Monday, June 2, 2008


My first post is going to be a little different, I really am excited to put together some original ones but it has been a very busy (but fun) week. I happened to read this and found it to be quite powerful and thought I would like to share it in light of all the "interesting" things we have been reading that people will do (or won't do) because of pressure or manipulation. I won't make every post inspirational or deep, but this one spoke volumes and felt it was worth sharing.

A matter of choice:
Immaturity is thinking that you have all the answers. Wisdom is knowing that you don't.
Weakness is wanting to control everything around you. Strength is gracefully accepting and valuing what is.
Insecurity is the constant, gnawing desire to have more and more. Confidence is knowing that you already are enough.
Failure is thinking that you can advance yourself by pushing others down. Success is understanding that the more you lift others up, the more you'll be lifted yourself.
Despair is committing yourself to shallow, superficial things that too soon will wither and die. Joy is filling your world and your life with the things that truly matter.
Every moment, you are fully capable of living with wisdom, strength, confidence, success and joy. It's not a matter of chance, but always a matter of choice.
And you can make the choices now that will surely take you there.
-- Ralph Marston


  1. Amen, sister!



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