Monday, December 21, 2009

New and improved commenting

Finally!!!  Blogger has made it possible to add comments below the post.  Give it a try!  Let me know how you like it.


  1. How long can you be inactive before they give you the boot?

  2. Nicky provided your answer in a front page article, thank you for the great questions!

  3. Hey Dave, why don't the most recent comments (on the right show now) they were convenient to see what was new?

    Hope you are ready for Christmas!

  4. Hey guys;

    @Nicky - I believe that what mk4me means is that she provided the answer for you on a front page article. -- Should read -- "Nicky, I provided..."

    @mk4me - sorry for translating for you, but it took me three times reading it to realize that you were neither telling Nicky to answer her own question on the front page or that another Nicky had already answered it. Perhaps I need sleep... Anyway, to answer your other question, I don't know and apparently neither does Google. However, they seem to know about the problem and may or may not be working on it.

    I say may or may not because technically that feature is a hack. Not a bad hack, but a piece of outside code nonetheless.

    The funny thing is that people are complaining to google about it not working.

    This would kind of be like one of your clients mixing a home-made cocktail of oils into your MK product and then asking you to troubleshoot why they are not getting the same great results they once got...

    Anyway, google is so fantastic at taking care of THEIR customers that it would not surprise me if they handle this problem! Regardless, I will look into it and get it back up and running as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, anyone that is interested can subscribe to the comments on this site and have them all delivered to their email inbox.

    This is what I do (and is why I ALWAYS know what is going on... cue spooky omniscient music...) and may be a bit overkill for most, but you always know right away when someone comments!

    I will update everyone when I know more. Thanks for letting me know.


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