Sunday, June 1, 2008

I need a volunteer

I am looking for a volunteer. As you all know, I am always looking to add authors to this site so that we can have a healthy variety of quality content. I am excited to let you know that I will be announcing a new author very soon so keep your eyes open for that.

But right now, I am looking for anywhere from one to five volunteers to help with the creation of a very simple but important element of this blog.

From time to time, we discuss the various topics that come up on Pink Truth and other so called "anti-Mary Kay" sites. In fact, the premise of bringing up what is discussed there and adding "the other side" to it is the primary reason that this blog was created in the first place.

Although the thought of spending time on sites such as Pink Truth is hardly appealing and the lies that are strewn about in those places hardly affect anyone here, the truth is that for someone trying to dig a little deeper and find out what Mary Kay is "really about" Pink Truth may be the only "truth" they find. In order for this site to effectively offer the "other pink truth", we really need to be consistent in our effort to point out their inaccuracies and lies.

In order to truly offer this kind of 'counter-intelligence', I would like to have several people devoted to:

1. Visiting Pink Truth on a daily or weekly basis
2. Choosing a post from the main page
3. Summarizing the main point of the 'article' using quotes as appropriate
4. Adding your "take" or "opinion"
5. Posting all of this as a post on this blog so that members and readers here can comment and add their responses to it.

It is very important that we not simply copy and paste their post into this blog. It is also very important that whoever does this takes the time to do a good job. We do not want to misrepresent/misquote what they are saying and so criticize a non-existent flaw in their thinking. Because I want each volunteer to do the best possible job with each piece that they handle, I am looking for several people. If you can commit to finding, editing and authoring one such post per week or even per month, I am calling on you to help out. I do not have the time to proofread/edit your work, so I am asking that you be willing to compose this in Word (or some other word processing program) and ensure the quality yourself. I know that most of you are very busy with working your business and in some cases a full or part time job as well as being with your family. If this is not something that fits your schedule at this time, don't feel bad about sitting this one out.

As always, you can reach me at - but I do seem to lose some emails to that address (in spam or cyberspace) so if I don't respond quick enough, please leave a comment on this post letting me know that you sent me an email!

I would love to see a "today on Pink Truth" post every day of the week, so I am thinking that 5 people committing to 1 post per week would about cover the typical work week. They seem to be pretty dead over the weekend over there so this would be a great start.

Please let me know your thoughts about this. Including if you feel that this is a bad idea. But if you don't like this idea, please be prepared to explain why!



  1. I’ve been told “with everything negative, there is something positive,” and vice-versa, I suppose. Sometimes I wish I had time to visit here more often. One of the truly positive things about this site I’ve noticed is the attention it gives to I’ve occasionally wondered if (aside from Google) there’s a more effective conduit to guide women toward than the constant references made on sites like this one. Regardless of the intentions behind what is written here about, (and the many helped by that site), it’s all good.

    You see, at the end of the day, the most vital components of the entire Mary Kay Cosmetics issue, the most potent factors, are merely time and information. The more women you can steer toward, the better. Keep up the good work.


  2. deleted,

    you are so right.

    I had completely forgotten about the importance of letting the 'google' spiders know that this site reveals the truth about pink truth by mentioning pink truth and multiple times in the comments section of my blog.

    After all, if people have read the insane rantings and bitter complaints about Mary Kay on and thought to themselves, "wow, is nothing but lies and distortions" they MAY just do an internet search for "pinktruth" or "" and when they do, they should be able to find us!!

    Thank you for helping get the ball rolling and (if you would like) please feel free to visit pink truth at and let them know that this blog offers some much needed perspective.

    I know that pink truth usually deletes any comments of that nature, and you may run the risk of being banned by administrators, but I certainly would not discourage you from trying to give pink truth a dose of reality.

    again, thanks for reminding us that we need to let people know that Pink Truth is not actually the truth. Hopefully we will be a little more assertive in the future.

  3. Dave,

    Consistency, I’ve found, seems to be one of the virtues common to the half dozen or so who comment here with regularity. I’ve come to expect no less an example of delusional, euphoric, dementia than that you so clearly presented in your last comment.

    I hope you and your wife are doing well. Are you and she going to seminar this year?


  4. Spoken so eloquently D,

    "...delusional, euphoric, dementia..."

    Well said.


  5. Thanks Dave,

    But, are you, you and your wife, going to seminar this year?


  6. "Deleted Posted:'
    Consistency, I’ve found, seems to be one of the virtues common to the half dozen or so who comment here with regularity

    oh my, is this suppose to be a dig that we don't have such a large following yet?

    I have noticed it is growing but if we wanted it to look, larger than it is we could take tips from all the ex pter's on Duh and PTLies, and several other sites, just sign up for four or five different names to post with and it will look like your readership increase. I read on one of the sites some of the many names TC herself used. (I think she had like 8 - 10 names she was using on pt. Too funny, you could have a conversation with yourself! That's just too funny.

    As far me I will just remain in my
    "euphoric" state enjoying my life, my family, and my MK as mk4me in the blog world!

  7. Good morning.


    Do you &/or your wife plan on attending seminar this year?


  8. deleted said,

    "I hope you and your wife are doing well. Are you and she going to seminar this year?"

    and then,

    "But, are you, you and your wife, going to seminar this year?"

    and then,

    "Do you &/or your wife plan on attending seminar this year?"

    I recall asking deleted (at that time he was referring to himself as "blessed") AT LEAST this many times to describe his experience in Mary Kay.

    Is it too optimistic for me to hope that by ignoring HIS request for information he will somehow "get it" and unfold the tale of how he became Mary Kay's greatest advocate? (sarcasm intended)

    Time will tell.

  9. One day my wife and I will provide a more detailed story about our experience with “the dream.” This story has already been largely provided in previous writings. Dave, please know, I’ve never declined to answer a specific closed ended question, an objective (as opposed to subjective) question re my thoughts and experiences concerning the “opportunity.”

    For example, I will readily provide you with an answer to the question, “Will you and or your wife be attending seminar this year”? We will not be attending.

    Dave, Will you and or your wife be attending seminar this year?

  10. speaking the real truthJune 4, 2008 at 1:47 PM

    what kind of weird little game is going on here???

    I have a specific question for "deleted". Did your wife actually lose money in Mary Kay? I mean when you add up every cent over the time that she was a consultant, can you absolutely say that she was in the red? If so, can you detail how that happened (with the product buy-back program, etc.) Where did she spend the money, etc.


  11. Deleted said,

    "...Dave, please know, I’ve never declined to answer a specific closed ended question..."

    And here we come to the crux of the problem. The major difference between us. The serious problem I have with many of the commentators and authors on Pink Truth (

    You see, Deleted, I do not consider myself to "know" something simply because someone says it.

    I do not "know" for instance that 99% of consultants in Mary Kay lose money just because Tracy says it over and over again every opportunity she gets.

    When I first read THAT "fact" (the 99% "fact") I went to her "source" and read the article for myself.

    A. It does not say that 99% of Mary Kay Consultants lose money.
    B. The evidence that is examined there in many ways does not apply to Mary Kay.

    So, I do not "know" that 99% of Mary Kay consultants lose money. In fact, I highly doubt that is the case.

    In the same way, how can you ask me to "know" that you have "never declined to answer a specific closed ended question" when in fact, I have asked you specific closed ended questions that you have ignored (which to me is the same as "declining to answer")? Further, many people on this blog have asked you specific closed ended questions that you have ignored.

    It is the specific questions that you have NOT answered that have left me feeling no obligation to answer your question - and hoping that by not answering I might just get through to you why no one takes you seriously.

    I was tempted to just ignore your little jab that started this whole conversation, but I have an optimistic personality that causes me to hope the best for all people. I truly hope that one day you will realize that there are some of us who "do Mary Kay" with a very passionate focus to help women and an even greater passion to end any kind of abuse that happens.

    I am not sure if you have read the history of how this site came to be, but it all started with me apologizing to members of Pink Truth. (An apology that got deleted - in my eyes a rejection of that apology.)

    I still hope that through this site, the heart behind that apology will make its way to the readers of that and other sites. Not just those readers, but others that have been abused and perhaps have not found that site.

    As you well know, we here do not deny that abuses happen. We are as appalled and saddened by them as anyone. However, we have seen the good that Mary Kay can create and hope to rectify problems - the right way - by correcting misinformation, speaking out against injustices, and informing the corporate management of illegal/unethical behavior so that they can deal with it appropriately.

    To put it in someone else's words, "You see, at the end of the day, the most vital components of the entire Mary Kay Cosmetics issue, the most potent factors, are merely time and information. Once you take a step back and realize that bad people will always look to exploit anything they can to turn a quick profit, you will hopefully conclude (as I and many of my readers have) that the problem is NOT Mary Kay. The problem is NOT the structure, the commission rate, the price of gas, the "home party plan", the prizes that are awarded, the cars, the red, purple, brown suits, the pink boas, or any other element. The problem is that unscrupulous INDIVIDUALS have seized on the opportunity to manipulate other individuals taking advantage of the reputation of Mary Kay, the authority of God and religion, or a combination of both.

    Please hear me. I am sorry this happened to you.

    But also hear this. Please do not assign to my wife the same character flaws and deceitful conduct that inhabited the individual who burned you and your wife.

  12. Bravo, David Shepherd! Bravo!

  13. Dave is the MAN!!!
    very well said!!

  14. Well, now I'm just curious! It sounds like you and your wife must be doing it right, Dave. So are you going to Seminar? Is it worth the expense if you are doing this business right? Or is it not worth it?

    What about MK4ME? Are you going? Is it worth it? I only went once and didn't learn anything about booking, which is my biggest obstacle. The motivation was nice, but not worth the cost of getting there. Same for career conference.

    I am very curious as to what those who are truly doing this as a business think.

  15. speaking the real truthJune 5, 2008 at 7:54 AM

    You didn't ask me, but I will be there. If you are in my Seminar, you will see me on stage accepting my diamonds, and no, I did not run up a lot of debt to get there, nor am I running any special promotions to finish my unit circle.

    I will also go over the 45 compacts for the challenge. I have 2 more to order, and by the time that they arrive, I will have maybe 6-8 to my name. The others have been sold. I have been offering the filled compact for $59, and they have been selling like hotcakes.

  16. STRT--are you selling the filled compacts for $59 regardless of what they are filled with? That's a great idea!

    For the record, I went to Seminar once. It wasn't my thing really. I didn't hate it, but I didn't fall in love with it and it didn't inspire me the way it has inspired others to become directors and what not. I don't want to go back to Seminar unless I have have at the very least earned free driving status. So, I will not be going this year. Perhaps next year. ;)

    Based on my previous experience, I think I would plan my trip to Dallas as more of a vacation and make it about things I want to see in the area and then go to Seminar, too. JMO. I've made some friends in the Dallas area and what a great opportunity to see them, too! As a director, I would go because it's part of the job. And, I didn't hate it. I just didn't think it was worth it to be there at the time. And no, I didn't lose tons of money by going to Seminar. I planned the trip ahead of time and saved money for the expenses.

    As for Career Conference, I really like Career Conference and I go every year. My production affords me the cost to go and I typically car pool with a friend so the cost of gas isn't a huge issue. I typically come home from Career Conference and have a high sales month or two immediately following. I think there is far more training at CC than at Seminar, from my experience; but I've only been to 1 Seminar 4 years ago and I wasn't really impressed. It could be different now. I've attended 5 Career Conferences.

  17. Career Conference is the BOMB!! Best place to go to learn selling and booking techniques from good directors.

  18. Well, maybe it was the one I went to. A lot of women screaming and shreking. A LOT of recognition and clapping. Seriously, my hands were stinging from all the clapping. It was a larger version of our weekly meeting. Sharing a room with 3 other women was not the fun time that my director made it out to be. The late nights with more claping and screaming. Not a word was said about business management. Few things were said about how to get bookings from, much less how to get them from strangers once you are finished with your family and friends.

    I found it was very expensive and tiring and did not do anything for my business.

  19. Hey all, late to the game, but I am here!! Yes, yes, yes I am going to Seminar. I will also be on stage a few times, but just like strt I earned my trips, as a matter of fact, I have won so many Court Rings, that I am opting to take the cash (just plain ran out of fingers and necks and ears to take anything this year) and the ones I have are all going to be passed on to my daughter, daughter-in-laws, sisters, mother, and nieces. I've got enough to go around. And several years ago, I took the man's ring and we used it for my hubby's wedding ring, he says it is more special because I "worked" for it, just didn't go to the store and buy it!!

    Already done the compact thing and they are selling, my clients are loving them and I am already having to reorder the colors that only directors can order right now. These new eyes and cheeks are awesome.

    At the risk of being shot, I love/like Seminar. I do NOT believe every consultant needs to attend every year. I do believe any serious consultant (part or fulltime)needs to see it at least once. I believe anyone who chooses it as a career - it is a must. Hope that makes some sense.

    My advice since it can get overwhelming is you learn, when is it is more important for YOU to be there. From my experience, Seminar caters to all the personality types. If you are a high "C" like me, I love the classes, I have just learned if the teacher isn't my cup of tea, to slid out of the room and slip into another class. (What I notice though, the high "I" who probably most need the classes pick those times to visit the vendors because they feel the classes are boring. (Wonder why some never learned anything?)

    Most all of us love some of Awards night, but let's face it, if you aren't getting recognized, if you don't know many of the people that are, and you are tired, it can get long, I have often told my unit members, if they need, run back to the room and take a little nap - go for it.

    Opening and Closing Cerominies, are pretty cool for everyone, but being ADD - some of the debuting/retiring NSD stories or top director stories can get , ummm.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... know on occassion,if you need to get up and stretch and walk around, it is okay.

    Seminar is a whirlwind, my advice to my unit members is, make sure you get rest when you can, don't run yourself into the ground because they you don't enjoy any of it. If you need to rest for a few hours and "rev" back up, it is better than pushing yourself too far and then missing the majority of it.

    I have openly shared that I am ADD, let me share that any one who has ADD and is in a room with that much energy in it/around it, sort of sucks it up like a sponge, and on occassion, I can fell like i am overloading and ready to melt down, I just remove myself from the situation and go find a quite part of the convention center and take a breath, have cup of tea, settle and then return.

    I suggest to my unit, please try to be rested before you get there, starting Seminar tired is not a good thing, I actually go in a day early, because I hate that always being rushed feeling.

    My unit night is very relaxed. Why?? because our National night is a wow event, Awards night is a wow event so our night, is very relaxed, on occassion take out food in my room (I pay for) and girlfriend time and prices and early to bed!! (Except for me, and we all know I am a vampire) - But it does help a little I am on Central time and not EST.

    ****Okay, thought of a topic for my next article, thank you!!

    When we get to Dallas, we go to a little convenience store get lots of bottled quarter, snacks, etc.. and put them in the room so these things are always available to us.

    I am Emerald, if you are comfortable sharing, what Seminar affliation are you,

    Shades, maybe we can meet!!!!

    Key, take care of yourself and don't allow yourself to get over tired. Drink plenty of water, nap when you can!!!

  20. MK4ME, we definitely will meet at Seminar. I was hoping to meet my goals this time around, but life happens sometimes. My goal is to get on target by September 1 at the latest. I think we will meet in 2009. ;)

  21. Your advice/experience is fabulous mk4me! I agree.. Seminar can be overwhelming and the time long. Rest before heading to Dallas ;) I know I am always super excited and exhausted when I get back. Awards Night is wonderful, but definitely can get long~~when I was a consultant, my director told all of us to take turns napping BUT not to miss any unit member on stage~~that meant no nap for me since I was the only unit member on stage :O
    Classes have definitely gotten much better over the years~~and I know I hate missing any of mine;)

    Unit awards night will be combined with my senior's unit and all her offspring units at Corporate Headquarters(we have been in Go Give since I became a consultant 12 years ago, so no Area Awards other than the Go Give Area the company puts on). Last year, I sat in my hotel room writing personal letters to all 45 consultants in my unit since none of them were with me:(

    I am in Ruby.... See you there!

  22. oops, I know there are several typos in my post...but
    (I really can spell, just not type)

    get lots of bottled quarter, snacks, etc.. and put them in the

    should be bottled water!! yikes!!

  23. Speaking,

    Yup. We lost a bunch of money in Mary Kay, over $10,000. From one perspective, this isn’t much for a 10 year stint of living the “dream.” I’ve read about and talked to people who’ve lost more. As for the buy back program, we gave thousands of dollars of stuff to the local women’s shelter (didn’t send anything back).

    So what happened? One day we’ll publish our story on It’s been told in pieces on a number of blogs, primarily Let me summarize by saying our situation was like the perfect storm experienced by so many; we had the requisite personal characteristics which were combined with the institutional deviance so prevalent in most any MLM. We were wrestling with a family health tragedy. My wife was (is) a woman of profound faith, a trusting person, outgoing, and has always been interested in comradery & recognition from peers (who isn’t?). She also has a wonderful gift: She can walk into a room full of people and, socially, own the room within an hour. In other words, she has never met a person with whom she couldn’t connect. She is college educated, intelligent & savvy (always has been). Mary Kay Cosmetics was not merely a good idea when we got in, we were sure it was a God sent solution.

    If you’re so inclined, you can go here and read an article I wrote for a while back:

    From this article one can easily extrapolate more about our Mary Kay experience. We got stuck on the hamster wheel. This kind of debt doesn’t get racked up over night. It took years. Did we make mistakes? You bet! But clearly, our largest mistake was getting involved in the pursuit of the dream in the first place. Three MK cars later, after surviving the massive strain on our marriage and our finances, we got out.

    We would have never made this mistake if we’d known then what we know now. So, we occasionally tell others.

    Here’s an important point I hope I can successfully make: The problems with Mary Kay Cosmetics can’t truly be reduced to merely the deviant acts of some of the independent consultants. Sure, there are a bunch of crooks in MK; I’ve met some of them. However, I believe the ranks of MK are largely good, wonderful people. Consider the churn rate of this curse. Mary Kay cosmetics goes through women like (insert you own cliche here). No, the problem isn’t so much the people, it’s a system that so successfully promotes institutional deviance. Many people caught up in the MK fog are apt to engage in behavior they would otherwise never consider.

    My posts here are not indented to criticize, but rather to warn. My motivation is perhaps selfish; I’d like to think such warnings can help some avoid stepping in the pile of $#!? we stepped in. God knows we’d have avoided this nightmare if we’d been warned. Mary Kay Cosmetics screams for enhanced consumer protections, or at the very least, a town crier at every intersection. Thank God for and other MK clarity sites.

    So Dave, you or your wife going to seminar?


  24. deleted,

    there is a lot that I have to say in response to that. Unfortunately, I have an early morning and need to go to bed.

    I will have to get back to you later.

  25. I have to respond to Deleted... Why don't you and your wife just move on. If you lost money is that MK fault? I don't really understand. Here is the deal if you don't need product then you don't buy unless of course you are trying to buy your way up the latter. So why in the world was your wife buying product if she was not selling it?

    I get a little tired of hearing you as this and that about MK is that a Christain thing to do? I know that from reading pt that tracy uses the Lord for this and that on her site however if someone in MK mentions the Lord she goes off. You need to pick you internet friends better and that is just my opionion.

    Why is it so important for you to know if David and his wife are going to seminar? Are you trying to start an agrument with him. I don't understand this.

    Anyway if you don't like MK that is find tell your story and then move on. To me this is like you are bating people to go to pt so that they can get into that fog...oh what a tangle web we weave. I say let it go man just let it go.

    There are women making money and living the DREAM and you sound a little bitter to me. Just give it to the Lord and let it go. If this business wasn't for you and your wife that is fine ya'll found out and sent her product back now let it go.

  26. Blessed has good reason to tell his story. He doesn't want what happened to him to happen to others.

    And if he is baiting people to get into the PT fog then pro MKers are baiting people to get into the MK fog. Unless you are sure that they will get in with a good unit, why wouldn't you want them to hear the horror stories so they can not make these same mistakes?

    There are some good units, just like there are some terrible ones. If potential IBCs know what is out there they can better arm themselves with knowledge. It didn't occur to me that my director didn't know what she was talking about and I would have to double check everything she told me. I guess I thought that if MKC put her in the position of director, recruiting people into their business, then they must trust her to know the rules and regs. She didn't, still doesn't, and MKC's response to my phone call was that we are all - including directors - not employees of MKC. Join at your own risk.

    Keep talking, Blessed!

  27. speaking the real truthJune 6, 2008 at 6:53 AM

    Deleted, thank you for your response.

    I still have to say that I disagree with you on your main point that Mary Kay and other similar businesses are flawed by nature. I personally know too many women who have been with the company 10, 15, 20+ years doing it the right and ethical way, and making money, lots of it. If the company were flawed itself, how would that be possible?

    I am glad to see that you and your wife do take responsibility for your mistakes and thank you for acknowledging that there are a lot of good people in Mary Kay.

    I am still curious about the money loss and why she did not return products for repurchase. Also, if you are counting co-op leases on the car, is that really a loss? Most would have to be paying for a car in some way. Also, if anyone does not know, you can return the car at any time to escape the lease payment.

    Do I think that Mary Kay is perfect? Absolutely not. Do I think that it is crooked? No. Do I think that coporate encouraged unethical behaviors? Not intentionally. I think that some in the sales force get carried away, and I do not think that it is fair to expect Mary Kay to put a ton of rules in place to protect us from ourselves. That seems to be what some want, limits on inventory purchases, etc. All the while, these same people complain about the restrictions that Mary Kay already places on our businesses.

    I do have to question your writing style. Why all the sarcasm, etc.? You come across as very arrogant and smart mouthed. I think that more people would listen to what you have to say if you could post with a different demeanor about you.

  28. Speaking,

    It’s been said 80% of communication is nonverbal. An often unintended consequence of a writer’s use of various writing styles is the risk that (absent the nonverbal cues, tone of voice, etc.) the message will be partially, if not largely, misconstrued. I think your observation is valid about the seemingly harsh nature of my message. Please accept my apology. Please also know I don’t intend to be insultingly sarcastic. I believe shining a bright light on the contrasts of views (in some venues)can be an effective form of communication. And just ask Dave, I’m not beyond a bit of hyperbole every now and then.

    Imagine for a moment you’re driving down the road in the country at about 55 or 60 miles an hour. Near a bend in the road you notice some guy along the side of the road jumping up and down, waiving his arms and yelling at you. You can’t make out what he is yelling but he is unusually animated, seems overly excited, and he’s (you surmise) staring at you and your kids. The exasperated exclamation on his face is unmistakable. Your self-talk kicks into gear and you begin to wonder, “Is this guy maybe a mental health patient who has been off his medication”? Before you know anything more, your survival instincts prompt you to prepare to protect yourself from this person who could present an unknown level of danger to you and your family. Your natural survival instincts allow you to strongly consider the likelihood this raving, loud, harsh toned person on the side of the road is a nut you should avoid and, if possible, ignore. He’s obviously upset about something and he looks as though he has a negative attitude. Who has time for negative raving lunatics?

    The good news (hopefully) is you’ve slowed down enough to at least stare at the raving nut on the side of the road. And as you round the bend in the road you see the bridge over the ravine is out. You have just enough time to throw your vehicle into a skid before driving off the cliff. I’m the raving nut on the side of the road. I’m trying to warm as many as possible about the danger just ahead.

    Perhaps you’ve noticed, I’m not the only raving nut on the side of the road. There are so many of us; we all recently climbed out of the ravine. Our wreckage is strewn over the side of the cliff. The vast majority of us simply go home after crashing but many of us run back to the road and try to warn other drivers.

    However interesting it may seem, I’m still astonished at the number of drivers who ignore our ranting and actually speed up when they see the bridge is out. These drivers face forward with both hands on the wheel. White knuckled and with a stark sense of resolute commitment on their face, they drive off the cliff muttering “...if I just beeeelieve in my dreams...” This would be even more astonishing if those of us along the road watching these crashes didn’t remember we too experienced this same delusional phenomena.

    Any analogy will loose its effectiveness when pushed to an extreme. Nonetheless, you get my drift. Again, I apologize for seeming so harsh.


  29. but the bridge is not out for everyone. Everyone is NOT gonna fall into the ravene, some do, some dont. The warnings you give have their place, they caution us to slow down and drive carefully. Drive too fast or without paying attention to the road, you just might fall off that bridge into the ravene, where so many on PT ended up.
    But those that proceed with caution can make it to the other side without crashing and burning.
    As always, like in most of your analogies, you assign everyone the same fate, to end up like you or somewhere close to it. But life is not like that. Success or faliure in this business is specific to each person.
    If you would stop putting everything is such absolute terms, maybe your message would find more validity with the promk world. Sure you can scream your message on the side of the road on PT, but arent you just "preaching to the choir" so to speak over there.

    Here is where you obviously want your message to be heard, so instead of coming off like that lunatic on the side of the road that you speak of, why not try a different approach. Most people run from lunatics, dont listen to them and therefore cant hear their message due to the rantings that accompany it.

  30. speaking the real truthJune 6, 2008 at 11:32 AM

    I agree, for those of us who have never come upon the cliff, and are not likely to ever do so, the person on the side of the road looks like the one screaming "the sky is falling, the sky is falling". And what happens there? People start to listen to zero of his message. I personally think that those who insist that Mary Kay Corp. is run by Satan himself are in the same category of those who say that Mary Kay is perfect and that you can earn executive pay in 10 hours per week, they are both wrong! As in most circumstances, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

  31. D,

    I was in the process of crafting a response to your vague and evasive answer when I saw your illustration.

    I felt that I could better speak to the place that you are coming from by addressing your illustration, so I spent some time creating a post that should illuminate the reality or your bridge scenario.

    You can read my response here .

    I hope that you will eventually come to understand what so many people here have been patiently (and not so patiently) trying to explain to you.

    I welcome you to read the post. In it I explain WHY we are so curious about the specifics of your situation and WHAT the specifics we are looking for are.

    I don't neccessarily relish the idea of holding the plans of my wife and I as a sort of bribe, but I will offer this anyway.

    If it pleases you to share the specifics I request in that post then I will reveal the decision my wife and I have made regarding attending this years seminar - and the motivating factors that led us to that decision.


  32. I hope this hasn't already been said, haven't read all the posts yet, have a super busy next two days but had to get my blog "fix".

    As I read "deleted's" bridge analogy and then skimmed some of the comments... all I can think of is ...

    It is a drawbridge. Most of us know when to slow down (stop ordering products we don't need) and wait for the bridge to return before we cross.

    So the bridge is safe, unless you try to cross it when you shouldn't!

    And anytime you see a drawbridge (there are still a few around, there are always warning signs and usually a gate that comes down to prevent people from driving onto the bridge when they shouldn't, but you will always have those that try to beat the gate instead of waiting to proceed when it is safe. (Those that jump the gate, those that "buy" their way to get the car, the suit, the prize, etc) instead of working for it.

    deleted if you would change your tone and your attitude that MK is evil and can not be done right, and started saying what could happen if you don't abide by the rules, you warnings would be far more effective.

    Become the warning sign, not the man looking like a luniatic. You would be far more effective in helping others.

    Now, I think the analogy is complete with my two cents.

    Have a great Monday and Tuesday everyone!!

    No I think the analogy is complete!

  33. I'm pretty sure Blessed isn't talking to those who are doing MK right. He is warning those who are thinking about starting out on this journey. He is letting them know what happened to him so they can avoid the same pitfalls. He's just louder than most. I wish I would have read his posts before I signed up. So much could have been different.

  34. I try very hard to be objective when I read any comments, when you read "deleted" comments, it comes across that he is not "warning people of the pitfalls" - he comes across as one can not do K ethically and make money.

    He would be far more effective if he said what went wrong and how you can protect yourself from the pitfalls.

    And supporting pt so strongly only better shows that he only believes in the bad. There are other pro/con sites that will let both opinions (including this site) be heard and THAT is where people will really get the benefit of the messages.

    All of one and all of the other isn't going to work because nothing (except death and taxes) is 100%.

  35. Blessed/deleted does not believe that ANYONE can do this business right or ethically, so he is not just talking to a certain group of people, he has plainly lumped us all into the same category many times. His claim is that everyone in MK is either knowingly or unknowingly taking advantage of others or being taken advantage of.

    He is not just simply trying to warn people of what went wrong so they can take heed and do things differently. The only decision he wants people to make is to say no to trying this business. He is standing on the side of the road, yelling like a loon that ALL will fall off the bridge, and ALL will fail. It is not a warning but he has predicted this outcome for everybody. In his world there is no successful way to do this business and no matter how you do it you are doomed to fail or fall off "the bridge"

    That is where he fails to get folks to take him seriously.

    I find it arrogant and condesending to say these things, after all how dare anyone tell me that I am absolutely going to fail at something no matter how hard I try. You cant decide my fate for me just becuase you are bitter about what happened to you. In his writings the bitterness is all I hear because he has assigned his experience to everyone no matter what. Bitter people talk like that, not people who have accepted what went wrong and then want to teach others from having it happen to them if they decide to follow in their steps.
    Instead of causing folks to slow down and listen to him, he is causing folks to run the other way, without looking where they are going and possilbly causing harm to themselves. In other words, Blessed/deleted's approach may be doing more harm than good.
    If someone came up to you yelling and screaming some type of warning, would you stop and give them your attention, or would you run the other way.

    I know this was all meant to be an analogy but put it in the literal sense and think about how you would react to that circumstance, would you listen to a "lunatic" like that?

    Saying something in a loud manner and screaming it out does not give it credibility, nor does it guarantee an audience.


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