Thursday, December 10, 2009

Still Busy.. so..Are you ready for Christmas?

Just so I know I am not alone, let's have some chatter, please, I feel like I am neglecting the blog, have some great ideas for articles to come.
I plan on wrapping (lol) things up for the most part as far as my business by the middle of next week. Then it is my time to primp for Christmas. The kids are older now, it is easier.. and the Grandkids are fun!

So what is your status? Are you done shopping, have you begun shopping? I think this has been one of my best Mary Kay December's ever and 95% of the sales I have made this month, the clients have come to me! I just love it. Just unpacked my directors early order today, so Miranda, your goodies are finally on their way, I know you were excited to get them. I LOVE the Romantic Petals gift set, it smells soooo good and the packaging is great. Pictured in the photo: The PCP Gift with purchase.


  1. Shopping online and almost done. There's two purchases I have to coordinate with Mr. Gothboy so that we can split the cost and have one shipping charge rather than paying twice (ordering gifts for a husband and wife from the same company).

    I wore my RED mk lipstick to the club last night and some bright red stripper shoes (breaking them in, oweee, lol. That is one stay put color. I did not touch up all evening and most of it was still there when I got home even though I ate and drank things. I used the Sunny Spice blush because if your lips are super bright then your cheeks don't need to be. Cranberry eyelids, Coal in the crease, one of those pale sandy colors on the browbone...can't remember the name just now. And the mineral foundation.

    AND I finally won a pool game...sunk the 8 ball in a side pocket, even!

  2. Well I got an order for two Nourishine lipsticks and a Belara!
    Im happy about that. I havent done too much Christmas shopping I only have to get one thing. I think I will get my business together if I had done what I was supposed to years ago I would be like MK4ME and have a 4000.00 Christmas! I have only seen two families on the block put their lights up I think people are conserving bigtime! I hope shades and MKShay and some of our other friends we have not heard from are having a merry christmas (that includes you Dave)

    We are going to have a Christmas Party here at work and plenty of food so I wont have to cook anything. Nothing new going on in my life I had a Mr Gothboy (he wasnt goth) but we broke up in 1997so no boyfriend to get presents for. Just taking care of mom and such.


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