Monday, December 14, 2009

Product reviews

I got my Romantic petals set (the pink one) and my brow tools set today. Haven't tried out the brow gel yet; will tonight.

The romantic petals fragrance is delicious! It smells like candy. There's a pink bath pouf, shower gel, lotion, and perfume spray. There are two sheets of pearly pink tissue paper in the bottom of the box. Don't throw those out! Wrap gifts in them!

The brow tools fit in your compact. Spooly brush for brushing through your brows and lashes, angle brush for applying brow powder and dry lining eyes with shadow, and little tweezers. You need this. I hate being out and about and discovering that I have stray brow hairs, or trying to touch up my dry liner with a sponge tip applicator. Might as well eliminate frustration and do it right.

OK, I gotta get some work done before I go out for the evening...catch you later!


  1. My client was happy to get her nutrishine lip gloss but she was a little upset that the tubes are smaller. Other than that a happy Belara and lip gloss customer.

  2. Hm. Makeup companies and food companies like to do that...instead of raising the price, they cut the size. For example, how many girl scout cookies in a box 5? lol


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