Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Name that is Recognized (& not in a bad way)

This is so very cool!!!

Published 12.02.09 From Mary Kay Intouch
Brand Keys List Places Mary Kay® in the Top 10!

Mary Kay was the only beauty brand to place in the top 10 in Brand Key’s Customer Loyalty Leaders 2009 list, ranked at number 7 out of 440 brands. “The ‘emotional engagement’ that women share with their favorite beauty brands is still very powerful,” a Brand Keys press release says.

What’s more, Mary Kay® widened its lead with competitors; none were included in the top 10 this year. (Maybelline ranked at number 12 and Estee Lauder at number 13.) And in the new category of Moisturizing Skin Care for non-prestige brands, Mary Kay tied with Aveeno for first place.

You may remember that last year, Mary Kay® ranked at number three on the Loyalty Leaders list, but this year three of the top four places went to wireless handsets from iPhone, Samsung, and Blackberry. Google was ranked first last year but was number 3 this year. Yet, while handhelds and Smart Phones may be inspiring strong loyalty because of the role they play in our fast-paced lives, it’s clear that women still want the beauty, quality and value Mary Kay products provide.
What makes consumers—and Mary Kay customers -- loyal today? It’s quality and value. A recent BrandWeek magazine article says that cosmetics embody the trend of consumers shopping for value instead of price. As the Brand Keys explains, “The old ‘price-value’ equation has been transformed to an instantaneous ‘value-for-dollar’ consumer calculation.” Women today aren’t only considering price--asking how much moisturizer costs, for example--they are also considering the brand’s reputation and the products benefits and asking themselves how much value comes with that price.

Now is a great time to share the current Beauty on a Budget fliers with your customers. Updated versions of these fliers are currently in the works. They’ll feature some of our newest products for brows that are “$10 or less,” many of which are also designed to fit the Mary Kay® Compact—giving that tool even more custom options and value at a price of just $18. We’ll update you as soon as they’re available in the coming weeks!


  1. Also, get a good consultant and it's not a crapshoot. You can get advice, and if it still doesn't work out, you can send the product back. When I look for advice from MAC, it mostly comes back in the form of BUY ALL OUR STUFF. want to know what works best on *my* skin type. *my* coloring. I get to try samples to see if something is for me. When your budget is tight, eliminating the crapshoot is very important!

  2. I thought that MAC gave their potential clients advice and didnt force them to buy anything according to our anti-MK friends..LOL

  3. Oh, MAC forces nothing...but they strongly recommend! And if they make you over they do expect you to buy something. Yup. Not that I'm criticizing; if they spend their time making me over I could at least grab an eyeshadow. I'm pretty sure the MAC reps work at least partly for commissions.

    I usually order online from them. I can't handle the mob at the counters. They make certain things that I consider indispensable. Their face primer is better than Smashbox's. But anyway...for most of my makeup/skin care, it's far easier ordering from MK4ME than buying MAC at the mall.

    Er, I did say I am running out of liquid foundation, right? MK4ME Please include a tube when my order goes out? I use it on my legs as well as my face when I model, so it goes fast.

    Yes, I do like the MK liquid foundation better than MAC's liquid foundation. Done extensive testing of both.

  4. If you keep flattering me, I'm going to get all spoiled! *fluffs hair, strikes pose*

  5. I stumbled across your blog after googling Mary Kay blogs. I'm not a rep, but I am a satisfied customer.

    Since your blog has a healthy following, I thought you might be interested in letting your clients and other readers know about a nifty protective bag that they can purchase for their Pro compacts.

    Here's the backstory: when I purchased the small compact, it came with a nifty drawstring protective bag which I really liked. When I purchased the Pro, no bag, so I did some online sleuthing at, and discovered a seller from Wisconsin who makes KIP (knitting-in-progress) bags with handy drawstrings, cord locks, and nifty interior pockets sewn into the interior. I measured the Pro's box and emailed her the dimensions, and she recommended a modified mini KIP bag in my fabric of choice. She modified the bag in that she changed the orientation from vertical to horizontal, just like the compact. There are 6 interior pockets sewn into the lining (4 small pockets on the sides; 2 large pockets sewn on the ends), and it's in those pockets that I place extras such as a small tube of mascara, a small double-ended eyeshadow brush, a spoolie brush, and my eyebrow pencil.

    The seller's name on is "Ruddawg" (click on the drop-down menu to "Sellers" then type "Ruddawg" on the search box. The bag cost me $7.50, plus $2.50 to ship. I picked out a very pretty fabric, Yun Qi, so I feel it's pretty enough to carry on its own, and if you select the wrist strap option, you can!

    Disclaimer: I'm not in any way affiliated with Ruddawg except for being a satisfied customer. Just thought other MK customers out there might be interested in something pretty but protective for their Pro compacts.

  6. I wanted to welcome you and thank you for visiting our blog. I hope you continue to read and chime in anytime you like. We appreciate ALL suggestions here. Im glad to see that you are a happy customer its good to hear from the other side.

  7. Thank you, Colleen. I appreciate it very much. Happy Holidays.

  8. Sun, keep visiting and have fun with us! I am also a satisfied customer.

  9. Sun, why don't you send me a pic of the bag.

    I am sure Dave doesn't want to turn the site into an advertising site for loads of aux. products. but I think an occassional product info-commercial would be great!

    Welcome and stick around, we are REAL here and have fun.

  10. Thanks, Miranda. I appreciate it.

    mk4me, I did email you 3 pics from the seller (pulled them right off my reserved listing from my transaction history). I hope the pictures give you a good enough idea of what the drawstring bag looks like, although I should mention that seller took the pictures before adding the satin drawstring cords and cord locks. The bag works great. Besides the compact, I am able to carry the following in the narrow interior pockets: small tube of mascara (from Sephora); a double-ended eyeshadow brush; a spoolie brush; a lipliner; and an eyebrow pencil. I could fit more, but that's all I need, plus I have more inside the compact.


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