Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stay tuned.. New Post Coming Soon

Hey all, sorry, I have been very busy with my Holiday Open Houses as always the first weekend in December.... Not bad 4 days of fun... total so far and I haven't check voicemail for the orders that were called in from my clients that couldn't make it..... $3,600+ - there are some very happy clients too! I am tired but no need to feel sorry for me, it is a great tired...


  1. Whether it's wholesale or retail dollars there, that's a damn good paycheck. That's more than a month's salary for me *before* taxes.

    Granted, as a copy editor, one accepts poverty...lol. Liberal arts major = "would you like fries with that?" OK it's not that bad anymore, though I did do my stint at the burger joint.

    There's a local (newish) consultant over here working on building her customer base, so I gave her business card to a belly dancer who needs plenty of makeup. I did a makeover on her so she is ready to buy some makeup now lol.

  2. ....Miranda..... uggg... you did the makeup.. and then she is going to buy from a consultant... I will keep you as a client forever... but I still have to laugh....

    You don't make it about selling and yet I bet you sold product for the other consultant, lol

  3. lol quit uggin'. I'm happy to send that person some business. I just like to play...plus not everything I used on her face was MK. Some was MK and some was Aromaleigh and some was MAC. Were I a consultant, this would be a no no.

  4. ps: Did I mention that I received several gifts from clients as well as plates of cookies, fudge,cards, etc... somehow I think my clients think of me as a little more than the "pushy, crazy, MK lady".

    Key: if you don't act like a pushy, crazy, overbearing, stalking MK consultant, people won't see you as one. :)

  5. I plan to bake tonight, finally. I've been balls to the wall all weekend with a tight deadline on a book that had to be in first thing this AM. BAKE NOW DANGIT


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