen has my email address, and if I am "misrepresenting" her, she can correct me.

    Anonymous, if you are not a coward, you will let us know who you are (he or she) and apologize to colleen for your unnecessary and inflammatory comment.

  7. From what I remember of the Bible the anti-christ is meant to appear as the saviour, or at least a false prophet first, isn't he?

    Obama doesn't seem to fit that mold.

    Also, I doubt that the anti-christ, as a leader, would appear as a politician.

    Personally, I think there is some work to be done yet in terms of undermining national identity before the hidden powers can then cause public opinion to turn against the 'elected' leadership.

    At that point, there will of course be a 'solution' offered, and that will be when the trouble starts...

  8. OK Colleen, I did not take your post as racial. I am a white women and one of my very best friends is a black women. I don't care if Barrack Hussein Obama is black, white, purple or pink. I will not vote for him. As far as him being the antichrist I think that it is possible. You have to look the Word says that he will come from the east. Well he spent most of his growing up years in the east. It doesn't say what color he will be. Time will tell if he is or not. I don't think that he can lead our Country. I think that he will do more damage than we can even imagine. I don't agree with anything that he stands for oh wait WHAT DOES HE STAND FOR??? I can't understand why people don't look at his voting record.

    Now back to the I said there is a possiblity. If you look at the Word it says that this generation shall not pass...the generation I believe is when Isreal became a Nation and that was in 1948. Now if you look at a generation well the Lord promises us 70 years so if you add 1948 to 70 you will get 2018 then if you take that and subtract the 7 years of tribulation (this is when the devil will have the reign over the earth and the mark of the beast will come in and you will have to have 666 on your forehead or right hand) you get 2011, so if you do the math it can and does make you think. The Lord gives us clues in the Bible it also says that no one knows the hour or the date. However with that being said just take a look at it and see so yes it is a possiblity.

    I will say again it is truly a possiblity, this man comes from nowhere and runs for President of the greatest Country in the World. He has a plane and takes the American Flag off and puts up some sun or something, he doesn't respect our troops or our Nation and if those political winds should change he would have to stand with the muslins. This is scary. I am tellin you that I am of the belief and I know in my heart that it is true that is there in only one way to God and that is through His Son. I think that people are going to be truly surprised when they meet their maker. Alls I can say is just be ready. That is it. Just be ready and I pray everyday that everyone is ready.

    Again Colleen I never took your post as racial. Have a GREAT DAY.

  9. I think it is wonderful that in my lifetime, there is a strong chance that there will be a biracial president. If it happens, I think the rest of the world will finally see the U.S. as the melting pot it really is. It was also amazing to see a woman making a strong run at the presidency.
    Colleen, I don't think what you said was a racial slur. I think you are stating the obvious. As a white woman working in a mostly white male dominated company (although the company is changing and for the better) for almost 20 years, it seems that sometimes people latch on to "comfort zone", which includes being more comfortable with someone like themselves in looks/background. I'm not saying that is right, I'm saying that it can be human nature, especially if the person has not experienced living in a diverse society. Living overseas, I heard first hand stories of discrimination. In Singapore, folks of Chinese descent are the majority while Malay and Indian descent are minority. One of my coworkers told me how he was offered a job by a firm there and he was told he would be the first Indian to work at the firm (it was predominantly Chinese)- he said he told them he wasn't going to be their token. Later, I met another coworker who is Malaysian of Chinese descent. In Malaysia, the Chinese are the minority and thus he faced discrimination there. (Malaysia and Singapore countries are very closely located). When I traveled to China with my coworkers, we noticed how I was treated differently, basically better, by the mainland Chinese than my team members of Chinese descent from Singapore and Malaysia. Also, leaving and working in Asia, I realized how it feels to "stick out" due to my skin color AND I realized that sometimes I was stared at BUT it was in a nice way, more the person being interested in seeing differences (I traveled to remote areas where white women often weren't seen). I thought, my gosh, how would it feel if they were staring and watching me because they thought I might do something "bad" due to a sterotype they have stuck in their head - this gets into the racial profiling and I thought in the US, there are probably times black women are going about their business but are looked at suspiciously just because they are black. I thought how uncomfortable it felt to be looked at just because I look different and am in the minority, but what if it went one step further to suspicion (sp?) and then to outright hostility, etc. I know I can never feel what someone else has felt but I do think my eyes were more opened to this by living and traveling overseas. (I also know what it is like to be the only woman manager in a room full of men managers trying to make a point. Can be frustrating.)

  10. well Im glad you kept the post that Anonymous put because they were not yelling or cursing at me.
    Thanks for all of the opinions they are quite interesting. Things get heated like this on Democrat and Republican boards you know I have read them.

  11. This is foolishiness! Please delete this entire post and that poll.

  12. I hate to say this but haute pink may be right to get rid of this

  13. Haute pink,

    I don't think that I have officially welcomed you yet.


    Now, why should this entire post and comments be deleted?

    You said:

    "This is foolishness!"

    Do you mean the idea of Obama being the Antichrist is foolishness? Or that discussing it is?

    Obviously, some people think he is while others think he is not.

    Now, I will grant you that this has nothing to do with Mary Kay!! Not by a long shot. But, I think it is something that people seem to want to talk about. I took a chance that some people here might have an opinion about it! It seems I was right.

    So again, in light of that, I ask, why should this post be deleted?

    *note: I am not asking in an antagonistic way... I really want to know, and if it seems that it should be deleted, I would certainly consider it.

  14. Hugs to Colleen!!

    and... that is all I have to say on the topic.

  15. David,
    I really had to go back re-read the post and re-read the Time online article that was linked. I must say that I literal had to laugh out Loud! First because I am Christian, secondly an African American young lady, and thirdly because I have read the entire Left Behind series. And sadly I must agree that Obama and the charater in the Left Behind and some of the points in the Times Article showed some things that would make you wonder…

    Why must Barack Obama always use as joke for mediocrity? Is it because he is a Black man running for president disrupting the order of power in the Whitehouse? Or perhaps, is it because he speaks with such charisma and articulation that it draws America’s and the World’s ears closer to listen? Or is it because it takes a few more correct enunciations to pronounce his first, middle, and last name and correctly?

    At first my position for this entry to be taking down was because of that that for the past 43 years since 1965 that The Voting Rights Act was approved which was huge for civil rights so that African Americans, Women, and other minorities could voice the vote. So seeing this question posed on this particular blog was a turnoff because for years people have been killed and ostracized for not have equal rights in America. So now with the candidate (Obama) , whose life and background is different why is he the only one being questioned for his uniqueness?

    So now, with my refreshed point of view you don’t have to take this down but you should create any other poll and blog entry I think you should POSE that same question towards every candidate ( McCain, Haillary, and however else) and towards the incumbent President(BUSH) .

    Haute 4 Pink!

  16. Oh... Thank you for the WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I put my mini-information on the introductions page.

    Stay Haute 4 PiNk!

  17. I agree with Haute Pink, you should take this down or create another poll.

  18. Sorry for the delay in responding to this.

    Haute Pink said:

    "...I must agree that Obama and the charater in the Left Behind and some of the points in the Times Article showed some things that would make you wonder…"

    But in practically the same breath, you ask me to:

    "POSE that same question towards every candidate ( McCain, Haillary, and however else) and towards the incumbent President(BUSH) ."

    and anonymous (btw... please read this) echos:

    "I agree with Haute Pink, you should take this down or create another poll."

    But there are not Time articles about these other people being called the Antichrist, there are not blogs devoted to the subject of them being the Antichrist.

    "Is Obama the Antichrist?" is the question that is being asked on the internet. "Is Obama the Antichrist?" is the question that I am echoing here. Nothing more nothing less. Is it a ridiculous question? So far, it seems the majority of our readers think so.

    I will tell you what. You bring me an article, website, blog (anything online) that suggests one of the other candidates is the Antichrist and I will publish an article and/or poll to discuss it, with a link (similar to the Time article in this post) and we can compare and contrast the speculations about which current political leader may or may not be the Antichrist.

    Alternatively, show me an article that paints any of the other candidates as something controversial and I will consider doing the same thing.

    This kind of conversation starter only "works" when there is already a story being discussed.

  19. Cleary, my answers was only presented to ask the same question to the other candidates to offer your blog readers a well-round view, in order give everyone a different prospective of whom could be the “antichrist” amongst candidates.

    Here are some suggested perspectives. I am done with this Topic.

    President Bush:

    Bill Clinton:

    Hillary Clinton:

    John McCain:

  20. Personally, I think this topic AND the article that spawned it are stupid. The references come from a fiction series?? I don't care if the series is based on biblical writings, it's still a fiction series and it is completely unprofessional of a magazine such as the Times to use books and chain letters to perpetuate the idea. The very fact that those are their only references make the article look silly. So, what we have is this: The Times follows an unfounded accusation that McCain intended the ad to imply that Obama was the Antichrist. They then use chain letters, non-confirmed internet hits and a book series to compare how he could be the Antichrist. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I hate this topic. You know, if there ever was an Antichrist, it was Hitler and he's dead now so lets move on people. We don't need an Antichrist for people to murder one another, go to war and blow up the world. Humans can do all that just fine on their own. Last, I would think born-agains would love the Antichrist to come so they could zoom off to paradise while the rest of us Obama-voting sinners toiled in agony.

  21. I feel that in every election we are not choosing the best candidate, but the lesser of two evils.

    If he is the "Beast", there isn't a thing we can do about it. (According to the bible there are many antichrists through out history. There is only one Beast before the return.) He would come to power anyway, and we wouldn't know until it was too late.

    Now here is food for thought he has missed 45.5% of the current congress votes. HMM...he still has his current job to do?!?

  22. Your Mom...Last, I would think born-agains would love the Antichrist to come so they could zoom off to paradise while the rest of us Obama-voting sinners toiled in agony.

    Alls I can say is that us "Born Agains" would not want anyone to be "LEFT BEHIND" whether you vote for barrack hussien obama or not. Have a GREAT DAY

  23. Oh grow a sense of humor! LOL!

  24. I am a registered republican only because thats what my parents are and at 18 I didnt' know anything about politics. Today I tend to vote by candidate rather than by party. I am registered with both Obama and McCain's websites so that I receive campaign news from both sides. Havign studied the opinions and backgrounds of both I will very likely be voting for McCain.
    With that said, I have to admit that I watched the ad on McCain's website about "The One" when it came out and it made me very uncomfortable. Not because it made me think that Obama might be the antichrist but because I thought that it was such a stretch and because I thought it was so inappropriate and just weird. I remember thinking at the time that whatever advisor thought that was a good idea had really messed up that one.
    Why am I still going to vote for McCain? Simply put, I think he is the better of two not so great candidates. In my opinion Obama simply does not have enough experience for the job right now. I think he needs to go back to the senate and try again in four or eight more years. He just has so much more to learn before he is ready to lead a country during a time of war and economic crisis. When you really think about his experience he never served in the military, has not spent much time as an adult overseas, and is a junior senator. Yes, he is a charasmatic leader and I do think that in 4-8 years he would be a good candidate. Just not right now.
    McCain at least understands military tactic. He stayed in the military after he was offered early release after being a POW. Those soldiers in Iraq won't just be pawns to him because he's been in their boots. He has also been in politics for a long time and knows international politics.
    So, yeah I think that some of McCain's ads are stupid and even uncomfortable to watch. I do think he crossed the line with "The One" ad and I don't think Obama is the antichrist. But I'm not going to get trapped in all these smoke screens and lose sight of the real needs of our country.

  25. I think "The One" ad by McCain was meant to be taken as satire, because although there are those who say Obama might be the Antichrist (which I think is a stretch), there are also those who because of Obama's charisma speak and write about him in glowing, almost messianic terms. So I think the ad was meant to spoof those glowing accolades--not imply that McCain or his camp gave any credence to the claim that Obama could be the Antichrist.


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