Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thinking about becoming a Consultant?

Another great question from one of our readers, thanks Nicole!

Nicole said...
"This really clears things up! I am looking into becoming a consultant and I was unclear about this. I have some questions about becoming a consultant. Let say I decide to do this, so I order my $100 starter kit. I'd like to take some time to become familiar with the products before I try to sell them to people. Do I have to place my $200 order within a certain amount of time? Also, does it have to be $200 all at once? Or could I place several orders within a month equaling at least $200? I currently have a full-time job, a husband, and a 6 month old daughter, and I'm looking into doing this to earn some extra income. Thanks!"

Once you submit your agreement and purchase your starter kit, you actually could take up to a year to place your first order without having to submit a new agreement.
A minimum order of $400 retail which gives you a 50% off discount so $200 wholesale is required in one order for you to receive the discount. If one was to place just a $100 retail order - it would not receive a discount. Once a minimum order of $200 wholesale is placed, you have earned your "earned discount privledge" and for the month that order was placed and the following two months you can place any size order and receive the discount. During this time if you should place mulitiple small orders that total $200 wholesale during the months, your discount period begins again.

Now, if a new consultant wants to take advantage of the bonuses available for coming in qualified, which is $600 wholesale/ $1200 retail.... she will receive a $140 retail value bonus if the $600 w/s is placed the same month as her agreement or the following month. If she places a $600 w/s within 15 days of submitting her agreement, she also receives a Color 101 bonus valued at approx. $114.00 retail
To receive the bonuses, it must be one order of $600 w/s (not multiple little ones adding up to $600 w/s). Of course the larger the initial order, the larger the bonuses. Each new consultant should consider what she is looking for and how much time she is willing to committ to her business when making her decision on how much inventory she should start with. There are pros and cons of all levels.

Personally, I do like to see a new consultant start with a qualified order if she wants some part time income simply because when she sells the bonuses at 100% profit, she can use that money for her business cards,etc.. without having to invest additional personal money. If a consultant is looking at personal use, this may be way too much product for her to want to have and why have it just sitting around if a $200 will serve her needs.

If someone is really committed as long as the products that are ordered are products that are going to be demonstrated at facials and parties, starting with a large inventory will save her time and help her grow her business faster because she can deliver all products right at her appointments without having to backtrack.

Whatever one decides, I always say, you can always order more product and as often as you want, so start and grow!

A consultant has the right to receive whatever she wants in her order. For example, if a consultant only wanted products for n/d skin and beige foundations, she should express this when working with her director on her first order. I always ask my consultants what items do they absolutely want to have on their order. If then they don't get up to their desired level, I suggest items that I think would be beneficial. A happy consultant that is making money will stay a consultant!


  1. Awesome thank you so much!!! I actually signed my agreement on the 29th and have set up my personal website and everything now. I'm so excited to be a Mary Kay Consultant!

  2. To answer some other questions (I am a customer, not a consultant), YES you need to know your products and know them well. Learn all about what they contain, what they do, and how they should be applied. If you want customers to buy, they have to know what the product will do for them and how to use it.

    got any color cosmetics application questions? I can answer those for you. I've learned from the best.

  3. P.S. MK4ME: I emailed you! helphelphelp. The dry winter air is wrecking my face and I need some kind of product for extra moisture. I'm running out of microderm also.

  4. Nicole,
    Whatever you order (trust me on this) DO NOT load up on a lot of glamour. Its best that you get the "skin care line" (Timewise, etc)
    Im sure MK4ME would agree there are tons of consultants who load up on lipsticks and eyeshadows and blush. Dont get me wrong MK has great glamour products (especially the lip glosses) but women are not loyal to glamour items. If they try skin care they like and see a difference they will forever be your friend and your customer. If you do want glamour start out with neutral colors first and you will be pleasantly suprised at how natural they like it but at the same time see color in their face. MK is the only makeup I have used and I dont look makeupy if you know what I mean.

  5. Colleen, agree,skin care moves the most and color that is appropriate for your demographic area. I am in a very rural, country area.. I can safely stock soft, neutral colors but the more dramatic bold, I stock as I have clients that use them.
    Lotions, gels, fragrances, as you gain clients for them, you can build your inventory with what you know moves. No sense in keeping products just so you can dust them! lol

    and Miranda is right... learn about the products... don't over sell. if a person doesn't need something... don't tell them they do. If you aren't color savy... use the virtual makeover on our site.. it does a great job helping select colors. also the looks from the Look Books. If we try to b.s. people, they will figure out that they have been conned. I want to have my customers know they can rely on my information. The more you know, the more you will sell.

    Miranda, help is on the way and I sent you an email.

  6. I think Shell is the one lipstick I reliably sold all the time when I was in MK. Everyone wanted one of those. And it sure is neutral lol. If you feel like stocking any lipsticks, that's the one!

    Does MK still make that little book that explains what all the cosmetic ingredients are and what they do? If so, I recommend you get it. I had one when I was in MK so that I could answer questions about ingredients. Ppl care a lot about what goes into their makeup nowadays.

    1. "Does MK still make that little book that explains what all the cosmetic ingredients are and what they do? If so, I recommend you get it. I had one when I was in MK so that I could answer questions about ingredients. Ppl care a lot about what goes into their makeup nowadays."

      Anyone know about this? I plan on signing up in the very near future and this would be wonderful to know.

  7. What are the rules about selling online? Can you have another website as well as the one that Mary Kay gives you? Can you do online ads? I'm not talking about EBAY,I know thats a big no no... but google ads?


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