Sunday, June 1, 2008

Balanced Mary Kay welcomes new author mk4me

As most of you are (hopefully) already aware, I am actively seeking new authors for this site. Shay and Shades of Pink have both come on board and as you can see from their activity, there is no minimum or maximum required regarding posts.

Today I am pleased to announce that I finally talked mk4me into becoming the fourth author for this site. I am excited because I believe that her perspective and thoughts regarding Mary Kay will greatly enhance the material this site has to offer!

In case you missed it, or forgot, you can read up on mk4me here at her profile

If you want to create your own profile and let us all know a little more about you Click Here
*note - there may be a few of you that have posted a profile and I haven't generated your own page yet... I will try to look into that soon, but I digress.

I am very serious about adding different perspectives and again emphasize that if you would like to be an author, let me know. It would be preferable if you have some experience with blogging (esp. on blogger) because it will come very simply for you. Also, I do want to see that you have been participating on this site already.

Welcome mk4me and we are all looking forward to hearing from you on a regular or semi-regular basis!


  1. MK4Me quick question. For the newbies and the lurkers
    -how many hours per week would you say you work
    -what are the biggest obstacles you have had to overcome as a director
    -which director have you heard speak (does not have to be your area so we dont out you or your identity)in your opinion is a mentor or does things the MK way.
    You can pick a National or top director that you feel is the closest to this answer.

  2. Okay, I will do the best I can here because I definitely have a
    unique sort of lifestyle. My husband works third shift and the house with kids and all is a zoo during the day, so for the most part I am up and working more 2nd -3rd shift and sleeping from the wee hours of the morning to late morning/early afternoon.

    My unit knows, you will get me at 1:00 am but you will be talking to the voicemail if you call at 7:00, (except if you get me when I am saying goodbye to the kids as they leave for the bus).

    But I figure if I add everything up I probably work around 30 - 40 hours average a week. (If I don't count the time reading the blogs!) (ok, I admit, I'm a little hooked)

    My week usually consists of 3 selling appointments, one unit meeting, and one new consultant training session. Phone calls, office work, and computer - take up the rest of the time.

    I probably spend longer than I need to when I am on the phone but you can probably figure from my typing habit that I am a chatter. My presentations are not done in 45 minutes either cuz, it just isn't me. I love people and enjoy it when I am around others that are also have a good time.

    I have heard several nationals that have inspired me, let me also add I have listened to a few that, hmmmm... well, mamma always said if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything....

    Her voice gets on my nerves but I use to love listening to the obstacles that Molly Morrow overcame pretty sure she is an Emeritus now... I can still hear her saying, "if you fall into a manhole, you just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep on going" of course you need to hear the rest of the tape to get it but wow, awesome woman.

    I also respect Rena Tarbet, I do realize she talks "Texas" (large) style which I don't agree with but she does know how to teach and sell this product and I (even though) I am not in her area have seen how much pain she has been in and she just puts on a smile and keeps going. She has strength that I don't think I could ever muster up.

    I absolutely loved, loved, loved Nancy Sullivan, now Emeritus - Nancy was such a character and so much fun yet still so down to earth.

    I also have been inspired by Ann Newbury and Pam Tull. I love listening to Gloria Mayfield Banks, and Bett Vernon - in earlier years, Cathy Bill too.

    I sat next to Maureen Ledda leaving a conference once and she was truly enjoyable the whole trip. There are others but those do stick out.

    My biggest obstacle, honestly, would be myself. Yup, me. I have (for real) ADD - I am treated for it, but I don't like structure or a schedule ..but because of my "problem", I need one even more than the average individual.

    My other obstacle is I am shy, yup, big time, 14 years and my knees still shake and I am nauseaus even just starting my unit meetings, now once I get going you can't shut me up, but .. and at my age, I honestly don't think that is going to change, my hubby says it is a good thing in a way, he says it is probably what keeps me so "grounded" and humble. Those that know me well, would agree totally, those that don't think I am some sort of super secure, totally together type person, (NOT)...then they get to know me...and they just lol.

    Other pet peeve or whatever, if I give someone my word, they can take it to the bank, (or I will die trying) it bugs me when people aren't as accountable as I try to be. Guess a little control issue, I can only control what I do, not what others do.

    Aside from that, I dont' really see any obstacles at all (in my case, they are usually excuses, not obstacles) Biggest one: Fear of not living up to my full potential. (and on occassion, letting my unit down).

  3. colleen, sorry, it might have been a quick question but I certainly didn't give you a quick answer!

  4. Yay! I am so glad you are an author, MK4ME!!!



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