Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Active/Inactive/Terminated/ Gone

Great question and I feel the answer is one that may benefit many so I am moving it from a comment to the front page. Thanks Nicky!

Nicky said...
How long can you be inactive before they give you the boot?

Once a consultant, they ONLY requirement to remain a consultant and receive the discount is one minumum ($400 retail with a 50% discount to cost $200 wholesale plus tax on the retail and $8.75 s/h). As long as a consultant places one order a year, she could remain a consultant for the remainder of her life.

A consultant is considered active, the month she places a $200 w/s order and the following two. For example if you placed an order in December, (any day in December) one would be active December, January, and February. During this window there is no minimum order required to receive the discount, but $8.75 s/h is still applied on all orders regardless of size. ... once this window passes, a minimum $200 w/s order is required to receive the discount and return to active status. For the next 3 months if no orders is placed, the consultant is termed "inactive" - the particulares of being inactive... no earned discount, will not receive a commission check if you have a team, and you do not count as an active team or unit member for your recruiter or director. (Now if you have no commission check you are going to forfeit or it would be a $5 check, and you do not need the product, it would not be a financial savy move to order simply to be "active". Now on the other hand, say you need some product... and your commission check would be around $170... I would say, it would be worth it to order) but this is where "thinking comes into play" - I have heard a person say, "Oh, I have to order, so I don't loose my commission check" but they don't need the product and it is a $4 commission check. Financially savy people would not do this. Because if one continues to buy product if they are not selling it, they will eventually quit because they can't move the product they are buying.

So, A1, A2, A3 are your active months, then you will be I1, I2, I3 these are your inactive months. Then comes the T month (T1) it is called.. you are terminated month. Now.. listen up... you are technically not counted as a team member or a unit member, you will loose any team members you have, you may not attend Company functions, and there are a few other perks that are lost but!!!! and most importantly!!! you are not gone forever. A consultant as from T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, and T6 to simply put in a $400 retail / $200 wholesale and she is reinstated without having to submit another agreement.

If one goes past the twelve months then a new agreement with the option for the starter kit or the second chance offer are both available.

Your recruiter and your director could care whether you are active or not depending on what may be going on in their career path... but this is where honesty should come first.. before manipulation. But that would be another long story.

This was brief and I would be happy to explain more but I will address the questions as they come in to provide full picture on this topic.

But the bottom line... to remain active- one order a quarter, to remain non-terminated - once every 6 months, and to remain a consultant, one order a year.

Generally my personal use aka pink piddlers order two a year to get their products and close family and friends, and still have the opportunity to get the limited editon items by not ordering one large order a year.

Are you ready for Christmas?? Not me... will be shopping on Thursday, lol..
Now must go fill orders, received 4 emails and 2 phone orders today! I just Love, Love, Love this business!!

My work of art tree, the picture doesn't do it justice... it is near perfect... took over 7 hours... think I got a little ocd while decorating but it rocks!


  1. This really clears things up! I am looking into becoming a consultant and I was unclear about this. I have some questions about becoming a consultant. Let say I decide to do this, so I order my $100 starter kit. I'd like to take some time to become familiar with the products before I try to sell them to people. Do I have to place my $200 order within a certain amount of time? Also, does it have to be $200 all at once? Or could I place several orders within a month equaling at least $200? I currently have a full-time job, a husband, and a 6 month old daughter, and I'm looking into doing this to earn some extra income. Thanks!

  2. Will answer soon, need to run out and get some last minute stocking stuffers!

  3. Thank you so much for answering my question. I am about to enter T1 in January so this means that by June or July I'd need to put in at least a $200 order so that I don't completely drop out of the unit I'm in and need to do another agreement. I definitely have enough product.

    Word of wisdom to the Mary Kay Consultants to be. Start out small, maybe just a couple sets of the skin care line, or what you think you might sell right away. Get confident with that, build a little at a time. I have things that I'll probably never sell because well my clients so far don't wear ivory 100 and I've got all the shades of lipstick.... of which I haven't yet to sell one... on account of me I'm more into skin care. I am starting to get into makeup more, but you see. I digress, either way if you desire to remain active constantly then you'll potentially be ordering around $200 every 3 months. I should have done this, but well things are what they are. And as Mary Kay herself followed, "God first, Family second, and business third." Balance is important. Don't give up date night and so on.

    Happy New year to All.


    PS I really am glad I found this site

  4. this helps so much thank you!!
    I started out new in December and was convinced into placing a 1000$ order, 3 months later I still have 2/3 of that to sell. My director has been pushing me to place another 200$ order by the end of this month to remain active, and I have been SO stressed that I wanted to quit completely.
    I felt depressed because I love this business so much and did not want to give it up completely. I regret placing a huge order the first time and I HIGHLY recommend to anyone starting new to start small it was extremely difficult for me to sell as a newbie because I lacked some skills.
    It was a learning experience for me and again I thank you SO much for this post.

  5. sof - welcome and stay with us!! keep reading and hopefully you will be a happy consultant for a long time!! If some of your inventory starts to get old... if you sell some at 50% off to your customers and tell them it is a one time super special, at least you would have money to purchase new product or product you need - you wouldn't be loosing money but you would be turning over inventory and replacing it with product that you could sell at retail ( only offer special on items you have in stock that you want to be rid of)


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