Sunday, June 1, 2008

Newbie on the Keyboard

David asked me so nicely, and I do believe in our blog, so I decided to accept his offer. I think I am now an "official" author on our super blog. I can't promsie tons of articles but I will do my best. I also will try to maintain the level of integrity that we all expect from our blog.

I had sent Dave something I had read that I thought was deep and powerful so I guess that will be my first post, once he sees I actually got this far following the directions on how to sign up to by an author. Guess we will find out!! Your loyal fellow blogger, mk4me

Now all I will end with, it is a great new month and my unit and I am planning on having a Jumpin', Jammin', and Joyous June, we have spa parties booked, pedicure parties, hairy scary leg parties booked and alot of twists on these to make sure summer stays fun and with these demonstrations, your clients get to try other products that they normally would not get to try.

So on this note (and to see if I did this right) - I bid you adue and pink dreams!! mk4me


  1. Finding Production..this is more geared towards our lovely directors.
    Yes I went to that bad site (things are slow here at work) and there is a post where they are discussing finding production and where JTA (who was or is a top director) said that at Corporate they teach you how to go to your base unit and get new recruits and reactivate old consultants. I wanted to see how MK4Me and Speaking the truth felt about that.
    I personally see nothing wrong with it. We all know new recruits add to production but do you gals feel that is manipulation or do you follow these instructions. I see nothing wrong with churning numbers or getting new recruits I mean there are certain things you have to do to GROW a unit, but to maintain one I think is where the ethics and go give comes in.

  2. colleen, not quite sure what you are asking, sorry, but, I was taught (years ago) that you teach a consultant what she needs to know and encourage her to work her business. There are times, you can not make another want to work. Often it is easier to find new people who are excited and train them even though it takes more time than working with a trained consultant. So new may be easier than trying to relight a fire in someone that isn't interested or just doesn't care.

    Your unit will always be composed of different personalities, but the fact is about of third of your unit will be working, a third will be playing, and a third pretty much have decided they don't want to be a consultant or they are content to be a personal use consultant. We are a "people" business but the bottom line is it is a numbers game as far as growth.

    I do not believe in "pulling production" or "dialing for dollars" at the end of the month because the way I see it, you are really only "borrowing" from the next month, which means the next month you are starting already behind. (Now on occassion we will all have a big goal we might pull out all the stops to acheive, but this should not be the norm, it should be the exception). And, in my unit we are all going into June excited, we are going to book and sell the heck out of the month and the orders will pour in because we move product, if they are selling lots of product, they will need to order lots. We start at the BEGINNING of the month with this work ethic, you can't wait until the end of the month and hope that it happens.

    A unit will only survive with new growth. Anything needs new fresh energy to stay young and spunky.

    The best example I can give ... if you are not growing your unit (finding new unit members, personalities, etc...) it is like you are treading water (in deep water)... you might be able to tread water for a verr long time...but sooner or later, it is time to kick out and swim to the shore or you are going to go under and drown.

    As far as offering an ex-consultant to rejoin, why not, if she doesn't want to she won't, and if she has the ability and you see something in her, why not give her the chance. We can all do much better at different things during different stages of our lives. Sometimes it is because the individual has matured, others they could be in a happier place in life, their kids may be older and well, you get it. Just because someone may not have embraced MK the first time doesn't mean they won't be good a second time.

    Hope this helps but if I didn't get the jist of the question, ask more!!

  3. speaking the real truthJune 3, 2008 at 1:34 PM

    Hi Colleen,

    i am not sure what post you were referring too, and really don't have the time to research it, sorry.

    You do have to WORK and work with your unit. You work your unit by maximizing what is there, and you work with them by helping them maximize their opportunities.

    You maximize what is there by offering opportunities for them to add new unit members, to sell products (color launches, etc.) They might bring a guest that really will embrace the MK opportunity, even though she isn't working it 100%. When this happens, you both win.

    You work with them by training them, encouraging them, mentoring them.

    I think of building a unit like building any corporation. I'm the "manager or president". The difference is that I build the company rather than getting hired in to work with people that they already have.

    I do look for extra production each month, all month, but I do not do it by asking others to order. I do it by making sure that consultant's know their status and what they stand to gain or lose by month end. If they have commission on the table, but are inactive, I let them know that. If they are A3, I let them know at the beginning of the month that it is their last month to use their discount and then remind them at the end of the month. They seem grateful that I help them in this way. Also, if someone who is A2 or A3 placed a small order, I remind her that if she places $200 in TOTAL wholesale orders before the month ends, that it will reset her active status and extend her discount through _______. If she is T status or 12 months status, I contact her about what that means as well.

    IT IS THEIR CHOICE TO ORDER OR NOT. They are simply made aware of their situation and what they have to gain or lose. This helps them to plan WHEN to order, not just if.

    I also keep them aware of where they stand on contests, etc., as well as the bonus products that are available to them. Sometimes, it is better to wait until the 16th to order, when a new bonus begins, sometimes not.

    I hope that all makes sense and answers your questions.

  4. Yes questions answered


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