Monday, December 21, 2009

DIY french manicure

OK, here is a tutorial on how to do your own French manicure, be it regular or reverse.

First, base coat. Let dry 5 minutes. Then your 2 coats of color. Let dry 5 minutes.

Now the tips. You don't need stencils. Instead of trying to draw the brush perfectly across the nail tip, hold the brush steady and rotate the finger underneath it instead. Apply second coat of tip color if necessary. Dry 5 minutes.

Then apply a quick drying top coat to entire nail. Not that icky oil stuff. Lots of companies make quick drying anti chip top coats. Orly, Sally Hansen, Seche Vite.

Lounge around 15 minutes or so while all this dries. Tada, people will think you paid for an expensive manicure!

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